LDH kick ass

KYAAAAAA, this made me adrenaline pumpppp! Not that drama has become better, but because it’s LDH going all kickass badassery! Right on your face PUNCHWHACKKICK type of  badassery. And you all know how doubtful and critical I was of her initially taking up action. Thought she isn’t as convincing as let’s say Kim So Yeon or Ha Ji Won, and scene isn’t as all out WHOA as the famed KSY and Kim Tae Hee catfight in IRIS, you can say I am impressed and happy with how her first fight turned out. PRETTY AWESOME IN MY EYES! But too short I want MOARRRR! I know it’s all choreographed and edited to look cool and all, but I can’t help but love the gritty conviction in every single body gesture and expression she displayed thruout the entire course of the fight. I was like, am I really watching LEE DA HAE here?!

Nope, I still don’t like or love drama. It still sucks script and directing wise, with a lot of things that don’t make sense, coupled with ridiculous flow of plot and an abundance of cheesy/HUHHH lines to make things worse. I still remember the horribly put together pilot episode, vividly etched in a corner of my mind, and continue to feel terrible for the entire cast for having to be subject to such atrocity. No, there aren’t any particular bad acts amongst the cast, they’re not near good or great but are very much into their roles, giving their best I’m sure. Especially LDH whom I didn’t expect to be this natural since her Green Rose days. Not particularly great but more fluid and less showy/acty compared to her previous feats. A definite restraint in OTT which has plagued her for quite some time since MG. Her character Soo Yeon reminds me a lot of her RL personality, lovely and bubbly coupled with grounded sensibility. And it doesn’t hurt that she has good chemistry with Hyuk (of course!) and almost everyone on her team in here, even her former MV co-star Baek Seung Hyun whom she’d only shared a minute or less together!

Too bad writer and director do not blend well, they have no single idea of what they really want. Drama cannot be more shallow and on-the-surface blingy than it already is, characters and motivations are as subtle as a dump truck, things do not make sense the way they’re supposed to. There is no way this can cut it, we are smarter than that.

But you know, if I end up dumping this (I foresee that I will), you know I’ll be coming back for this ONLY (or if there are more fights like these involving LDH!): –

credits: 지 약 @ youtube / picture as tagged


3 thoughts on “Catfight!”

  1. it actually got better by Episode 4 but its haphazard storytelling and editing is sooooo distracting. The women are amazing here, far more interesting than the male characters,

    LDH is pretty good here, pretty natural. She used to have a tendency to go OTT but she seems to have matured as a performer to know her weaknesses.

    She also has gotten out of her comfort zone a lot in this one, her action scenes, her subtlety in acting… her love scene with Jang Hyuk was pretty surprising. No wonder it got cut LOL

    but i wish these actors were in a better show =/ it has improved though maybe it will redeem itself later on.

    1. Hmm, maybe it’s me, Ep 4 bored me out. The NSS and political stuff, they were yawn inducing to the point that I nearly slept the episode away. If not for the final scene at the end (preview of Ep 5), I would have binned this drama without hesitation.

      Yes, Yes and YES, the writing and execution, they’re putting the whole drama down. I don’t know what happened to the director and writer, even IRIS wasn’t this insufferable and all over the place. It’s as if they’re so pressured by getting points through (and probably battling ratings with the other dramas) they totally forgot how to tell the story coherently. Take for instance Yoo Gun and Soo Yeon’s make out scene, hot as it may have been, and as proud as I am a fan of DH to see her step out of her comfort zone, it was uber awkward I felt horrible for both Hyuk and DH. The lead up was just not right, there was no flow, I didn’t feel a thing at all. And when YG found his uncle dead, we know Hyuk can do the uglysob before death thingy (Chuno proved it), but again the writing failed to deliver the coherency and flow needed for the part. So, he’s dead and it’s all resolved in 10 minutes, and next YG’s back to work?! Not buying at all.

      Like you, I wish we had a better writer and director. The only think I am hanging on to right now, LDH’s action and kickass shooting scenes, and how she will deal with what’s going to happen to YG soon. A lil more Lee Bum Soo wouldn’t hurt either because he’s more effortless than everyone else.

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