All About My Love goodies


Shin Ha Kyun, back!

I have no time to write about stuff, brain’s drained from all the workass stress I can’t even think or write coherently.

Gonna drop some All About My Love goodies and scoot. ~



Subjectively, kyaaaa swooooon omoonnnnnaaaa, SHIN. HA. KYUN!

Objectively, kinda MEH because his character Su Young is pretty much a regurgitation of Dr. Lee Kang Hoon from Brain. That OTT scream, that look in his eyes.

Good thing? He’s probably gonna eat Lee Min Jung up and steal the show (again!).

And better? He’s nothing like the man on screen, such an adorable sweeetieeee!


But cast are having fun, I’m a happy girl! 🙂

credits: caption from SHK baidu bar / daum/ SBS photos as tagged / youtube


12 thoughts on “All About My Love goodies”

    1. All for Shin Ha Kyun! 😀 I’m not expecting much from drama really, and I don’t really watch anything or everything for anyone. Exception he is. I think I can even tolerate crap for him. 😉

  1. Same here,I particularly don’t like lee min jung because I haven’t seen any of her dramas.I’m only waiting for my beloved Ajusshi SHK!!!!!.I’m really excited I loved him in Brain though the drama kinda went downhill in the latter half,which almost all of the dramas esp k dramas have in common,great in the start,and kinda lousy at the end.I’m only watching this thing and hopefully I’ll finish this drama for SHK!!!.Hope he picks more dramas in the future!
    *High fives*

    1. I think Lee Min Jung’s got some potential, but she’s been tight-strapped to the big-eyed bubbly somewhat naive image for long, and when she tries to do serious, it comes off awkward. Hopefully she’ll be able to up her game against SHK and the rest of the cast who are pretty much solid in their own forte (esp Park Hee Soon and Gong Hyung Jin). Like what SHK did to Choi Jung Won in Brain? At least we rooted for the OTP despite the actress’ severe acting limitations.

      Too add, more SHK goodies here:


  2. SHK!!!!!!!!!SO hot!Thanks for sharing.And yeah you’re right.Choi Jung Woo did have acting limitations,almost about everyone in Brain was average,SHK owned the drama!And I’m feeling SHK is again gonna outshine LMJ in this one too.
    Can’t wait for April.

    Are you watching That Winter,The Wind Blows?

  3. Hmmm. Interesting. It looks slightly awkward, or rather Lee Min-jung does. It will hopefully bank more on the romance than the political realm which I doubt will carry much with much conviction and heft, going by the team’s credentials. But hopefully it will be fun. I can’t believe the male cast still. Shin, Park and Jin together… *hyperventilates*

    1. I think it will be fun, but yeah, the male casting is o__0. Apparently Park Hee Soon decided to join the drama because of his friendship with SHK. He sure has a truckload of actor friends eh?

  4. my heart just beat faster
    I hope it will at least be a nice drama and can makes me laugh
    My mood is not good enough to watch another melodrama without watching comedy in between LOL
    SHK in a comedy is a gold.. I laughed so much for SHK’s character in earlier episode during harvest villa days….

    1. Amazing how SHK can do crazy, serious and even OTT comedy with such ease right? It’s like second nature to him, no wonder they call him the Acting God/ “Shin” God Ha Kyun.

      I’d like to share another recent interview of SHK, just came out yesterday.

      Unbelievably adorable and cute!

      1. oh thanks for sharing the video! I love it ^^
        it seems so cute and adorable…
        How I wish I was there hahaha

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