Nom nom nom May


Yess yummy yum!

I need me delicious stuff, bring me back Mawang glory days and I be OK with the Bad Guy-stache Kim Nam Gil‘s sporting. I dig the man hot and sexy but he reminds me too much of his character image in Bad Guy, and reminding me of Bad Guy ain’t a good thing (considering the migraine it’d given me, the effin ending!). He’s lucky I find him so utterly attractive I can overlook. He’s also lucky because this is the cream of crop team of revenge thrillers.

And forever angelic goddess Son Ye Jin, can anything go wrong from here? I sincerely pray and hope not. Everything is just perfect on the front!




No Jo Han Seon anymore it seems, but it’s Jung Kyung Ho I’m looking forward to Heartless City for. Cops, undercovers and gangs, bring them all on!

At least this is jTBC we’re talking about.

Keeping my fingers crossed for 27th May 2013!

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6 thoughts on “Nom nom nom May”

  1. Ah, looking forward to Shark too. I miss Son Ye Jin being dark and moody like how she was in Open City (now that’s how you portray a femme fatale). The last time I watched her on the small screen was Personal Taste, and I had to make myself watch it, just for the sake of my shallowness, so that I ogled at Lee Min Ho….it was a terrible drama.
    I don’t know how I feel about Kim Nam Gil “kinda doing” his Bad Guy role again, but hey, if Shark can be as great as Mawang was, I am in.

    I really love Jung Kyung Ho, and I know he can do cop, undercover and all that because he was great in Time B/T Dog and Wolf. It was difficult for me to ship Nam Sang Mi with Lee Jun Ki, because JKH was so great in that role. And I adored him in Smile, You too. Who Knew he had such comedic talents?
    But the one iffy that is going to stop me from enjoying Heartless City is Nam Gyu Ri. I cannot for the life of me, like her. She looks plastic-ish and seems to always play the damsel in distress or third wheel role, so I don’t know how am I going to like her. But hey, after watching JOJ, I have been thinking about giving chances to actresses that I didn’t like in the past.
    I am a fan of Kim Tae Hee now, after not liking her in any of her past projects, JOJ did the trick.
    So here is hoping that Nam Gyu Ri can do the same for me.
    Hey, BTW, not to going off topic again…are you still watching JOJ? what are your thoughts about it now?

    1. Son Ye Jin is a darling, and I’ve loved her since Alone In Love, have you seen that one? It’s one of her very best performances to date and none of her recent have come close. Strangely I didn’t like Open City at all, though it also starred one of my fav Kim Myung Min, found the execution slow and the story not very engaging. And if I may, didn’t really find Son Ye Jin particularly convincing as a femme fatale hehe. Each to his/her own.

      The Shark teaser is out, seen it?

      YESS on Jung Kyung Ho, I totally loved his character in TBDAW. A darker version of his character in MISA. I saw bits and pieces of Smile You too and found him an adorable way. heheeh.. that was probably the only drama in which I found Lee Min Jung likeable. I’m on neutral stance when it comes to Nam Gyu Ri, because TBH she didn’t bug me as much as I thought she would in 49 days, despite her plastic doll face. I think she can do spunky okay, hopefully her character will be meaty enough for us to give her a benefit of a doubt.

      Think Kim Tae Hee, and think Jang Ok Jung. How big a difference the actress was from before? XD

  2. Those teasers are interesting. I was too curious but now I wish I hadn’t.

    Shark looks GOOOOOD!!
    I want to be what Bad Guy couldn’t be, but at the same time, Bad Guy will always retain a certain magic for me,even though it died a tragic death at the hands of a silly broadcaster and screenwriter. The directing, the mood, the aesthetic, KNG’s look early on in the series and the musiiiiicc! Oh God!

    Undercover on the other hand…
    Um. 75% of my wanting to watch this for my Hanseon-oppa! Another 15% for its premise (will Korea ever make their own version of Infernal Affairs — and yet make it their own a la last year’s Japanese attempt – the PHENOMENAL Double Face?) — aaaand about 10% for Jung Kyung-ho.

    I’m a bit turned off by the teasers, I was hoping Nam Gyuri would be like what Lee Yeon-hee was in Phantom last year — a random background prop. Alas no, and the utter blasphemy of the WKW references, I see shades of both In the Mood for Love and Days of Being Wild.

    But one good thing that’s come of it; Jung Kyung-ho looking dapper. Yum. I missed him being all smouldery and smexies like that in Ja Myung-go. I would raise that 10% to around 80% now LOL.

    But still… Why did Hanseon-oppa abandon me like that? Was SOOO looking forward to seeing him! 😦

    1. Ahhh, did I tempt you into it? XDD I knew you couldn’t resist the Kim Nam Gil <33

      I sorta had the same sentiments when watching BG then. I really liked the tone, the music was fantastic, and even some of the sub-plots intrigued me (KNG and Oh Yeon Soo scenes were HOT!). But the last few episodes ruined EVERYTHING. My gosh it was one of the worst ways for drama to die such a horrible death, drama ended up becoming Bad Drama :X

      I really really hope Shark can live up to my expectations. It's the Resurrection/Mawang team, I cannot accept anything less than the former 2.

      cr. tumblr owners/

      As for Heartless City, I don't mind the teasers despite the WKW references. Don't think drama will be shot that way any way, my expectations are not very high as I don't know who the PD and writer are. The only ray of hope for this to be at least decent is that it's airing on jTBC, and also mah Jung Kyung Ho love <33 And Nam Gyu Ri, I actually think she can do better than LYH? Her character is quite pivotal to the storyline (in fact quite the centric one from the initial plot it seems) so I don't think we'll get to see her do flower vase. hehe..

  3. Kim Nam Gil is rocking it out in Shark.. Revenge is ON and the scenes are intense as well as the lead’s acting. I don’t see a drama wonderfully casted like this in a long time.

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