That Man in Cheongdam Dong Manhwa Bang…

6 months.

Yes, it has occurred to me that I’ve been living with a bunch of crazies and loons for 6 months.  I laughed with them, at them. I teared, cried and streamed a few rivers. I swooned, squealed, squeed, I even had pervy thoughts (oh such a shameless me XD). These were people whom I thought would only exist in dramas, on TV (initially), but turned out to be mirrors and alter personalities of myself and so many of us out there. These were people who did crazy stupid things but still managed to reach out to me, with their actions, thoughts, gestures that came genuinely from the deepest of their hearts. These people were like family, friends, lovers, confidants over the course of my living and experience with them. These people, they are us, in so many different ways.

I didn’t think the number 170 would come so damn soon. When I started, I didn’t think I could take it on, it’s my longest drama ever, even if you combine 2 eps into 1 (which would make it a 85 ep drama). I didn’t think I would be able to endure. But now, I’m starting to feel a lump of sadness and dread mounting, building within me.  I’m starting to imagine days without the craziness and madness of these characters and people.  I know life goes on, but can I?

I’m at Ep 160, 10 more episodes to go.  It’s hard to let go. Especially when the characters themselves are already so close knitted, so bonded with each other, even a second away sends them into gloom and tearfest. How can it not happen to me? T___T

I’ve been scouring youtube for videos, and I found this precious and lovely MV made for one of the yummiest bromances in K-drama, serenaded by Hyun Bin’s rendition of “That Man”, which perfectly encapsulates a love-hate relationship between these 2 man boys.  Memories of SeGa are far off away from my mind, as I can only see the “love” between Hyun Woo and Sang Yeob through the lyrics, through Binnie’s delivery.  Romance or bromance? The line is so not clear.


I adore Hyun Woo and Ji Eun, and I adore them even more with Sang Yeob in the mix.  They’re relationship is typical of a triangular romance, with one couple being the lovey dovey OTP one to be, and the other the silent protector and admirer of the girl. ILICDD doesn’t shy away from the stereotypical cliches in K-drama, it does so the same as what other dramas do, but the brilliant thing is that the execution is so honest, so devoid of the usual sugarcoats that most rom-coms tend to ham on over and over. There is bout of sarcasm and nitpicks in certain traits, especially in relation to how Ji Eun deals with Hyun Woo’s background, but drama highlights their problems or so called problems as Ji Eun views them to be so frankly, and with a subtle warmth that one can only feel if you’ve been with them all this while. Drama zeros in on their weaknesses, and is not afraid to show that the characters themselves are actually aware how small and insecure they are. And we as viewers connect perfectly with them, their faults, their actions, because we the same, they are our own reflection.

Sang Yeob and Hyun Woo, possibly the most adorable  friend-rival I’ve ever EVER seen in K-drama. Not that there aren’t many, but they are so silly and ridiculously pretentious sometimes it kills me not to see them pick at and tease each other just for seconds in an episode. When they come together, it’s not just flowers rainbows and puppies for us girl viewers, but their harmony and chemistry, I do not believe it can be replicated or acted out if the actors aren’t close buddies in RL (which I believe they are ;DDD) or without holding in the embarrassment or laughter when doing so.  Being a fiend of romances bromances and any kind of relationship coming from mutual understanding, it melts me my heart in all ways to see both guys forge a friendship via kicks teases etc amidst acknowledging how similar they are. They are so meant for each other. ♥♥♥ Anything, and I mean anything I would give, for a collab again in future.

hyun-woo-lee-sang-yub Hyun Woo Lee Sang Yeob

And anything, everything for another show like ILICDD.

credits: pictures as tagged / twitter / youtube vid maker


7 thoughts on “That Man in Cheongdam Dong Manhwa Bang…”

    1. Yeah chinggu, this drama is a humor fix. I think I can get back to any episode any time and still laugh like a mad woman. 😉

  1. This post reminds me of how much I need to get back to watching this show… I forgot what episode I watched up to though I believe it is int the 140s lol Maybe I will just start from the beginning. This show is awesome enough for a re-watch 🙂 Also, I follow all the actors from this show because that is how much I grew to love and adore them. I was so sad when the show actually ended because it meant no more of the lovely Cheongdamdong family 😦

    I agree 100% about the bromance and romance. The romance is so much better because Sang Yeop is around. Also, the bromance is one of the best parts of the show. I adore the other bromance which involves the uncle and two ahjusshis too.

    Please keep posting about this show ❤

    1. sniffs sniffs T___T, I dunno if I’ll get over ILICDD. It’s my only reliever from all the RL work stress and all. Lucky I’ve got all the eps saved up for rewatches any time I want.

      The 3 stooges are one of my fav bromances of all time. They even pawn Hyun Woo-Sang Yeob a tad more when it comes to bromance chemistry. So in sync with each other albeit their differences in personalities and opinions. They may argue and squabble about petty trivial stuff, tease and pick on each other unabashedly, but when they come together in unison, you know it, everything falls into place. You can’t possibly not want more of them.

      I hope to end my ILICDD journey with a review, but alas I dunno if words would even suffice.

      1. Dear ripgal, hope your withdrawal won’t be so bad. Besides rewatching ILICDD, you can also do your planning for the SK trip, howzat? Lol

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