Another Dr. Lee Kang Hoon in the making?


Yep FINALLY! Official stills from Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung‘s drama “All About My Love“. Now drama world is in order (have you any idea how long I’ve waited for this?!!).

Looks very much like our beloved neurosurgeon Dr. Lee from Brain, hand gesture and expression wise esp. The eyes WAAHHHHHH. Chinese fans have been worried stiff that he’d be sporting a fugly wavy ajusshi hair in the drama (as seen from his Running Man press con pics), they’re still pretty much stuck in his Brain days I’m not surprised LOL. But it looks like it ain’t gonna matter anymore, just look up again.

I love how SHK looks, a perfect match with my image of a politician (even the hair’s perfect on him!), with a dash of arrogance and aloofness. But that said, I hope he’ll be able to bring something more to his character and plate rather than just tap on what he’s done before in Brain. You know, the aggressive impassive jerk who doesn’t give a shit about anything other than himself (though you all know I loved that about his character hehe). Not that I’m worried because if you need an actor to do versatility, he’s one of them, but it’d be a great to see him take on this character with a different verve this time. Perhaps less on the aggressive and more on the subtle side of things?

Lee Min Jung on the other hand looks luminously gorgeous. Her previous feat in BIG was a huge flop in terms of character for me, so I’m hoping her approach this time will be more on the feisty aggressive side, which I think she does have a knack in (as proven in the little I’ve seen in Smile, You).  I can’t see or sense anything between them yet, but it’s mostly due to the fact that I haven’t seen them together in a scene yet. Pali pali, satiate me drama! It’s a rom com after all.

Some more stills:



Both Jin Tae Hyun and Han Chae Ah also look perfectly fit and spot on for their characters, I just need more character interactive stills and all will be good.

A goofy BTS by the trio Lee Min Jung, Kim Jung Nan and Gong Hyung Jin from the set, I’m already sensing that there’ll be a whole load of laughs from the latter 2.


Now all we need to complete the picture, Park Hee Soon!

credits: All About My Romance baidu / / as tagged


8 thoughts on “Another Dr. Lee Kang Hoon in the making?”

      1. don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved Min Jung eonni since her “Smile, You” days, but seeing her in quite a number of projects, I’ve come to accept that her range is kind of limited (and she’s best at light-hearted fares as opposed to “serious” shows.) But oh well, when your expectations are low it can only go uphill from here, right?

    1. The only serious show she’s done’s MIDAS and in my memory her character wasn’t very memorable. She definitely wasn’t very comfy being all serious and principled. Since AAM’s rom com genre, maybe she’ll be able to generate the same kind of energy as her Smile You character? My expectations aren’t any higher than yours, so let’s cross our fingers that she’ll hold up at least, and SHK won’t eat her up lol

    1. His new movie Running Man is coming out soon, maybe that’ll do. But in any case if I find the drama worth recommending (sometimes you never know what surprises may come), I’ll definitely alert you. hehe..

      1. Yes, I’m definitely watching the RM movie of his.
        Excited for him and Hollywood. Yay!

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