Lunar New Year glee?


First day of the water snake year, Happy Lunar Year all!

This year’s comparatively quiet compared to the previous, my place. Last year we had fireworks and crackers blasting thru the night for hours and hours until the dragon arrived. This year? Drastically less, uneventful and un-happening. Last year we stayed at our grandma’s house until the night burned out, this year, everyone left for home 2 hours earlier, stating reasons of all sorts. I’m not sure why, but overall, the mood is pretty lull and vapid compared to the previous years. Lions and dragons (performances) don’t roam around neighborhoods anymore unless invited for special performances (eg. open houses), we get A LOT of Chinese new year songs on the radio and all, but for some reason they don’t excite or seem to be that inviting or invoking of the festive spirit. The night markets and bazaars are on but sources tell me business aren’t good, at all, probably because of the ridiculous price hikes and all hmmmm. I visited a friend’s house today, and reception didn’t seem as good or vibrant as before. Something’s obviously different, amiss this time around. Maybe I’m older, such things do not excite me anymore, or maybe, I’ve just grown out of the tradition? I really hope it’s just a passing feeling, and not me being all passive all of a sudden. It is the new year after all, I should be looking forward to more good things, blessings and abundances. 😉

Okay, I better shuddup. Not meaning to rain on the festive parade hehe TBH. The day isn’t as bad as you think, I’ve got red packets, well wishes, good sumptuous food to last the whole lunar new year, I shouldn’t be complaining. And it’s only the 1st day! 14 days to go! Plus I’ve got a whole lot of cute discovered this very auspicious day to squee swoon over I cannot be happier :


Full interview clip here  as I have no idea how to embed a youku link.

Shin Ha Kyun! Anything Shin Ha Kyun makes me happy, doesn’t matter if he’s all serious, not saying anything relevant, doesn’t matter if he’s all shy and embarrassed most of the time during interviews, he’s just that capable of making me smile SMILE SMILE whatever he does. He’s such a low profile person fans literally crave and yearn to just have something, anything of him to savour until his next appearance. His filming of The Running Man was carried out without big buzz or hype , and I bet nobody knows that he has already confirmed his new drama, and has already started filming! All this I didn’t get from any news sources (because there aren’t any!), I only found out through a co-star’s twitter that things are already set in stone and they’ve already begun script reading.

So imagine my excitement when I found this interview, with Shin Ha Kyun TALKING A LOT, smiling a lot, and making people laugh! He always makes people laugh with his weird interview answers, but talking the way he did in the interview, very incredibly RARE! I’ve repeatedly watched the interview, still doing it, altho I only get about 50% I’m still a happy fangirl watching. He’s got the loveliest and most genuine teddy bear smile I’ve seen I can just stare all day. <3333

SHK miao sha

Ahhh in HEAVEN!


Other cute news:


That Winter, The Wind Blows secondary cast Kim Bum and Jung Eun Ji so omg AWKWARD CUTE I cannot even!

Drama and acting aside, can you NOT fall in love with them being so awkward around each other?!! Just look at them, it’s as if they’re trying to set boundaries but are so incredibly shy when just attempting to do so. Their smiles, awkward gestures, all remind me of how a boy and girl would react when they have feelings for each other. Of course I’m not going so far to say that they do in RL, you could see that they’re just trying to make each other feel comfy but have no idea how to LOL.

But tell me you didn’t feel a thing watching it! XDD

*repeats again*

credits: youtube / youku / SHK baidu bar/ picture as tagged


14 thoughts on “Lunar New Year glee?”

  1. Happy Lunar New Year! 🙂

    *SQUEAL*!!! I am totally on boat for this second pairing. They are just soooooo~~~~~ adorkable together! I saw the mini interview earlier, it was a bit of a miss, but all these tidbits put together and I can’t help but want them to be the focus now. You can totally see the awkwardness between the two, but it’s just so cute! *_*

    1. Totally right? But I love that they’re all shyish around each other, especially Bummie’s, that boyish smile, I dunno how one can resist?! XDD i think they’re gonna have explosive chemistry together in the drama, and it helps that I didn’t expect much from them initially because of the already so dazzling main OTP.

      NOW I cannot wait for the drama. heee~~

      1. I think the 0:47 mark totally got me, you’re spot on about the shy chemistry between the two, it really will be explosive. I have an uber girl crush on SHK so am I’m super happy she’s returning to dramaland, I don’t think I’ve ever seen JIS in anything so far. As for KB, he just keeps getting better. I’m so glad he’s taken a different route than some of his previous co-stars, as for his epic smirk….*swoon* Hehe I can’t wait either! 😀

  2. Happy Year of The Snake!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your first day of this lunar year. I missed the long celebration and festive atmosphere of the lunar new year in the old country. But here in this part of California, the folks from the old country did a good job keeping the traditions, so I can’t complain. Will start head out for the festive day soon, and the weather is very cold. I turned the computer on to check for the weather, but some how ended up here. So Have a Happy, Healthy, and fulfilling Lunar Year!

    1. Awww thanks, very sweet of you! The northern part of US hit by snow blizzards, I hope things are OK there. The weather is VERY hot here, the water snake hasn’t showed up yet. Ahh, I better just look forward to what may come, who knows I’d win a loot from gambling (oops!) hehe.

      Wishing you an your family a wonderful and prosperous Lunar Year too! 😀

  3. Xin Nien Kuai Le, ripgal! 😀 Hey, your new year is better than mine, at least you dint have to balik kampung. Hehe…I balik kampung to my Mother’s, had to sleep in the living hall (as its a small house) and live out of a suitcase. Lol. Well, I’m back in my own home and back online.

    Btw, I read you are keen to visit S.Korea. I really hope I can visit Seoul and Jeju Island this year. Can you email me if you are interested. 🙂

    1. Thanks sim! You celebrate CNY too? 😛 Happy CNY!
      Didn’t have to travel because most of my family members are nearby, but wouldn’t mind doing so if I had to hehe.

      And yes, I am very keen on a Korea trip, and already have plans to do one this fall. I’ll PM you 🙂

      1. Thanks. Yes, I am chinese banana but can speak a bit of broken mandarin and can recognize maybe 10 characters. Lol

        Wowee…looking fwd to know your plans. 🙂

  4. Gong xi fa cai Ripgal. Celebrated CNY in my home town Penang, visited countless relatives, ate loads of cookies, played fireworks, gambled and lost some money……same same every year but hey, it is once a year affair and I simply love it. Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous Chinese New Year.

    1. Thanks Swee, same to you, hope you’ve had a wonderful snakey year hehe. Penang’s such a happening place out of KL, and the food’s awesomely YUM and cheap. Plus I heard it’s famous for the grand Bai Tian Gong celebrations? I’d like to experience that one day. heee~~

      1. Food is indeed Awesome and relatively cheap compared to KL, let me know if you need any food joints’ recommendation 🍜

  5. Yes, Bai Tian Gong celebration is in fact “Grander” than the first day if CNY in Penang, as it is celebrated by Hokkiens and Pg is a Hokkien state. Every Hokkien household, young and old will stay up past midnight on the 8th day do CNY to pray and burn more firecrackers. It is indeed grand and I hope you are able to witness and participate one day, not this year (as today is the 9th day) but maybe next year.

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