GFB love


You probably won’t believe me, you’ll probably go huh, and you’ll probably condemn my taste.

But yes oh yes, this is so true. So very true.

That I AM insanely addicted to and in love with GFB, way against the better judgement of mine. Way against rational control. I love it even more than Jang Ok Jeong, who is admittedly far more superior in terms of quality of production and acting overall. I’ve been pondering for quite some weeks now. And I came to a silly conclusion that it may very well be the case of my blindsided and biased love for Seung Gi and my inability to NOT love him. In any and every role he plays (regardless of his skill). Whether he’s playing brat silly harsh rude cute, you name it. I just cannot, in any way, control my gushing urge of wanting to touch my screen. I just want to pinch him.


The thing about GFB is that, quality wise, it’s nothing more than a typical and cliched framed Korean drama. You talk about substance and plot, stuff’s pretty much skin deep and superficial. Realism, that’s definitely out of the question. Acting, nobody in the drama is blowing minds or breaking grounds (though Lee Yoo Bi is showing immense potential in sageuk genre). Yet, this drama still manages to hook me, it gets to every nook and corner of my heart, and it makes me feel gushes and gamut of emotions. I cried, laughed and ached. The characters, their interactions, most of which involve Kang Chi, Chung Jo and Yeo Wool, they get to me every single time. It’s like there’s this invisible hook connecting me with the characters in the show. Nothing is superior or stellar in this show, but it’s emotionally engaging and addictive to a point that it makes me feel and care. For the characters, the things that happen to them, and more importantly, their emotional experiences. I’ve even resorted to accepting the drama for what it is on the front, despite its shallowness and lack in subtlety.

Unlike a lot of dramas that I’ve liked and loved from the get go and which love had waned and dwindled along with time, my feelings about GFB had gone from MEH -> OK -> Like -> Love -> Addiction. It took a few eps for everything to sink in, that I’m in this for the long haul, that I cannot pull myself out anymore (assuming that it continues to be just as how it’s been for the past 4 eps). They say that sometimes when the heart takes over, even your brain can’t rationalise it.


What I love about GFB (from my own subjective point of view), is that it gives Kang Chi and the people around him importance to his existence as a human and/or a beast. The drama does not only focus on his journey, but also zeroes in on the people who perceives him to be someone or something that he thinks he isn’t. They may seem relative, but their presence in Kang Chi’s life make him more than what he is. These people,  particularly Chung Jo and Yeo Wool, gives him better ground of control and motivates him to make choices. Choices that he never thought he could have from the get go. Chung Jo pushes him to make the right choices grounded on rationale while Yeo Wool motivates him by her offer of friendship and comradeship. I find their relationship with Kang Chi equally beautiful and endearing, in different ways and levels. And more than anything, emotionally gratifying. Their interactions and scenes are so delicately carved out that even the lacking in the actors’ performances can be overlooked.

It’s a commonplace in Korean dramas to have the usual love triangle or rivalry to spice up the plot, but it’s rare to have one root for the guy and 2 different girls. It’s always the main girl/female lead (here Suzy) or none. In some cases, ppl root for the other girl but know they will never be one(because guy will always be in love with main girl). This is my first in a very long time, that I’m actually rooting for Kang Chi with both Chung Jo and Yeo Wool (not that there will be ever be a win-win situation, because I know I’ll feel awful for one girl for sure). Not just because Seung Gi has amazingly palpable chemistry with both girls, but also because of what his character’s been through with both girls, who love him unconditionally and who happen to be awesome individuals in their own ways. Chung Jo is feisty and opinionated, but sensitive and thoughtful given her circumstances. Though she may have been drained by self-loathing, you could still sense her fighting strength and perseverance. Yeo Wool, on the other hand, is righteous and kind, and tries to make and think the best of everyone before jumping to conclusions (yeah Gon you!). And how many times has she saved Kang Chi? Think that. 2 awesome ladies, how lucky a man Kang Chi is?

I’m not gonna debate as to who Kang Chi loves because it’s somehow a moot point. We all know he will end up with Yeo Wool (because Suzy is lead). But I do not believe what he’d been thru with Chung Jo was mere pity and first love crushing. Their scenes have been etched too deeply and memorably in my heart that they cannot just be a passing cloud of affection. What I don’t want from writer, please please do not ruin Chung Jo to make way for the OTP. Please.


To the contrary of many who do not think Seung Gi has what it takes to become an actor, I’ve always had a different opinion. I’ve always taken his side when it comes to acting because for some reason, albeit his tendencies to over-punctuate and his lack of reign on his unbridled emotions, he’s always able to get me into a whirlpool of emotions, no matter what they are. My bias is of course part of the reason, but there’s always a sense of warmth and sincerity in his conveyance of emotions, that deters me from cursing or cringing of my TV screen. Only a few actors are able to do that to me (Shin Ha Kyun, Ha Jung Woo and Kang Dong Won to name a few and they are way better actors than Seung Gi), but Seung Gi, he’s just special, different. I can’t seem to not LOVE him. Tell me it’s an unhealthy obsession.

While Lee Yoo Bi is running away with a lot of scenes in the show (I think she’s really impressive in her first sageuk, has poise and does the speech pretty well), Seung Gi and Suzy manage pretty okay themselves (if you disregard their major fail in sageuk speech). There were scenes in which Seung Gi’d managed to show restraint and make me cry a baby, there were scenes in which Suzy’d managed to do more than required. The point I want to make is that, they may not have packed major punches, but in certain scenes, when everything was set and put into motion, they’d managed to immerse themselves into their characters and sell those scenes with more conviction than usual. In those scenes they made me care and feel for them. Take for instance this scene:-


This scene was my favourite scene from Ep 9, and possibly my favouritest out of the entire 10 eps which have aired. My heartstrings tugged immensely when watching Yeo Wool approach beastly Kang Chi with fear and guard and without a single concern of her own safety. I cannot not acknowledge the level of concern and affection she has for somebody who might not return her love, and who might who knows one day, chow her down. I know it looks cheesy, but I cannot cast away the endearing feeling of love and compassion shown by Yeo Wool, which comforted and tamed Kang Chi to a certain point. I loved that their dynamics changed from that point onwards and that now at least he had one person who could reach out to him in times of need. A person who could understand his position and where he came from. The beauty in their relationship stems from Yeo Wool’s sacrificial gesture and act of support for Kang Chi, and the very fact that she doesn’t expect or want anything from him. She cares for him and tries to bring out the best in him, she goes miles for him. How is it possible not to love such a heroine? Both Seung Gi and Suzy nailed this scene spot on, with the right grip of emotions, no more no less. Scenes like this make up for everything lacking. The right time and moment for the characters to breathe.

I initially thought Kang Chi’s discovery of Yeo Wool’s gender change the course of things for me (like YAY finally Kang Chi and see Yeo Wool as a girl and go court her or something), and while it did for the characters in the drama (as predicted), I found myself even more affected by the possibility that their friendship and comradeship will change for the worst. They’ve forged such a comfortable and lovely friendship that it will be sad to see their growing love for each other change everything. Chung Jo is a factor, Yeo Wool’s dad is a factor, Jo Gwan Woong, arrhhhh… I already smell an overload of melodrama coming our way.

I dunno where drama will go from here, how writer will pave way for Chung Jo to leave the triangle, how drama will deal with the Gu Family Book and so on. I’ve heard rumors of Kang Chi’s parents returning but I’m slightly turned off by that piece because I have a feeling it will take the focus away from Kang Chi’s journey. I can only hope that drama keeps hooking me the way it’s been the past few eps, I am not going to ask for more.

And more Kang-Jo and Kang-Dam please! <33

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10 thoughts on “GFB love”

  1. You took the words from my mouth, especially this one: my feelings about GFB had gone from MEH -> OK -> Like -> Love -> Addiction.

    And I can’t choose either, I love both Chung Jo and Yeo Wool…graaa…. Monday Juseyo!!

    1. I hope drama doesn’t drop too much makjang or dramatic stuff just to boost ratings. Though the romance is important, I still think Kang Chi’s self-discovery as human/beast and self-worth should be equally emphasised. Frankly he hasn’t been very worried about that, or about Chung Jo or her mom in recent episodes, not that I want him to be angry or sad all the time (him being all cute and cheeky makes me kyaaaa<33 ) but he needs to have a plan or something?

  2. Someone directed me here, and I really love what you wrote about appreciating both the characters with Kang Chi. This drama was one I expected to just read recaps of – and eventually watch a couple of scenes I find interesting. What I didnt expect – was to be so totally addicted to it, to a point that I really anticipate mondays just to see what happens next.

    I love Kang Chi’s character, and although I feel LSG needs to restrain a little, I find his portrayal utterly endearing. He is also my major bias along with Ming Dao and I can’t possibly find him bad in anything he does; even if its against my better judgement.

    But maybe its because I know the other half of the OTP is Yeo Wool, but I havent quite hopped on the Chung Jo ship yet. I dont think I will, because as much as I find her to be a well written character, I find her too weak to be with someone like Kang Chi. Yeo Wool is understanding, patient, endearing and self-less; but more so, I feel in this span of short time, she has grown to understand Kang Chi very well. She knows what the thinks, how he feels, and it seems like she has a grip on even his beastly side. He listens to her (in both his forms) because she gets through him in a way no one else can… The friendship they’ve formed is heart warming, and I love that he is able to talk to her about his insecurities and problems (as shown in the preview of ep 11). I think both the girls love him equally, but I feel the right person for him is Yeo Wool, even if I adore Chung Jo too.

    1. Thanks for the comment, very sweet of you.

      SG does have his bouts of OTT, every single facial muscle of his is put out there whenever he emotes hehe. But sometimes love and bias can’t be explained huh? You just cannot help it hehe (* I used to love love love MD too back during his Prince Turn Into Frog days, but his post projects after that were not as good)

      I think Chung Jo is stronger and tougher than she thinks. But given her circumstances and the never-ending strain on her pride, weakening is inevitable. The awesome thing about her however is that she tries to adapt (so much better than Seo Hwa in the beginning) and doesn’t beg for Kang Chi to help her. It may have a lot to do with her self-loathing of her current situation and that she may not be good enough for him, but I see it as her self-sacrificial gesture to allow KC to go his way and not dwell on her anymore. That’s why it’s difficult for me to root for KC and YW totally and wholeheartedly, because CJ has been part of his life for so long, has been and is someone so dear to him. It could be quite a delicate issue to deal with, if KC falls for YW for real.

      Love your comment about YW, you couldn’t have said it better, she’s awesome from A to E. Kang Chi doesn’t deserve the girl yet, might have to work a lil harder eh? hehee..

    2. LOL, he does. But I think his over activeness (if you can call it that) makes Kang Chi very endearing and adorable. LSG breathes life into the character, but I think its mostly the smile. One of those, and I’m a goner haha! As for MD – I know exactly what you mean. I havent been a fan of his shows, more than I have of his acting. He’s improved immensely since PTF. His upcoming show with Liu Shi Shi is one I’m so looking forward to. He’s been my bias forever – no matter what I do, can’t let go; so I just succumbed haha.

      I hated SH. She was seriously twisted in her thinking. Chung Jo is a way better version of her. I completely agree with you regarding her hopeless situation. It’s difficult to lose your parents, lifestyle, pride and everything you’ve ever had in a blink of an eye. I think she’s actually very strong given all she had to endure. I didn’t elaborate, but I feel CJ is too weak to be with a half beast like Kang Chi. She’s a simple girl who’s trying to fight for her family’s name. There’s a certain strength one needs in order to support KC’s quest; someone who has no obligations and who selflessly loves and expects nothing in return. I feel CJ isn’t that person. She has responsibilities, towards her deceased parents, her brother and more importantly, herself. But I completely agree. Kang Chi and Chung Jo have deep history; one that can’t be erased by another. She is his first love and he’d die protecting her.

      It’s a thin line he’s walking in. He truly loves CJ, but YW’s selfless dedication and friendship will eventually rock his boat. She is such a good heroine and some extreme melo romance would do us no harm 😉 I do love LSG with his emotional scenes… and now I feel sadistic in wanting my baby KC to try rivers! Hahaha

      1. Seung Gi smiles are deadly, I literally paused/stopped the scene (the one at the very top of my post) because I was hyperventilating squeee-ing like mad, could.not.stop. How does Suzy manage to keep her calm and put a straight face in front of the cutiepie puppy?

        I get your point about CJ being heavily burdened with responsibilities to be able to keep KC in check. He’s not even capable of controlling his powers, how can he command the trust of others. What he needs is definitely someone who can/is willing accept or rather, has already accepted him for who he is, and not what he is. YW’s encouragement and support definitely make things easier for him.

        I’m a tad worried about that thin line you’ve mentioned. Either way he could be branded a “playboy” with his wavering feelings coming into play. Hopefully writer can do something to lessen things to that effect.

        And hell yes to Seung Gi crying and bawling, remember K2H? But I’m not so much for manufactured angst. Just let em’ flow baby, let em flow. 😉

  3. Hey Ripgal,

    I am one who also share the incurable addiction to Lee Seung Gi~~~ haha~

    And I just love his expressive eyes and voice and that sincerity of himself that oozes out in everything he does~!

    My favourite scene out of the episodes is also the very scene you mentioned in Ep 9. It’s terrific and magical!

    I also feel that lots and LOTS of melodrama is coming soon and honestly, I am a little sad for KC and I hate to see Seung Gi cry… (though his crying is SO GOOD and beautiful~…)

    Can’t wait for tonight’s ep~!!! ❤

    1. A Seung Gi fan just from your nic name! hehehe..

      My fav expression of SG is when he cries. He may not be as refined or controlled as other actors, but whenever he cries, he cries with his heart. You can see it, you can feel his emotions pouring out like rain.

      My dream is to see him take on a cool-ish dark villain role (doubt whether it’ll happen given his image) one day.

      1. darker villain image.. i second that, i do remember he mocked bong gu, and call him “bong Gu”, very satisfying indeed.

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