Music Focus: K-Pop Stars Akdong Musician

Can’t believe I’ve been gone for more than a week. Have been trying to churn out a post on Queen In Soo the past few days, but failed big time, not knowing where to begin, and HOW! I think I’m just at loss for words, on how intellectually and emotionally gratifying the drama was. I can’t even string a good proper sentence to describe this wholesome amazing journey with characters that make the quality of K-dramas. One day, some day, I’ll get back to that draft waiting to be polished, possibly with some thoughts on ILICDD as well (if you have not already noticed, they’re both on my Top fav dramas of all time).

Now, for some music therapy.

Akdong Musician, K-pop Star 2 winner, an incredibly talented and adorable pair of siblings, who have been singing their way up the charts and charming hearts of people the past few months – not only are they adorable and lovely, they compose their own songs, sing their own songs and present them with such creativity that knows no bounds. They might not have the most polished voice, or the best of looks, but they’re full of their own unique loveliness, chocked filled with originality and creativity.  Check out what they’ve been doing the past few months – singing into the hearts of ppl <3333







Aren’t they just ADORABLE?

I hope they will continue to rawk and shine, and more than anything, stay true to themselves. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Music Focus: K-Pop Stars Akdong Musician”

  1. Hi Ripgal, they are beyond adorable! Totally original, gifted, talented and so not KPop..ish!!! I love them, thanks Ripgal, without your post , I would have missed such a gem!

    1. No probs Swee, lovely right? I hope the fame and popularity won’t get to their head and they can continue to do their own thing without having to be subjected to stereotypes and norms. Originality is their thing as you can see.

  2. Thanks!

    I love reading music and korean drama reviews in this blog especially regarding indie’s music.

    chunkeemonkeeato dot wordpress dot com

    1. Thanks, I’m no expert or regular blogger about music, especially indie stuff. Korea has so many hidden and underrated talents who are not known and appreciated, I share whenever I can and have the chance.

      Thanks to twitter I’m exposed to some good music I’d never get the chance to listen to. 😉

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