All About The Smile and Sweetness


All About My Romance should be renamed – All About The Smile or All About Shin Ha Kyun’s smile. Because if not for the man’s increasingly charming lovely deadly gorgeous and sincere smiles in this drama, this drama would have been binned a long time ago. This drama wouldn’t have been NOTHING. The romance wouldn’t have worked at all. At least for me (you know how much I love the man).

My knees and heart are weak before this man, and this especially so when he flashes that shy-ish genuine smile of his. It’s so Shin Ha Kyun, with the most earnest angelic and sincere warmth it almost doesn’t fit into the drama (it’s just too lovely sugary sweet). Reminds me too much of the real man himself. I came in thinking Kim Soo Young would be a dead-ringer repetition of Brain’s Lee Kang Hoon, and while they do share the same confidence and similar screaming habits, they are vastly different when it comes to dealing with their inner feelings and affections for the people they love. Brain had him treating the woman he loved like crap (yes literally like crap). But in AMMR? Gosh, can I have my own Kim Soo Young please? Or rather, can I be Min Young instead?:P

The sweetness doesn’t stop here, it must be a trend in dramas nowadays, that the guy must be sweet and attentive and thoughtful while the girl acts all oblivious of their own feelings.

Another sweetie pie, check.

Chan Woo

Chan Woo oppppaaaaa, I LUB YOU SOOO! <333 Ain’t he the sweetest cutiepie ever? The most considerate and loving older bro to the Shin sisters in the family? I don’t see how Yoo Shin can withstand the hotness and sweetness mixed into one charging at her, the sincerity and longing eyes of Chan Woo, the way he looks at her, the way he always gives in to her and tolerates her. I don’t get what he sees in her TBH, because she ain’t exactly the nicest or even prettiest of the bunch. But cos they’re so cute and freaking adorable together, and cos she’s acted by the adorable Yoo In Na, I’m shipping them mad crazy. Go Joo Won has never been hotter (MS really does wonders to the guys) and though he has never been really impressive or good acting wise, he’s struck gold with this character, which fits him to a tee. <33

[Chan Woo Swoon Meter: High Through The Roof]

You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin‘s just okay so far. The actors are doing fine though not particularly exceptionally good (save for Go Doo Shim who’s amazing). IU’s surprisingly quite competent and spot on as the country bumpkin Soon Shin, and does not annoy as much as other whiny spineless K-drama heroines. Jo Jung Seok has moments of gold but has awkward uncomfortable moments that me cringe all the same. He’s a good actor but somehow the character Jun Ho just doesn’t come across as smooth or convincing as expected. Maybe it’s the drama format, I think he’s more  befitting of a stage and film actor rather than a drama one? Or perhaps it’s the character which I’m not buying into so much?

Or maybe, I’m just indulging in too much sweetness these days. More Chan Woo- Yoo Shin scenes do not hurt. MOAR PLEASE!


And last but not least, the sweetest of all.


Watched one episode of Like a Fairy Tale and fell in love immediately. It’s sort of like your typical guy meets girl and fall in love type of drama, but the breezy and soothing tone make it a more realistic and warm viewing experience. It’s void of most glossy K-drama brushes and tones, no over-exaggeration of tropes and cliches, and has 2 charming leads to make the show a lovely watch. Lee Chun Hee‘s as convincing as the flustered boy in love Myung Je as you expect him to be, he’s so natural at it, so comfortable in it. Choi Yun Young as Jang Mi, obviously not as up to par, but isn’t doing anything bad either. They both have lovely chemistry together, and the sweetness flows gradually and not just at your face right of the bat.

Having seen Lee Chun Hee in CITC, knowing how ferocious and intense he can be, this is a sweet delight. Flustered boy IS LOVE <333

[Myung Jae Swoon Meter: High Through The Roof]

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6 thoughts on “All About The Smile and Sweetness”

  1. Fell in love with Lee Chun Hee while viewing “Take Care of Us Captain!” Had never seen or heard of him before. Of course now that has been remedied!

    1. Lee Chun Hee’s awesome, one of the most versatile actors in Korea. Can do cute silly dark intense anything. Forget about Take Care of Us Captain, you must watch this and Conspiracy in the Court (THIS!).

  2. I don’t know if you’ve seen “Take Care of Us Captain,” but there is a scene with the little girl when he arrives drunk and she proceeds to examine him. It is such a great scene. I will never forget it. I remember asking myself, “Who is this guy? He has chops!” Will watch Like a Fairy Tale and Conspiracy in the Court. Thanks for the recommendation. I forgot I also saw him in Kim Ki-duk’s “Beautiful!” He played a psycho! He is extremely versatile!

    1. No I haven’t, happen to have a link or YT to that scene? I’d love to see it.

      LCH has acted in a lot of dramas, as main and supporting, and he never fails to steal scenes. Too bad I couldn’t stomach some of the dramas he’d acted in, hopefully his new one Cyrano Agency will be good. 😉

    1. Hei sim, sorry for the ultra late reply. Got some changes in plans (mostly related to the ppl I’m travelling with), will email you soon.

      The more sharing of SHK love, the better. The man can never have enough <33

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