Joseph Chang’s SOUL


I realise the above may be to sickening a picture to start the new snake year. But after a long week of MIA hiatus from writing and blogging (CNY has drained me empty), I sorta have lost my zeal to write and ramble the way I normally do. I am supposed to do a write up about the recent dramas I’ve watched and dropped, but I just can’t THINK of anything coherent, everything that comes out spell JISLOVEJISISSOHOT )pu$_*#_)(+#)(#+( (blame the man why is he so captivating?!) Arrrhhhh. Decided just to go with this.

Joseph Chang‘s new and upcoming film “Soul”. A gory eerie film about murder conspiracies and freakish eerie souls occupying bodies and stuff, yaiks! After Joseph’s successful stint in GF.BF. he has again! chosen something different to challenge and to add to his acting credentials. This time he plays a mentally challenged and inept man who returns to live with his reclusive father (played by the renowned Jimmy Wang Yu) and sister in the woods. Demise occurs and soon all eyes and suspicion fall on him… but little does everyone know, something dark and creepy lies beneath and within..

Check out the spooky but fantastically edited trailer:

Joseph is made for films, but can I have a drama soon? Pretty please! I miss him so.

credits: ifilmFilmware @ youtube / poster as tagged


4 thoughts on “Joseph Chang’s SOUL”

    1. I don’t do horror stuff too, but it sounds like a good movie for him to flex his acting abilities. He’s always better with darker emotive characters, it’d be interesting to see his take on a mentally challenged one.

    1. The cinematography looks pretty amazing just from the trailer alone, hopefully it’s not gonna be a case of style over substance.

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