Crush Meter: Burning

When I crush on someone, I crush hard. And when I crush hard, my brain is muddled I can’t get a grip of myself. And when that happens, I don’t get enough sleep! And when I don’t get enough sleep, you know what happens. $(_)#*)#*_$*(*)#)+q@!@!++()(

Yesterday was one of the sleepiest of me I can ever remember, in a very long time. It’s a rarity of occasions because it hasn’t happened to me in ages. I mean I do have sleepless nights but I usually am able to get a short nap of an hour or 2 in between (even if that is already enough to drain my day energy away), but yesterday?! It was terrible, I had deadlines to meet, reports to read, documents to vet, and I forcefully did everything looking like a dead zombie. Just because of a crushing love obsession I’m having with an already well known and acknowledged Sexiest Man alive Ryan Gosling. Oh yeah.


I KNOW. It’s utter ridiculous that I’ve only come to find him THIS HOT like now. This man has been the epitome of sexiness since forever (OK maybe not, but he has been for quite some time as I’ve heard), the dream fantasy of every girl out there, most if not all, and the perfectest male celeb to just ogle-swoon at by the female species. I must have been mad, because I remember having not liked him in The Notebook (didn’t even think he was hot in it, travesty huh?), and had totally brushed him aside as actor trying to be but not quite up to mark.

Then it all started a month or 2 back, when sis kept raving to me about how hot and good he was in Drive (not seen it yet, but DL-ing and will soon YAY!), which I didn’t bother to check up until a week ago. It began with me searching for JenLaw videos, which led me to Emma Stone stuff, which then led me to a Crazy Stupid Love clip. Crazy Stupid Love, that was it.

I watched the movie, predictable and corny pretty much? But Ryan Gosling oh RYAN baby, you know I’m trying to contain my perviness right now right? I mean everything in the movie called for cheesiness overload, and while the cast were spot on with their characters, and while the message of going and trying hard for “the one” was being hammered on too much for our sake of happiness, it wasn’t exactly a “good quality” movie. But Ryan oh Ryan (here I go again, please bear with me), he was so sexydamnfinehot and so full brimmed with the needed playboy personality to kill that character, and he did so, effortlessly! I mean, who in the right mind would ever turn him down? I loved everything about his character, and his acting, perfection with the right  blend of suave and warmth. No wonder everyone started to ship Emma with him after the movie, their chemistry was BLAZING sexy.

Well that led me to searching shippy videos and MVs (can’t believe I’m still doing this, I’m teenager no more :/), and then Gangster Squad.

TBH the movie wasn’t exactly up to par as I’d expected, even with Ryan and Emma. The overall cast did considerably well but the movie fell flat somewhere midway, with the reveal of the gangster squad executed not in a very exciting climatic way. It could have been like Ocean 11 but lacked excitement and grip. But I stood through till the end, admittedly partly because I wanted to see Ryan and Emma’s character ride their way into their happy ever ending sunset.

I admit that came after Crazy because I became shippy all of a sudden. They’re dating other people and I’m happy for them, but a shipper’s heart doesn’t come all of a sudden. I just love it when co-stars hang out so comfy around each other, and when they’re not afraid to show others the affection and chemistry they have with each other, case in point: –

ryanemma7 ryanemma2 ryanemma3  ryanemma5 Crazy, Stupid, Love.

And this the most comfy adorable I’ve seen of them!



OK back to Ryan. I dunno, there’s just something in him that I see now that I hadn’t seen before, or I’d failed to notice back then. Perhaps I’d grown older, I start to see why people are mad crazy head over heels with this man. He has a very grit-like kinda wit and warmth behind that cool-ish face of his, he’s not too playful and yet he maintains a certain level approachability. I think he can sound a bit lazy or douchy in interviews sometimes, and may appear to be uninterested in some, but then we never know what celebs they are really like in the RL world (maybe except for JenLaw hehe).

His acting is more grounded than effervescent, maybe not stellar or outwardly explosive or intense as some, but most of the time he’s got a grip and sense of understanding of what he wants to convey. I’ve only seen 4 movies out of his long list of credentials, maybe it’ll be easier to give a judgment then.

Maybe because he’s hot, maybe because he’s aware that he is hot, maybe he doesn’t care that I care, but when I crush, I crush hard.

One of my fav recent interviews of his to end my crush meter ramblings, – dish towel RYAN! <3333

Until my next!

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26 thoughts on “Crush Meter: Burning”

      1. I do think his looks are not immediately drop dead gorgeous because he’s opposite of full of it. but there is this frank machismo he’s oozing so effortlessly on screen. Plus he’s one terrific subtle actor imo.

      2. You took words outta my mouth! His machismo is not poseur-like but more that emanates from within. And one of the few who can rawk facial hair!

  1. Love this entry!

    Ryan actually recommended Emma to be the female lead in Gangster Squad. They’re pretty close. Emma somehow consults Ryan regarding her projects. She said in an interview that he asks him what he thinks. Said that she love his brains.

    And they were actually just flirting in the CSL scene (when she stayed overnight at his house), since the director’s instruction was something like enjoy each other’s company. So the whole night, they were just bonding with each other and talk about different things.

    1. Yay, another Ryan-Emma fan? I think every girl wants to be Ryan’s girl LOL I feel kinda bad for Eva Mendez because he’s such a hot catch (she as well IMO) and ppl just want to pair him up with themselves or their fav actresses. Gotta live with it I guess.

      Awww, I like that when co-stars bond and forge a close friendship after a collab. I hope they continue to keep it that way, and please, more collabs in future!! Btw, it seems like you’re pretty on it with their interviews and stuff, happen to have seen any interviews that they’ve both done TOGETHER? I scoured thru YT and I can’t find a single one!

      1. YES! Big Ryan-Emma shipper here. What’s good is that they are both willing to work with each other again and again. Emma said that she wants to do a movie with Ryan as many as possible. Ryan said that Emma owes him money, if needed that they’d do a movie again and again just so he could get his money, he’ll do it. lol

        They were offered a movie together (Focus), but they both declined. It’s probably not a good project, or too soon for a third movie.

        Honestly, I don’t like Eva, although admittedly she’s hot. She just doesn’t have the likeability factor. As for Andrew, he said that Ryan is his man-crush. lol

        Oh, unfortunately, videos of them together are pretty scarce. Oh, I remember one! I think the interview in the Today show. It was a pretty short interview though. 😦 Here:

      2. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH Anon, that’s enough to make me squeal swoon in happiness! I mean they’ve filmed 2 films, not 1 but 2 films together, with such explosive chemistry, I wonder why the lack of interviews done together? Weird. I think I’ll be rewatching that interview many many times, just to get a dose of them cute 🙂

        I like both RE’s personalities, think they match well because they’re on the same wavelength pretty much? Funny without having to try, and effortless witty. Emma? I dunno if anyone wouldn’t want to be friends with her, if I were a guy, I’d so dig her.

        DL-ing and going to watch all of Ryan’s stuff whilst waiting for their next collab!

    1. Thanks so much, anything on them, please share!

      I’ve got Blue V downloaded, but heard Drive’s a good one too. Will do that first. Saw the trailer of his new one with Eva Place Beyond the Pines, looks pretty intriguing too.

  2. Who doesn’t love Ryan, eh? I think he’s been the most meme-d guy EVER with his “Hey girl, (fill in the blanks)” Though I think I love Emma sliiiightly more (you should see her audition video for Easy A, it’s mindblowing).

    Ryan is a hot pancake, but my TRUE WUV is undoubtedly Tom Hiddleston (fanning myself as we speak)

    1. Just saw it, and am impressed. If that was truly for an audition, mind blown. o_0 I think she may have gone up a notch in my likeable list. 😉 Easy A is in my to-watch list now (gosh I have sooooo many incl Ryan’s stuff)

      1. I’ve not watched any Oscar titles since the awards ended hehehe, the last 2 I’ve seen were Ryan Emmas (see how much I love them?). But I’ll def check out Easy A when I have the time, read that the movie was very well received and Emma did a great job. I’ve only seen her in Spiderman and The Help before CSL and GS, and so far so good, I wouldn’t say I’ve seen the best from her yet.

        And oh, a little favour again (if you want to experiment!), a Ryan Emma banner! You know from any of the pics Anon has posted or shared here, or just anything you’re good with. I don’t want to sound like I’m pestering you, I’m actually beggggingg you hahahaha…XD

      2. hehe, I like your begging/pestering, and besides, what could be greater compliment to an amateur PS dabbler? Ooh, I have not done a hollywood banner before, this would be the first! Maybe a JLaw one (am a fan, too!)

      3. Ohhhhhh yessss pleaaaaase! JenLaw and Emma Stone, my current fav girls! I won’t mind a Joseph Gordon Levitt one too hehehe:p

  3. May I congratulate you on your exceedingly good taste? JGL is so cuteee in 10 Things I Hate About You as an adorkable nerd but he cleans up nicely too *__*

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