Pictorial Time: Aging Family Cast Rogues up W and VOGUE


How awesome, how awesome it would be to have siblings like the trio above? I’m not saying just because they’re all fantastic actors in their own accord and can totally hold a show or drama with their charisma and charisma alone, but also because, have you seen the Aging Cast trailer? Yeah, just because they’re awesome.

Yoon Je Moon‘s totally riding on high lately with the fantastic and sublime The End of The World and I’m glad he’s getting a lot more and deserved exposure with it. Park Hae Il and Gong Hyo Jin, would have loved it even more if they’d been cast as lovers because you don’t just put 2 great actors together and not have them ogle swoon at the sight of each other ;P. But I guess you don’t get to have it all, suppose a So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin pairing (in upcoming Hong Sis project) would suffice for now.

The trio came together to grace W Korea magazine a while, and I love Love LOVE it! It’s chic weird all the way, but has a classy avant garde feel to it. Gong Hyo Jin is a regular and a pro but YJM and PHI? They’re totally whack together and oozing with comical but manly charisma. I dunno if I can handle such crazy siblings, but if they come in a package of the trio, it may just be my dream come true <33


Some more Park Hae Il for VOGUE: –


credits: photos as tagged / krdrama.com


3 thoughts on “Pictorial Time: Aging Family Cast Rogues up W and VOGUE”

  1. Wowww. It’s unique
    The background with kitchen in the background? And their pose is quirky but elegant and they can mix the theme. I reaaly sad about what happen at the end of the world
    They work hard but it seems so little who appreciate it.

    Ott. Have you heard about so ji sub on a homg sister drama. For me ot’s jaw dropping

    Finally he tried to do a comedy
    I don’t if it suit him though lol

    1. Yeap, just heard about it today. I still have softie spot for the Hong Sis, I hope they’ll be able to regain their DGCH and MG glory (the last I’d truly loved about them).

      And So Ji Sub comedy, that needs some getting used to. But apparently he’d done comedy exclusively before, way before WHIB, so this might be his return to his “roots”. lol

  2. Lol sorry for mispell words and uncompleted sentence. I write in a phone so it’s abit hard to type properly lol

    About so ji sub in a rom com… I heard before he was ever did a comedy ?

    But it has been along time he is not doing it. I don’t know what’s make hong sister choose him? Lol…consider his acting performance as off late, I admit I doubt his ability to pull off a comedy. Ireallyhope he will get roles that require a lot of comedic moment. Finally he is doing something new.. And I’m glad he did.
    As for hong sister… I still has a soft spot for them. Surprisingly I liked big despitely it’s flaws, love the tone.
    I’m already excite when I know who will direct it. I love pd jin hyuk work so far sincebrilliant legacy. .

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