Pictorial time: The Ladies of MARIE CLAIRE


This has to be my favourite LDH photo mag spread EVER, as in EVER.  She dons a pixie cut, is clad in weird black and white, and looks the most bold and bodacious out-of-comfort zone I’ve ever seen from her. One of them in particular, is so uncomfortable and somewhat sickening to look at you almost want to turn away at first glance. But to me, it only reinforces one thing – that she is definitely trying new things. With IRIS 2 and her recent INSTYLE spreads, it’s become more and more apparent that she wants to break out of her safe zone, and is trying to step out further away from her prim pretty image she’s been stuck with for years.

I can hope that this venture or thought of hers will extend further, into her career choices and considerations in particular. If you want to try something new girl, I hope you will pick a credible writer director or even a role that doesn’t just tap on the surface.  We all know what I’m talking about. I can take anything you know, even if role requires you do something like what you’re doing below.

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Then we move on to another actress who also appears in the same March 2013 edition of Marie Claire, the ever so elegantly classy So Yi Hyun, whom I’ve always thought of as a Choi Ji Woo-lookalike. Except that she’s a better actress. I think she’s got good enough chops to pull off a leading lady role (kind of similar to Wang Ji Hye) but unfortunately luck’s not on her side and her career choices have mostly been plain old same and conventional that bore.  However, it doesn’t change the fact that she is one gorgeous lady, and can pull off elegance with sheer confidence and loveliness at the same time.

Check out the load of gorgeous from her Exotic Journey: –

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There is no doubt she’s a gorgeous model, but her outfits, I WANT!!!!

credits: Marie Claire Korea / krdrama.com


20 thoughts on “Pictorial time: The Ladies of MARIE CLAIRE”

  1. I haven’t liked any of LDH’s projects much since My Girl, and her new face freaks me out a little, but this photoshoot is awesome, for all the reasons you listed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Korean actress, esp an A-lister, in such a simple, minimalistic yet arresting shoot. Just goes to show how less is often more.

    So Yi-hyun’s pics inspire both clothes AND weather envy. All I can see is snow outside my window. -___- But seriously, all gorgeous, except the one where her orange mouth is eating her hair. I agree that she’s a good actress but she picks bad roles. Most very weepy, sappy ones. But I like her when she’s comedic.

    Thanks for sharing, I haven’t seen these pics anywhere else! 🙂

    1. Those of SYH’s came out today, glad they can be of some color and light to your snowy whereabouts. 🙂 We don’t get snow in our place, climate forbids it. The last time I actually stepped on snow for reals, 5 years back? Wish I could experience it once again though you might be laughing at me now saying NONNOO I won’t want to lol

      Yeap, less can definitely do more for her. She can be too aware about being pretty sometimes, and forgets that natural and simple actually suit her more. This spread def exemplifies that by stripping her down to the basics, and allowing her to do something more than just pretty and posey.

      1. Haha I actually like snow, but this year we’ve had one storm after another and the snowbanks were waist-high at one point. By the time March rolls around in Canada you are just so over winter. It’s mostly the shovelling it and driving in it I mind. Night walks when the snow is falling and the sky is bright and purple are pretty awesome.

  2. Thanks for sharing. At first, I could not recognize LDH in the pictures; I’ve only seen her pictures recently in the IRIS II posters. She is definitely venture out of her comfort zone, a very different theme, a bit disturbing, a very sad look and yet not depressing photos.

    SYH, WOW, great photos both the actress and the surroundings. Bring out the spring wardrobe envy in me, and I should be out shopping, like NOW. Did they take these pictures in Southern California, because that’s our weather here today, Lol. I haven’t seen the works on both these ladies yet, (I know, I don’t watch much tv, or Kdramas, past or present), but they are both very pretty in different ways.

    1. Oohh, it seems like you’re new to the K-drama or movie scene? If you need recommendations, let me know 🙂

      SYH’s photos were taken in Bangkok, my guess in one of the 5-star resorts. She looks pretty touristy to me (tho a glammed up one), hence very befitting of her theme.

      LDH’s shoot is themed OPEN MIND, another befitting title I’d say.

      1. Recommendations? certainly, how about the top three must see Kdramas on your list. Ah, even better, a running list of your absolute favorite Kdramas post on your blog that you can add to it? I know, that’s too much to ask? Sorry, I was just wishing out loud, please disregard the request. 🙂

  3. Ah, you’re already got the list, I just didn’t look for it. Looks like I’ll never be able to catch up; I don’t even recognize most of the names, ha, not surprise there. This summer, when I can start breathing again (feel like I’m drowning now with projects), I will start with the first one on the list. Thanks.

  4. OH NOES i shd have known you’d like LDH’s photoshoot!! I should have saved it for you, dammit. But anyway, I wanted to you to have a look at the banner I made in Dramabeans (that might not see the light of day):

    ISN’T SHE LOVELY *__* (I wacked my brother’s head when he said she was ugly, something about his stupid preference for long hair, whatever)

      1. Thanks hun! I really had fun doing that. When I saw her cutting-edge look, I knew I had to put it on a banner for everyone to see (hopefully) 🙂

    1. That’s a gorgeous banner chinggu! You’re getting better and better!
      Can I shamelessly request for another LDH banner? With the same batch of pics? heheh XD no pressure though, you make one if you feel like it 😉

      1. Once I read this post, you betcha I did! But it wasn’t good enough (I felt like I got the two best shots for that banner), and I didn’t want to shortchange you, so I deleted it :’|

        But I shall brave it again for you chingu! It’s the matter of experimenting with the positions and stuff anyway, I could probably come up with something on par with the above, if not better *cross fingers*

  5. Yes, this photo-shoot of LDH really shows that she is indeed want to get out of her comfort zone and try venturing in new things. Hope she keeps doing that kind of photo-shoots.

    And I must say that she rocked that short boyish cut ❤

    1. She looks gorgeous in the cut, though it’s only a wig. She’s been sporting long hair for such a long time I think it’s about time, try something chic-er and cooler, heck I’d even take it if she dies her hair white or bright pink just for a role.

  6. I just want her to do another Ripley… same sort of character but with a writer with the balls to actually GO THERE. I felt like Ripley had a promising start then they cowered away from making the heroine reach the pits of disaster. They were far too kind.

    She should venture out into film, that’s the only way she will get out of her comfort zone. Dramas are all about formula to reach the ratings and big $$$. Movies are far more experimental.

    1. Yes dear, they surely cowered away to make it too dark or make the heroine to be clearly evil to the end. But surely Dahae was hated in that role as if they really went there and even more 😀

      But I want a movie next. Not another drama in Korea on China next PLEASE Dahaeshi ❤

    2. YES and YES. Chingu, we know too well. I think she craves for a movie debut, but I dunno, for some reason, either she’s not getting offers or she’s not comfy with the offers given (maybe the roles aren’t leading ones?). IMO actresses don’t get as many chances as actors do in the big screen (unless you’re up there like Jeon Do Yeon or if you’re willing to do unconventional indie). Like you said, if she wants to really get out there, she needs to really “do it”.

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