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I realised I haven’t been blogging about mah dramas for ages, since forever! I’ve been trying to piece something up for ages, but it never came thru.

Been catching up with ILICDD, which continues to warm my fuzzy heart with its genuine take on everything about life that matters. All the characters continue to invoke the zaniest and stupidest reactions from me, my parents thought I was in some trance when I was just there in front of the PC laughing like a loon watching the characters embarrass themselves, 2nd hand embarrassment is part of the fun.  And I’ve also managed to persuade my normally no-K-drama sista to watch it, which is so very awesome because I finally have someone to ramble and rave abt drama over with, you know in RL noone cares and when someone does, it’s a huge deal for me. Doesn’t matter that she’s on Ep 20 and I’m on Ep 140, we KNOW what the deal’s about.

Can one not laugh at how Hye Ja continues to lie masterfully to her Gloria friends? Can one not glee triumphantly when she achieves something in life, no matter how small? Can one not love how genuinely lovable and realistic Hyun Woo and Ji Eun’s relationship is, with Sang Yeob’s adorable jealousy to add? What would life be without the 3 stooges, I cannot imagine! And Manager Jo, I wait for the day you’re able to finally move on from your craving for food and confess to Bo Hee once and for all (though I’m not sure his craving would ever cease LOL).


Watching Queen In Soo Ep 30, and the drama continues to rawk with its tight and solid storytelling. Unlike the first 2o some eps which moved faster and were more exciting to watch, the current I’m on seems to be taking things in slower and pacier stride. But a lot of stuff happens with meaningful conversations and actions, I think they may not matter now but may come to be of great importance in future episodes.Though it’s slow and slightly lull if I may say so, something happens that matters.  My attention is full on and I never NEVER stray away, more like drama doesn’t make me.

Chae Si Ra is wonderfully gripping as adult Queen In Soo. She’s a character I can never fully support or emphathise with, but I do not hate her, and I can understand why she is the way she is. The more I watch, the more obvious is revealed, drama isn’t about Queen In Soo in derivative context. Narratively it is, but if you dig deeper, it’s a somewhat faint research on human complexities and weakness,  on insecurities that plague human nature. There were instances in the drama which confused me as to the characters’ intentions and motivations, characters switch sides so easily, motivated by reasons that are not entirely spelled out. But on the other hand, the intrigue lies there when things aren’t defined as black and white. It’s the greyish of areas that make the drama a lot more intriguing and compelling to watch.


Jo In Sung oh Jo In Sung, how I have missed you!

I’m such a sucker for melodrama and angst done good, not just for the sake for it, but for something that’s worth my time and energy. I’m not gonna waste my time on something that insults my intelligence (get a hint Yawang!). The concept of That Winter, The Wind Blows is more than heard of and used of before, like all other melodramas, the pattern and trajectory is there, we know what’s gonna happen. But Noh Hee Kyung, like Jung Ha Yeon, takes on writing characters masterfully, giving characters something more than just a shell, deeper than caricatures of sorts that we’ve seen before. I like that her characters have voices and thoughts that make an impact, actions that have an influence on people. I like that she makes them think, not just for the sake of thinking and for drama effect, but think, like how we human humans do.

Take for instance IRIS2, it has a lot of action dialogue and kaboom blingy stuff, but the characters feel empty soul-less, nothing substantial HAPPENS! Moments that are supposed to sweep your feet away fall to nothing, scenes that are supposed to pump up your adrenaline fall flat, there is no hook, no emotional grip at all. That’s not to say TWTWB is doing a perfect job at that, but at least every dialogue makes for meaning worth pondering, and characters are dear in our heart, they make up laugh smile weep for them. Oh Su and Young’s relationship cannot be more controversial and complex and yet you want to see how they evolve, as a pair of torn-cannot-be-together lovers. Faux-cest is always a tricky thing to tackle in dramas, but so far Noh has handled it pretty decently, without taking things too far or too out of context. It’s a tad uncomfortable, but the storytelling is so honest (and isn’t afraid to be) that it makes you want to see more of them together.

Jo In Sung is as intense and charismatic as ever, though slightly OTT and awkward in some, Song Hye Kyo is giving the best I’ve ever seen of her, illuminating with fire and elegant beauty that can melt any guys’ heart, Kim Bum and Eun Ji, less compelling yet doing the best they can. Cinematography is overwhelming and lovely and yet can be so distracting I don’t know if it’s a good or bad point. The over-emphasis on close-ups reduces the excitement and needs to be toned down before I throw something at my screen, I don’t need to be reminded of how pretty these people are, or how good the make-up team is!

So far, love but not all out devoted.


And now for the stars!

Can anyone NOT LOVE THIS GIRL?!!

I don’t know if it’s even possible. But this girl rawks, and she rawks like no other I have EVER seen before in Hollywood. I normally do not do girl fandom thingy, heck I don’t even men crush that hard, but Jennifer Lawrence is one of the least kind! She’s genuine, sassy, honest, unafraid and unabashedly so herself in every situation she’s in (even when holding Oscar the lil man).  She’s so awesomely REAL it’s so impossible to find one this so on TV!

I’ve been youtube-ing the past few days, yes, youtube-ing her interviews and stuff. I don’t know whether she’s all truthful (can never know), but her jokes are so genuinely hilarious and all so spontaneously blurted out every single time. Either she’s born with more wit than others, or she’s one damn hard-working girl who works on her swearing and jokes every night before she goes to sleep. You don’t blurt out a joke or something not meant to be funny but comes out funny just like that. Either you’re JenLaw, or not.

Look at her when Jack Nicholson dropped by, who does that?!

And THIS, mention of another awesome Emma Stone who does real like a champ!

Can Jen Law continue to be this awesome?  Hollywood please stay where you are, you don’t get to Jen Law EVER!

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21 thoughts on “Drama and movie stars”

  1. Love this post!! 😀

    YAY that your sis is watching ILICDD too!! I’m getting into it again after pausing for a while, and it just rawks ❤

    TWTWB sounds pretty darn good too, and even though I didn't find the premise all that interesting, all this love for the show is really very tantalizing. I'm gonna have to check this baby out for myself – I mean the show, not Jo In Sung 😉 He only gets called a baby if I find him dreamy, ha!

    Also! I don't generally do much Hollywood at all, so I didn't even know a thing about Jennifer Lawrence before your post. Can I just say that after watching the vids you posted, I LOVE her?! She's awesome! That kind of humor and personality is definitely not something you can just fake, I'm pretty sure. She's so natural & down to earth & unaffected. LOVE that. THANKS for the vids and for showing us who this awesome girl is! 😀

    1. Yes, better late than never. Nowadays when she calls me all she talks about are chars and funny stuff from ILICDD, and guess what, it never gets old, and I can never get enough gushing along with her. Love it.

      I think you’ll like TWTWB, the emotional hook gets on you right off the bat I assure you. I’m not fully in love LOVE with it but it definitely takes the cake as best drama airing right now. IRIS2 and 7LGS don’t even deserve a mention here uhhhh.

      And yes YES YES on JenLaw, you really must check her out! She’s got one of the most down to earth real Hollywood personalities I’ve ever come across. Not to say the rest are fake and all, but there there is a line that most celebrities refrain from crossing before TV. JenLaw is just JenLaw the way she is, that’s why she’s loved by so many. I really hope the Hollywood “stigma” doesn’t get to her EVER, because a lot of stars do start off being genuinely them and end up spiraling towards nowhere. We def need more ppl who can be genuinely funny without pushing it, goofy without being embarrassed. If you’re interested, you can also check out Emma Stone, who’s essentially another JenLaw. If one day they collab in movie together, I will die happy!

  2. There’s no reason not to love this girl. Did you watch the interview where they were talking about Hugh Jackman? The interviewer told her that Hugh was actually coming to help her when she fell. It seemed like Jen didn’t know that and she was like, ‘Oh really? You must be lying! Was it on camera?’. The interviewer said yes and as soon as she heard that Jennifer immediately did a cute dance lmao.

  3. Yay…so glad you have reached ILICDD ep140! Have been wanting to rave with someone on ep135! I am not lucky like you to be able to watched it c-subbed so have been watching some eps without understanding. But ep135 is sooo hilarious and don’t need subs to enjoy it. I have rewatched it countless times. Lol

    Hyun Woo is really clueless regarding what a girl wants (very realistic like in RL) but Ji Eun is one smart gal. 😀 I love how she wise up on the childish competition between the 2 guys and gave him a real HOT smooch! Hahaha…

    1. Of course you can squee swoon with me, the recent eps have been so sweet endearing and full of laughter, I suddenly dread the day comes when I actually finish it. 😦

      Ji Eun is da bomb, I love how she’s always insecure about her relationship with HW but tries to cover everything up before her man. LOL And indeed she’s smart, maybe too smart sometimes as she thinks way ahead than the rest. I dunno if you’ve already seen the ep of her worrying about HW’s potential “crazy Sega family” who might sabotage her r/s with HW, that was CLASSIC! Love the girl!

  4. Been super busy, no time for drama of any kind. It’s always a delight to read about ILICDD, so thanks for the post. But then at ep 140 the party is almost over. With limited translations, I found toward the end, the eps got even funnier, cheesier, more heart warming, ah, and the romance got bolder and hotter (for both couples, HW&JE and HW&SY, LOL, just kidding about HW&SY, to me their scenes together are more annoying). A few days ago, I happened to come across a detail recap of ILICDD for eps 6 – 10 from a generous soul. I realized how much material that I missed in this great series.

    From your comments, it seems that at the present time dramaland is not offering much excitement. Even the highly anticipated TWTWB is not generating fireworks for you. I was debating whether to watch TWTWB since the trailer looked so good with the scenery and both leads are very good looking. I first heard of Song Hye Kyo in ILICDD, but I didn’t realize that she is a big star until I read about TWTWB, and I’ve not heard of Jo In Sung. I think I probably will not in a hurry to watch this show.

    Thanks for the clips on JL. I only saw her in the Hunger Game, did not like the premise of movie. But JL made such a huge impression and I want to watch her future projects. Still haven’t gotten a chance to watch the Silver Linings Playbook yet. The girl has such natural grace and poise that is a rarity in Hollywood. I don’t think I’ve seen any one who could come back from mishaps with such grace.

    1. The gold in ILICDD is in its boldness and honesty, and yet without undermining the swoony touching elements that we love in K-dramas. Oh SY and HW cannot be annoying, I LUB them together! Cracks me up whenever they push each other away, because they’re so naturally meant “for each other” LOOOL

      TWTWB is the best out of the bunch, and I think is quite deserving of the love it’s getting. Noh Hee Kyung’s writing is filled with so much nuances, in her lines, her words, they’re a rarity in mainstream/ rom-com dramas. I think you will like it, if you’re not against done or seen before melodrama.

      You’ve got to watch Silver Linings Playbook, Jen Law displayed so much more maturity in acting than in Hunger Games. I personally didn’t think the film was worth that big amount of a hype, or even award worthy to be honest, but the message it delivered was lovely, and the acting was truly golden. I hope JenLaw’s career continues to soar and she’ll keep that sassy personality of hers as long as possible. 🙂

      1. Interesting comments about Silver Linings Playbook, so except for JL you don’t think it deserved the big five nominations? What about Cooper’s performance? It’s interesting that both Cooper and JL are riding high these days, but while JL pretty much shot to stardom, Cooper walked a long path. I still remember him playing supporting role to Jennifer Garner in Alias long time ago (must be at least ten years ago). I still can’t believe that Cooper is 15 years older than JL, because from the trailer, JL some how looks older than her 22 years.

      2. Bradley gave a convincing and charming performance, but I wouldn’t call it a stellar one. I think he can do better, maybe in a darker role or something. I like the concept of the movie a lot, as I’ve reviewed it before it deals with aspects of life and reality honestly, and gives people a sense of hope in spite of adversities and insecurities faced. But there were things that I were iffy about, like the conclusion, and how some things came across a tad cheesy. It’s sorta like a very good chic flic with substance to ponder about but not so much award worthy? I dunno, you’ve gotta watch it for yourself.

        And yes, I remember Bradley from ALIAS, one of my earlier fav US shows. I remember ALWAYS feeling sorry for his buddy character to JenGar, tho I rooted more for her and Micheal Vaugh’s char. He was such a good friend and all. Hangover did him good as it literally catapulted him to A-lead status right after.

        I think JL owes her mature look to her make-up. Do you realise that she always has this dark eyed make up on whenever and wherever she goes?I googled her pics, and 9 out of 10 – her eye make-up’s almost the same. I think that and her mature charisma when acting allows her to look older and take up roles which demand more maturity, which I think she’s more than capable of handling. 😉

  5. LOL I have the same sentiment about the TWTWB directing. It still deliver, for me never seen a drama makes close up unbearable to watch and makes me headache. It’s too often ,too close, and all over tha place. How I wish The directing would be as awsome as in Nice Guy…

    I love the character in here more. It’s cliche i know, typical melo…. But the character all are good… I appreciate NHK’s character… It makes us think.

    1. It’s almost quite similar to NG right? The vibe, the atmosphere and the story. But it just doesn’t get to me quite as much as NG, the most obvious fault being the often-too self-conscious directing. Director def needs to catch a break, you know, your actors are always there, we KNOW they are one of the most beautiful ppl in Korea. Full stop. :/

  6. @ripgal:
    LOL….. I have the same sentiment…. Too much close up scene really ruin my enjoyment to watch the drama. Gahhh… What’s wrong with this PD? The transition is bad, too. just imagine the directing would be as awsome as Nice Guy… I’m still drooling imagining it.

    It’s really similar to NicE Guy, indeed. But to me, the character motivation in TWTWB is more detail and can I say nuance? Haha
    I can justified their action and makes sense it alot more. In Nice guy, sometimes I confused, lol

      1. I guess different things work for different people. NG had weaker writing (more cliched unrefined I’d say) but performances that gripped right from the beginning. TWTWB worked for me right up until Ep 5, and I dunno for what reason, it started to get a bit dry for me Ep 6 onwards. The acting limitations became more obvious (3 of the 4 main leads including JIS), execution of NHK’s nuances became less affecting and engaging. I’d even say I got a bit bored with some parts. I adore JIS as much as I adore the rest of the cast, but he seems to be losing focus and posing more in recent eps (just my opinion).

  7. Absolutely loving JIS right now, but was there ever any doubt? The colors in this drama are gorgeous and though I constantly doubt another episode is needed, I anticipate the next episode, ready farther into JIS abyss.

    1. And just a question, is it possible that JL is loved more for her personality than her actual performances? Cause like many actresses I find that is they’re saving grace.

      1. It could be for some people, but certainly not for me. I was impressed with the girl the first time I saw her act, and I had no single idea of the kind of personality she was back then. And when I found out she’s as real and unapologetic the way she is even when being a hot soaring star, the more I fell in love with her. She is 22 years old, has the quirks of a girl who wantsa be herself and have fun, but with maturity in acting that not many youngsters her age actually can do or possess.

  8. Awww… Totally adoring ILICDD though I’m not finding much time for dramas lately I’m lagging slightly, so still around mid-40s of this. Love HW! And well, everybody. Can anybody possibly not like anyone in this show?
    You’re around episose 30 of Insu? Oooh. It’s the calm before the storm – brace yourself… I think it’ll pick up when Baek Sung-hyun returns – late 30s -40s somewhere after which there’s no turning back.

    That Winter is so goooood. I adore the SHK-JIS relationship dynamic much more than the supposed con in Nice Guy. I just feel the stakes feel much higher and compelling here. Hell, it’s literally life and death and you feel it especially since both characters are heavily invested in the other emotionally. Totally feelin’ it! And bracing myself for the apparent impending doom.

    1. I have about 20 eps to go, kinda sad my run with drama’s gonna end soon 😦 the later eps def have been more brazen and bold, the embarrassment even triples buy folds LOL

      The stakes are indeed upped ep by ep, and I really love how NHK are handling her characters. But I just wish the director could tone down on the grating close-ups (I know I have complained too much), sometimes it’s so distracting it just minimizes my enjoyment of NHK’s subtlety and nuances. I hope Ep 8/9 will be better.

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