Boy no more?


PU(_$#)+)#I+)*U+#(+@_(+_)#+U#)(@+,  how can it possibly be? You can tell I’m trying to contain my hyperventilated swoons and non stop perv salivating. I am so not going crazy over a BOY a decade more younger than I am? I am so not! I want to go back to days when I’d just look at teen boys and go all ahhh lovey crushey on them, not think on the wrong side of my head. It’s wrong so wrong. Forgive me, oh please forgive me.

16 year old Yeo Jin Gu is no stranger to everyone, young old boy and esp girl noonas like myself. I wouldn’t be lying if I told you I don’t have a crush on this boy, because it’s so much more than just, a crush. It’s full blown admiration attraction noona love (can’t help it).  I sorta went from loving awwww cute adorable young Kang Mo from Giant few years back to going gaga over this grown up manchild kid actor. Super duper weird transition, but I believe I am not the only one.

Boy Jin Gu?


Man Jin Gu.


Tell me, how can one have such a perfect statuesque side profile? Please switch on the fan!

Pretty boy plays a killer Hua Yi upcoming film named after him.  Not the best kind of person eh, kid assassin? But you don’t mess with YJG because when he steps into the shoes of one, he’d probably come off looking more convincing than So Ji Sub. And nobody messes with So Ji Sub because who else epitomises a killer’s sexiness and glare more convincing as So Ji Sub (if you remember his Mr. Flower MV and Rough Cut)? Too bad SJS’s stuck playing the same type all over and over again while I can only see YJG do better and better hehehe.

Just look at our very own Hwa Yi below, don’t you already feel what he’s feeling? The struggle, the fear of pulling the trigger for the very first time? And the tears (on let noona give you a teddy bear hug there!)?

YJG Hua Yi

I am very hopeful about this film, not just because YJG is the main player. But it also stars 5 charismatic actors as his killer daddies (his trainers or something) and to name a few, Kim Yun Seok and Jang Hyun Seung. Either one can eat you alive just with their eyes. All of them combined, I just can’t. Expect me to sit tight and watch this without going all fidgety over the overflowing hotness? Yeah right.

YJG Hua Yi2

And not only does boy assassin have 5 cool daddies, he also has a love interest, a long time friend Nam Ji Hyun from Giant days!


Momma, can I have this like NOW?!

credits: JANUS / 吕珍九中文网 / YJG baidu / weibo


8 thoughts on “Boy no more?”

    1. Oh yes, creepy noonas are scary when dirty things fill our heads. lol I feel bad for YJG who has to deal with so many of us.

    1. Ain’t he growing up fine? Some ppl have been commenting on his height (that he’s not tall enough and is growing sideways lol), but I lub him any other way. Manly looks but sooooo friggin adorable and shy. ;P

  1. the day i looked up an actor’s age and gasped in horror was the day i learned: me = dinosaur. *sob* yeo jin-gu, could you love a dinosaur? i ain’t thaaaat wrinkly yet… kinda.

    1. Oh no please don’t say that hehhe. We are all welcome to love him, I’m pretty sure we are all noonas to him <333

      But just to let you know, I noticed this boy when he looked like this: –


    1. Your buddy and I need a safety net, it’ll be pounce and devour when we see him LOL or maybe it’ll be the other way round, we’ll be dead by the time XD

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