It’s raining MEN!


Oh yes, it’s pouring men all over.  I want all of em! <333

None of the fluff dramas I’m watching atm are of any good class quality, none of them. I love my Shin Ha Kyun to death but All About My Romance just doesn’t cut it as much as I’d expected it to or wanted it to, its brand of OTT and silliness grates me and writer just craps writing politics. Gu Family Book bore me to tears the 1st 2 eps I nearly wanted to drop but persisted for my yearning to see Seung Gi puppy again. Jang Ok Jeong’s better than the rest but still has glaring flaws sticking out like sore thumbs of all. Nine is probably the most intriguing one for me right now but I’m kinda iffy on how the time traveling thing works. TBVH, I would have concluded this drama season a slump…

…if not for my eternal weakness, my weak softy spot for the men in K-dramas. I know, pathetic me, my heart’s that weak.

Swoon Meter:

High Through The Roof

Boiling Hot Love

Crushing Puppy Love

Blushing Crush

All About My Romance‘s Kim Soo Young


The thing about AAMR, it’s not really a good drama. I don’t expect much from the Protect The Boss team, I adored PTB for different reasons but that drama certainly did not annoy me as much as AAMR did in its first few episodes. Everything bordered on forceful slapstick comedy, the depiction of political play between different parties muddled me into HUHWHAT?! territory. And the performances (particularly LMJ’s) made me thoroughly uncomfortable. Everyone acted like 10 year old kids! Nothing in the story makes good or reasonable sense. I should have seen it coming.

No I didn’t, certainly, for a different reason now. This drama is about Romance after all, and little did I know after 5 Eps, I would end up like the same ol’ Shin Ha Kyun fangirl in Brain, swooning over another SHK played character Kim Soo Young. It just happened, SHK’s magic. I’m a goner all over again.


You know how much I love SHK, so much so to the extent that I can’t even bear to criticize his performance in here. I really think this man has all it takes to nail any character given with his devotion and dedication to his craft. But sometimes he takes everything too seriously, goes overboard and over-emphasizes details that should be kept intact and reigned in. It’s OTT and I get why. I can understand why his unbridled and mis-control of emotions can irrate and turn off some, it’s a brand of comedy and slapstick that’s been following him ever since JSA.

Warts and all however, I cannot deny that this actor does have something on me. Soo Young isn’t an entirely easy character to play. He’s erratic, eccentric and sometimes mad crazy you cannot really pin-point how he’d act or react in situations (hence the OTT). He can be brash and yet he can also be the sweetest person around. He’s also got a quieter and pensive side, a sensual side of him that never shows whenever he’s with others. If a lesser actor had been cast, I doubt Soo Young’s fluctuant and shifting personality can be as fleshed out.

I still stand by my point that LMJ’s a miscast in this drama, with no conviction whatsoever in her portrayal of a politician. I don’t dislike her as an actress but she’s not fit out for a politician character requiring certain level of gravitas and poise. And it doesn’t help I couldn’t see her chemistry with anyone in the drama. But this is when SHK and some drama cliches start to cast their magic on me. Ep 5, watch it and you will know why. How Soo Young approaches Min Young and confronts her about his feelings for her and hers for him. How he “seduces” his way into the poor confused girl’s heart. How he plays the game of love. My heart hasn’t pounded and beat so hard for ages. <33 Even though I still don’t feel a thing for Min Young, I imagine myself in her place, I find it hard to resist the man before me. How can one not fall in love like this?


SHK is not what we’d call or term, the perfect tall handsome chaebol looking guy. someone that’d make your knees weak right off the first glance. But try him, try Soo Young, just watch Ep 5, and you will know that attraction doesn’t just come from first look. It’s natural charm. It’s the confidence that comes from within. Soo Young may be clueless about his sudden interest in NMY, and may be a bit of an oddball when trying to express his affection, but you know it when you see and feel it from his eyes. Trust me, you can skip the entire first 4 eps and watch Ep 5 alone, you will squee swoon a lunatic.

Swoon Meter: High Through the Roof

GFB’s Choi Kang Chi

suzylsgSeung Gi, nothing he does bugs me. Even if his drama characters annoy.

GFB is probably the least of quality amongst the bunch in terms of writing, acting and direction. There isn’t any particularly good point worth discussing because everything is pretty much touch and go, on the surface kind of story telling. Even the acting doesn’t make for a good watch because most of the leading actors aren’t ready and fit for sageuk. Their speeches are so modernised that you can almost feel their forceful efforts to sound like a person from that period. But you know what, I’m surprisingly and shockingly, not turned off by anything yet (Ep 3 and 4). And the only reason I can think of why, Lee Yeon Hee. Who had given me possibly the worst acting performance in recent memory (she wasn’t that bad before but her Seo Hwa was horrendous!), that anything bad or mediocrity after I can live with easily.

Seung Gi

There’s a pattern in Seung Gi’s acting in almost all of his dramas, and we all know it. He always always starts off as a a jerkish brat who knows no boundaries. Playful and always a nuisance to others. Stereotype much?

But there’s something in Seung Gi that always gets to me. He doesn’t have innate talent, or even good skill, and he always, like SHK, tends to overreact. Critics who have a good eye can tell he’s not cut out for acting because his fundamentals are not grounded at all, he can only rely on over-punctuation to get his points across. I feel the same way, but somehow or rather, I’m not at all bothered by his style of acting. I think it’s got something to do with my soft hearty spot for him, and the genuineness and endearment in his performances (regardless of whether they’re meant to be annoying or irritating). There is always a hook no matter how lackluster or trying he can be in getting his characters across. I am always able to connect.

Choi Kang Chi is no different. The moment he appeared in Ep 3, it’s all love and crush and blush for me. Seung Gi is one important factor, but again, it’s the element of endearment he infuses into KC’s personality. He is as playful naughty brash and confident as the rest of his drama characters, but there is always a warmth and thoughtfulness in them, and he nails those pretty damn well. I’ve mentioned the best of Seung Gi in my year end review post last year, and I still stand by my view that he can do so much more. I love it when he does serious and when breaks down in frustration because you could see the flex of almost all his emotive muscles on his face. I may be calling the shots too fast, but I already want to see Kang Chi transform, I already want to see him drown himself in gamut of  emotions because of what will be revealed to him sooner or later. I want to see Seung Gi cry (oh how sadistic I am). He’s good at it and only one can tell if they’ve seen how much he’d been through in the later eps of K2H, it was a shocking revelation to me. I expect he’ll be bringing it all the same in later eps of GFB, and though I predict drama will not live up, I am hoping Seung Gi will and hopefully I’ll be there to see it and give me puppy a hug.

Suzy is no means an effective actress, especially in a sageuk setting. When a lot of actors over-ham their emotions, she somehow restrains too much of it and looks stilted in trying to get something acros. But I think she fits the personality and quirks of her character very well and has considerably good chemistry with Seung Gi. We’re 4 episodes in and I already feel a good amount of rapport in the likes of comradeship and friendship between them. They do not need to sell to me any buddy romance vibe or chemistry right off the bat, all I need is the connection baby.

Swoon Meter: Crushing Puppy Love

GFB’s Gon

Sung Joon

You know I won’t miss Sung Joon in a post whenever I can, how can I possibly do that? Coming off CWGM where he’d displayed one of his best acting performances to date, I couldn’t fathom at first why he’d pick a role that had minimal importance. Why a third lead after such a fantastic year 2012?

I won’t know and don’t plan to find out. I just know I’m already loving his character Gon to pieces in here. I guess it’s a thing about the silent and protective bodyguard role, how they always look after and pine for their master knowing that they cannot possibly end up together, that always evokes some sympathy and liking from me. He has one of the worst lines in the drama and doesn’t appear a lot, but he still manages to mark his presence thruout. Maybe it’s his eyes, maybe it’s because Sung Joon’s playing him. He’s just as ineffective as Seung Gi and Suzy in his acting in here, but somehow he manages to sound more convincing than the former when it comes to their speeches. I have a hunch that he will exhibit some jealousy soon and may turn to the other side, but either way, it’d be good to see him stretch his acting a lil bit more.

Swoon Meter: Blushing Crush

Jang Ok Jeong’s Lee Soon aka King Suk Jong

Suk Jong

Ain’t Lee Soon adorable?

I’ve spoken pretty much everything about Jang Ok Jeong and my love for Lee Soon aka King Suk Jong in my earlier post so I will not reiterate. Just know one thing, Yoo Ah In. Want a performance with poise and aplomb but with also a lil bit of naivete and innocence, you’ve gotta watch the man perform. I don’t think he’s perfect or doing really really well yet, but I def can see him play the ambitious and charismatic King Suk Jong with the required amount of conviction.

More pics to prove my point:

SukJong 2 Sukjong 3


Now that’s fierce!

Crush Meter: Boiling Hot Love

Nine’s Park Sun Woo

Nine LJW

Lee Jin Wook is a hottie and a cutie, and he’s so totally up my alley type. But compared to the rest here, he’s not as popular, as recognised, or if I may say it, not even as good or effective an actor. His acting in Nine isn’t anything to call home about, and honestly does stilted a lot more than usual. But thankfully he’s got a drama which writing is intriguing and engaging enough for for to follow, and a character which I cannot possibly hate or not love – Park Sun Woo.

I know QIHM’s writter messed up minds of a lot of people last year. Those who loved it banked and supported her to the very end, regardless of the lost of sense or logic. Some transformed the love to disregard because of that very factor. For me, I gave it an 8 out of 10 because of what it managed to do for 15 episodes – engaged and had me hooked sunk into its magical territory of love and romance. Nine, writer’s follow up drama after QIHM, isn’t as engaging or heart-fluttery as the former, has none of the heart-pounding moments in the likes of QIHM (that may have been due to the OTP’s real off-screen affections tho). But story wise, it maintains the same level of edge-seating adrenaline and mystery. The time traveling mechanism still bothers me because I don’t know why it works the way it does, but if we talk about the past present factors and consequences of it all, this drama sells it well and effectively.

I don’t really care about the romance though the OTP is cute, I don’t even care about the leading girl Min Young (oops, there’s No. 2 now) because she’s not interesting enough to make me bother. But what gets to me, is how Park Sun Woo’s character is written. It’s the selflessness and magnanimous heart in his character which piques me and makes me unable to resist him. He is witty and sarcastic in his words, and knows his manly charms inside out, but beneath the exterior lies a man who loves and treasures everything precious to him, to the extent of being sacrificial. I know it’s idealistic and ridiculous, and he sounds boring. But given the amount of truly thoughtful and gracious leading men in our dramas, Sun Woo’s one I’m willing to keep.


Sun Woo’s actions are debatable, as he indirectly changes the course of history with his own hands. What he does, affects and changes the course of everyone of his loved ones’ lives (and causes some huge damage to his own). But his intentions are pure, they stem from the most selfless and earnest of his heart. The yearning to see his brother happy again, the  restraint when it comes to the woman he loves (because of what has changed in history), it’s something that one cannot imagine even if put in his shoes.

The time traveling mechanism in Nine has reached newer heights in recent episodes. I don’t know if writer nim will give us the same BS like before (though I accepted it at the end), I hope she won’t, but I truly earnestly hope Sun Woo will get the happiness he yearns for, his own and things will be put right back on its true course.

The only thing I care for, is for Sun Woo to be happy for once.

Swoon Meter: Boiling Hot Love

credits: all pictures from owners @ tumblr/ facebook/ AAMR SHK DC/ baidu


26 thoughts on “It’s raining MEN!”

  1. Surprisingly, I like Kang Chi better than any of Seung Gi’s previous character. Particylarly in the beginning of the story. Kang Chis’s story reminds me a lot of Naruto’s character lol… He has hidden Strength he can’t use it fully yet. Because he doesn’t know how to.

    I’m not hating gu family book like some people did, nor I love it either. Overall it sounds cliches… Too cliches it seems lol. I don’t mind cliches,. In fact I love some k-drama tropes… But in gfb… It just seems too cheesy that sometimes makes it become unintentionally hillarious. And some char action I just kind don’t understand.

    As for nine. I know there arebunch of good review and rave about this show for being awsome and unpredictable.
    But my problem isi haveno connection for any character in the drama. Make it hard to feel something abiut it.

    Thanks for your view about all about my romance, since i haven’t watch it yet. Maybe I will start it whenit finish airing.

    Btw..have you watch war of the flower or at theend of the world?

    1. Jae Ha still remains to be my fav Seung Gi portrayal and character, a breakthrough performance which floored me emotions inside out. I don’t know if Kang Chi will be as extreme, but I’m hoping to be emotionally gratified and satisfied when watching him deal with his half human-beast status.

      Still watching The End of The World but have put War of Flowers on hold (because of the overflow of dramas). Just caught up to 8 of EOTW and just cannot imagine how they’ll be able to end this in 4 eps. Sighs.

    2. @ripgal: oh me too…
      I want to give “war of flower” a try later after I finish Jang Ok Jung, not because I like Jang Ok Jung better, but in order to enjoy Jang Ok Jung more, so I don’t have high standard while watching it LOL If it’s makes sense..
      I have watched the first episode…. and it looks stunning!
      I’m sad they cut At The End Of The World episode… GAHHH…. So sad for the team and cast, they have work hard for it T___T

  2. “I know, pathetic me, my heart’s that weak.”
    Don’t worry, I bet most of the female drama fans are weak at heart when it comes to these fine specimens of mankind. ^^;

    I’m still crazy over LJW in Nine but not so much after watching Jang Ok Jung. I finally get to understand the charms of Yoo Ah In that I didn’t get to experience during his SKKS days. Now I’m giggling over his smiles and melting over his stares. Gonna be shallow and stare at his Lee Soon for the next two and a half months. Started watching the drama for the plot and ends up finding another crush…that’s not too bad, right?

    BTW, I really want to watch AAMR but no mood for romcoms these days. I checked out the first episode and really love SHK, but I couldn’t continue watching. Maybe later…

    1. You didn’t go all swoony moony over his character in SKKS?! That’s news hehe. But yeah, he’s definitely doing a good job so far, though I’m not very comfortable with some of the seductive smiles and stares he flashes when he’s with OJ. I actually think he does it best when he commands and speaks with conviction, particularly when dealing with the split factions and those who do not see eye to eye with the King (his dad). How suave and charming <333

      1. I escaped it back then probably because I was crazy over Yoochun and adored Joongki. Yep, he’s so cool as a crown prince and his relationship with his daddy is just lovely!

  3. The only show I look forward to every week (and consistently checking out the subtitles progress) is The End of The World. Jang Ok Jeong is watchable, but I’m not in love (yet). The rest of the new Mon-Tue/ Wed-Thu shows are just terrible.

    1. Haha, I get you. I still live by fluff and lighthearted stuff, they are my only recourse for entertainment and relief. The overall quality of a drama can be sucky and crappy for me, but when something hooks me, it may be a character, a sub-plot, or even an actor, I somehow give it another chance. It’s prob the alternate me who only loves cheesy sugary stuff lol.

      I’ve just caught up to Ep 8 of TEOTW, with the same shocking level of realism and depth. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drama with so much research and effort put into it, and with minimal music intrusion. Though I must say that some of the dialogues tire me, may be out of sync because I’m not qualified scientifically. This is quality drama, you don’t have popular actors or PPL, but you know it’s fine quality inside out. Too bad they’ve decided to cut it in half ;(

      1. I am really sad that they decide to cut short TWOTE. But I really have to thank darksmurf for doing the subbing for all of us non korean viewers. it’s an intelligent drama. and I guess the people of korea just want to watch pretty people and pointless plots….so sad for losing such a gem, compared to a lot of crap out there.

      2. Also, love your post on all of these men, Ripgal!
        Especially JOJ’s Lee Soon, and Nine’s Park Sun Woo is great too.
        I am also watching Nine too, but I get very impatient due to the slow pace of
        the drama, but it’s still a lovely mysterious drama to watch.

      3. I tried to watch ep 1 and 2 of Gu but I still couldn’t finish. It was extremely boring, I nearly fell asleep while watching it. Idk, did it get any better in the following episodes?

      4. @myra: I don’t know if it gets any better for you.. But All I can say it’s more fluff and full of happy moment than any previous episode…
        I can see why some people love it…

      5. I think it got sligggghtly better, no where close to good yet. But it may be due to my fondness of LSG and Sung Joon. Give Ep 3 a try and if it doesn’t hook, don’t think 4 or future eps will hehe.

  4. This season of drama is just so not for me.I’m like bored so much.
    The one which I was waiting for the most was AAMR,but seriously this one disappointed me,first of all I was so not in the mood for politics and tuned in just for SHK.Ep1 was the one I watched and I just skimmed through the rest of the episodes.
    Well this is true that ep 5 was much better than the rest maybe because the romance part is progressing and I really loved SHK in here.*Swooning*
    ANd about LMJ *signs* she really doesn’t fit into the character’s image,she really is a miscast for sure.My excitement levels dropped when I heard that she will be the leading lady but my love for SHK ah really made me watch this drama.I’m still looking forward to this drama for SHK and SHK alone.
    The storyline (the part mainly about politics) I didn’t pay attention to a single bit.All I watched through the first five eps was only SHK scenes.

    And about GFB:I watched the first ep nad thought of it as alright.But later from just reading the recaps,I signed heavily.Seo Hwa’s character was so stupid in my opinion.
    And I particularly am one of those(if there are people) who do not like suzy.Sorry but I just can’t like her.I really decided to watch this drama but she to feels to me like a miscast,even though I’ve never ever watched sagueks before.But I really wanted to try some this year.
    I’ve not watched Jang Ok Jeong but reading so many positive views about it I’m planning to watch it.

    And the one and only K drama I’m looking forward to is MOH with LDW.
    It was because of this that lately I’m finding J dramas and watching them.
    Have you watched any J dramas?Any recommendations?

    1. Don’t worry you’re not the only one, Ep1-4 of AAMR bored me to death even with SHK.I adore his erratic antics but sometimes he does bug me when he overdoes it. I’m not buying SY and MY’s romance yet, but am so totally buying how he’s approaching his affections for her. I can watch Ep 5 alone many times, even if the rest suck and I may end up dropping, this is an ep I will keep. 😉

      I’m getting excited for MOH too, but I don’t want to have hopes too high (it is after all written by the Birth of Rich writer, drama of which I liked but was more fluff than substance).

      And nope I seldom do J-doramas, I have no time. ;( But I’ve been hearing ppl talk about Last Cinderella and ISWAK v2?

      1. About LC, if you enjoyed Hotaru no Hikari and Anego you ought to check this out 🙂 I think the reason I’m liking it so far is because it slightly reminds me of the 90s-early 2000 j-drama romance. I foresee a triangle in the future but I’m not that worried, since j-drama handles triangles better than most k-drama and american tv series.

        Galileo is pretty cool too. Mystery, detectives, and a little bit of science.

      2. My J-dorama days are so behind me, I think my last full one was err. shit I can’t even remember. lol Oh and I loved a lot of early 2000s J-doramas, romance fluff or mystery investigation. Love Generation is still my fav romance of all ;D

  5. I love Lee Soon and I love JOJ.

    Others i can’t really stand but i will try All About My Love.

    Btw what is the parameter of love indicates what is the highest ?;)

    1. ^I’ve just added that on top. Expected no surprise, always and forever Shin Ha Kyun <33 though you may not end liking the 1st 4 eps (boring silly and MEH).

  6. out of these dramas i’m only watching NINE (wich i loveeeee to pieces) this is my first time watching LJW, and he’s so attractive and his SW is so good and lovely and hot and heartbreaking!!! i love the way he speaks, the way he looks, the way he cares about everyone else, he’s sweet, smart and gentle… what can i say? i love SW, i’m a new converted Fangirl!!!

    1. Sun Woo nearly broke my heart in recent eps T_T if there’s anything writer’s good at, it’s writing the perfect ideal male lead. Sun Woo’s just as much as catch as KBD in QIHM, I lub him <333

  7. I am posting just to say a HELLO~!!!

    *haha and I’m hiding from all the rotten eggs, covered, back in my weirdo corner not finding any of the boys/namjas mentioned doing a thing for me attractiveness wise, sad, but I have to live with my taste, somehow*

    1. Halllooo hi mookie, I’ve been waiting for you to emerge for ages! Still waiting for a new blogpost 🙂

      And of course mookie will always be mookie with her own acquired taste 😉

      1. I just hope I’ll slowing regain the hots for YAI as I’ve tried out everything but can only care to follow JOJ….but the manboy without the mane and the dumbo ears and his face of 12 w/o facial hair and the I can’t look away nose(job)….okok I’ll shush it XD….shortly and more nicely (oppss) put, Fashion King needs a LOT of hard elbow grease of scrubbing off my head.

      2. He did PS? I suck at spotting really, esp on actors LOL I think if you hang on a bit, you’ll find his character intriguing or interesting enough to care (hopefully)? At least that’s how I got past some of his greasy/sugary display of expressions (if you get what I mean).

  8. SHK is looking so fine with his modern haircut. OMG! I fell head over heels for him and he was born for comedy.
    YAI is amazing in JOJ and LJW’s smexy smile/smirk is to die for.

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