Joseph Chang & Janine Chang DARE TO LOVE

Dare To Love

I love the idea of mini films or 微電影 in Chinese as you call it. It has the atmospheric mood and vibe of a music video, and doesn’t lack in execution of a story (usually a love story) that resonates.  It doesn’t drag on as long as a film, and yet execution is usually done aptly and tastefully to appear like one. The Korean MV makers are the most expert in this field, almost all their MVs tell a story,  either one that makes you bawl like a baby (just because you can’t have a Korean MV with noone crying) or a story that doesn’t make sense LOL. But either way, we know well enough. TW has been following the trend for quite some time now. The most prominent or let’s say, the one I remember most, Rainie Yang who’d done a few mini films/MVs for her songs, Show Luo, I remember seeing a few of his. And recently, JJ Lin who’d announced that he’d filmed a total of 10 MVs in mini film format for all of his songs in his new album! Get that baby, it’s the trend now!

And now we have Joseph Chang and Janine Chang <333 collaborating together (for the first time if I’m correct?) in a mini film for Marie Claire’s TW 20th Anniversary celebration. This is a combo that I’d never seen coming though not really unexpected given their A-list status in TW.  And they’re absolutely adorable, and not to mention swoony hilarious together. Certainly don’t mind a drama pair up in future! 😛 The title of this mini film is called “Dare To Love 勇敢去愛” and is part of a tri-project titled <<Dare Generation勇敢世代>> undertaken by Marie Claire TW to commemorate the magazine’s 20th year entry into Taiwan.

Dare To Love 2

The concept of this mini film is quite an interesting one. It’s not exactly a wholesome story about love or romance, but more of a conveyance of the different perspectives and points of view about what romance is to different people, the various emotions that constitute or lead to it. And of all, how those different emotions all essentially come to verge to the same feeling of love.

Joseph and Janine play a pair of co-stars in it, who are unable to find the “click” and right chemistry in their supposed to be romantic scene. And throughout the 5 minutes, they talk and discuss about what they can do or methods they can try to at least infuse romantic chemistry into their scenes. The whole process is mixed with a good amount of sensuality and humor and though I wouldn’t call it groundbreaking or WOW, I definitely had a good laugh plus some swoonworthy squees from it.

Check out there MV here (I’ve added translations too! 🙂 )

English Translations [JO= Joseph || JA=Janine]

JA: We really cannot continue on like this. My heart can’t take it anymore.

JO: Then just let me go.

JA: I can’t let you go.

JO: But you have to. You must.

Director: CUT! CUT! CUT! What is wrong with you both? Where is your chemistry? This is your 19th take, and I still can’t feel a thing!

JO: I’m sorry Director.

JA: I’m sorry Director.

Director: Let’s do it again.

Assistant: I’m sorry Director, something’s got wrong with the raining machine. We may need some time to fix it.

Director: How long more?

Assistant: 10 minutes.

Director: Ok let’s take a 10 minute break. You guys go work the feelings out, ROMANTIC.


JO: But… you have to… but you have to.

JO: What are you laughing about?

JA: This scene is totally wrong. Setting is whack, even the lines are whack. How are we supposed to do this?

JO: But we still gotta do it.

JA: I don’t feel a thing.

JO: Ok why don’t we take a walk, relax a bit.

JO: Okay so you think the lines weren’t right. So, what is “romantic” to you?

JA: I have no idea. What about you?

JO: Me?

JA: Yeah.

JO: I think… it’s ambiguity (暧昧).


JO: So are you happy tonight?

JA: Tonight… I’m very happy!

JO: You’re just as beautiful as the scenery tonight.

JA: (breaks into laughter) I’m sorry.

JO: Huh?

JA: But I don’t think that’s romantic at all. Perhaps you’ll say I’m foolish, but I believe in love at first sight.


JO: Wait a minute. I think there can be something more romantic than this.


JO: Scent.

JO: Aishteru. I love you. Wo Ai Ni.

JA: Isn’t that weird? I think “romantic” should be… the notion of  “unreachable” (someone you can’t reach).

JO: Wait wait wait… I think in love there should be conflict.


JA: What do you mean by that?!

JO: Can you stop hassling about the past?

JA: Can you be a bit more honest with me?

JO: Me? When have I not been honest with you?

JO: Can you stop being like this?


JO: I think it’s time for us to head back.

JA: Let’s go.

JA: You ok?

JO: Yes I’m good.


JA: They’ve left, how long has it been since we were gone?

JO: I dunno.

JO:  All that’s left is this umbrella.




credits: 美麗佳人 Marie Claire Taiwan / Marie Claire / JC baidu


12 thoughts on “Joseph Chang & Janine Chang DARE TO LOVE”

    1. Trademark Joseph’s humor…reminds me of DTLY all over again <333 It's indeed a queer piece, but I like the concept behind it. At least it's not the typical melo meshed MVs we're used to seeing. 😉

  1. U r de best,ripgal..JC & JC look great but JC & RY would ve been better!o hw u hv rekindled my Love for DTLY…think I shall watch my DVDs tonite..

    1. Wow Queen! It’s been ages! I know this sounds weird and creepy but I had a feeling you’d surface and de-lurk, just for JC! <333 Miss the DTLY days, fact I haven't been able to finish a TW drama since. :/

      What's the probability of having another JC-RY collab? Never know but we can hope!

      1. Same here..hvnt finished a tw drama since ,no matter wat the hype..hooked on k dramas again..can’t wait for Dr Brain n lee min Jung s forthcoming drama.A little disappointed n surprised dat u r not rooting for TWTWB wc I m currently fixated on n riveted by!!Guess we can’t b agreeing on everyone n every drama..still, Jo In Sung n TWTWB might just b the right concoctions to help me completely rid of JC n DTLY fr my system.c ya

  2. LOVED THE CONCEPT of this mini-film. Ahhh this reminds me of the DTLY days when I actually stuck through the drama till the end just for JC despite the ridiculous plot. So digging this collab! 😀

    1. Awww, although DTYL kinda faltered towards the end (what with the non-stop ridiculousness), I still loved the drama. The development of JX and XR’s relationship was lovely and emotionally gratifying, and JC and RY just had the loveliest and most natural of OTP chemistry I’ve ever seen. 2 years have passed since and I still recall the fondness and love I have for the OTP.

      I’d love to see both JCs collaborate, but I’m worried JC may never return to TV anymore. It looks like he’s going for more serious stuff ala film, which IMO is probably the better route for him considering his acting style (in more broody emotional scenes).

    1. Nope unfortunately not, but I think the remaining 2 projects are different, edging towards documentary like films instead of fictional stories? I know the 2nd one features Ariel Lin and a fan of hers (chosen via a contest online) but I haven’t been able to find a vid/link.

      1. Hi, I found Ariel’s part..

        It features 100 females who aim to achieve their dreams, Ariel was the PD or director if I’m not wrong.

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