Variety Plate


Ahhh, kids kids KIDS! They always make me go gooey awwwwy lovey dovey whatever that means, warm me cockles of my heart, I can’t even look at them at not break into wide blushy smiles. Even crybabies, they make me wanna hug them squish them and tuck them into embrace (Min Guk there you go!). I’m such a softie at heart. I really am. I really am a no go, a loser when it comes to a contest with kids, younglings nowadays that can even be more shockingly adult the adult us. What gives huh.

I’ve been onto a variety of stuff lately, here’s a rundown of my latest being:-

1. Appa, Odiga? aka Dad, Where Are You Going?

This show is going to kill me with the immense of cuteness and silliness. It’s been the most delectable delight of cute and hilarious I’ve seen ever since Qualifications of Men. Those kids are not human, they are soooo NOT human LOL I’m over-reacting but I’ must have been hiding in a shell this long to not know kids are this smart and clever and initiative? They literally communicate and interact with people (no, not just their daddies, who apparently can be as kiddy as they are) as if they’re equals (not like they aren’t but like WOAH). Must be because I was a introvert baby, my parents never told me I was as bubbly or inquisitive.

But oh yes this show is super duper uber endless lovely and CUTE. The kids are amazingly smart, lovely and unique in their very own ways. At the oldest of 9 and youngest of 6, they’re all a ball of energy and vigor (well they should be) in their own, not failing to make me go awwwwwwwwww and smile laugh like a stupid loon. Of course there are awkward moments, parts that make you go SHIT, why WHINE? WHY CRY?!! and stuff that make you rethink your part as an adult LOL but I sincerely honestly believe that’s what kids are like, that they’re allowed to do that, that whatever they do, you put them on a lighter scale and I will never find it hard to forgive.

It warms my heart so much to see the kids interact with their dads, some in ways that you’d never think you could so with your dad. lol I think all of them are different in their ways of teaching and disciplining, and you could see some showering more affection and love than so required (not that kids do not deserve the showering of love but there has got to be a limit and certain level of discipline). Mine back when I was a kid was more similar to Sung Joon and his dad, a bit of scaredy one because he was more so strict and principled. But in certain ways, dad just didn’t have the energy to bother lol In one particular scene, Joon had to wake daddy who overslept.. and I just laughed and laughed and laughed, because Sung Dong Il reminded me so much of my own who’d just sleep over anything and ANYTHING.

I hate to do favourites because they’re just kids, why choose?!! But I just cannot but hail my slight teeeny weeeny bit favouring for Yoon Hoo!


The rest of the kids are as lovely and playful there is noone and nothing to not adore about them. Min Guk is protective elder bro with a teeny weeny whiny/crying problem (but that I can take), Joon quite coolish but can be playful when he wants to, Ji Ah the daddy’s little angel who gets along well with her oppas, and 3D Jun Soo who is just as hilarious as his dad Lee Jong HOT. But my ultraaaa fav is none other than the incessantly talkative, smart, aware and ultra thoughtful Yoon Hoo who is just abounds of LOVE. I dunno about others but he just gets to me every single time, almost running out of words because he’s just soooooo perfect in the kiddies world. Love it when he’s all caring and protective of his crush Ji Ah (awwww <3333), he nearly made me tear up for willing to trade places with Min Guk in the very first ep (way to go for his righteousness!) and whenever he says something, I’m almost willing to believe his parts are scripted, because he really does says the smartest stuff!

Such a delicious scoop of fluff and wonder, these kids. And their appas too!

2. Nine x Travel all DONE!

Sun Woo Message

I had an epiphany a few days ago after finishing Nine. I sprung up from my seat and jumped in joy, in glee and in happiness. I had a sense of satisfaction, and overflow of  gratification, the same feeling of pleasure I’d felt from watching the finale of The End of The World. It’s inexplicably lovely and moving. And more than anything, fulfilling. Nine’s conclusion left me puzzled muddled and confused. That was my first reaction. It’s the kind of ending that warranted endless discussion and analyses, the kind of the ending that made you wish drama had explained things a little bit more and clearer. The kind of ending that didn’t seem like an ending, but more of an opening to new journeys ahead. I did myself a great favour by reading the comments on Soompi and HOLA, I got even more confused. A lot of the interpretations made sense and yet I can’t pin-point one that I’m truly inclined to accept as the perfect conclusion.

Then I realised that I’d totally missed the point. Altogether.

Nine, was never really about the time travelling, the changing of history and second chances. It was never really about the love story between Sun Woo and Min Young, never about their determination and will in their yearning for each other. And definitely not about fate and how it decides whether they’re meant for each other (given that they’re so connected to each other in so many ways, in the past and present, be it changed by time-travelling Sun Woo or not). It was always about Sun Woo’s journey of life. Sun Woo’s lesson learned, in that everything and everyone NOW should be taken close to heart and treasured. That one should never take others for granted.

This drama was never perfect or even logical in its execution and reasoning, some parts bored me some parts confused me to no end, but I sat through till the very end, with almost assured confidence that the writer will never again repeat what she’d done to QIHM’s ending. And thankfully I was very much satisfied with how things had ended for Sun Woo and everyone else in drama. I never really did think writer could wrap everything up perfectly, nevertheless it was somewhat fulfilling and good enough for me. The notion of willing and subjecting life to your own decisions and determination regardless of circumstancial factors (e.g. the time travel) was a good touch by writer, as if she was telling us viewers indirectly that regardless of things which we presume to be fated or decided, things can be taken into our hands if we are willing to take that first step.

I’m not going to go into the cause and affect, cyclical effect stuff, for the fear I might even confuse myself even more, but I’d like to commend writer for having penned such an enriching and thoughtful person out of Sun Woo, and for having conveyed such a strong message of self-discovery of worth and life lessons to be learned thruout the drama. While watching I was never THAT invested in the OTP as much as I had been with the QIHM couple, not because they had lesser chemistry or anything (they were in fact a pretty cute couple), but because Sun Woo was always the one to look out for, his actions, decisions and how they’re taken and made out of thought for the people around him. His ultimate goals were always to make others happy, and never for once had he hesitated for the sake of his own.

Sun Woo’s message to the viewers at the very end, I found it very meaningful and apt for the drama. I know many had expected a better closure with more detailed explanation (so did I), but I found the closure hopeful touched with a positive outlook. No mention of the other characters and what went on with their lives, nothing about whether Sun Woo or Min Young had actually ended up together. When I look back, there were definitely regrets, things that could have been executed or explained better, but ultimately, it’s all about choices that you make, and the people that you care for and treasure to heart. Even if the time travelling failed, at least it succeeded in making Sun Woo more than just a caricature.

3. Special Investigation Team TEN 2


5 eps and not so bad. Obviously I had low expectations because the former TEN2 wasn’t really an even journey from beginning to end, with the first few eps blowing minds and the latter half waning down due to some bits of uninspiring writing. TEN2 begins with an equally intriguing approach into what’d bothered us and also piqued our interest in Season 1 – Yeo Ji Hoon and his emotional pursuit of the culprit who’d ruined his life. The whole meshing and blending of cases into one, linking of clues into a bigger picture, everything is done quite decently, with no room or time for questions. I have to admit it’s quite a brilliant touch from the writer. Of course we do not get the exact answer that we want (that I blame on writer wanting to create a sense of mystery or hook for a 3rd season?), but I’m kinda okay with it.. IMO YJH’s personal issues make the cases more interesting and intriguing, the way he solves them with his somewhat misguided views on how culprits work and operate. I think that when he really moves on for good, the show’s done.

I’m not totally hooked but am still very much intrigued. By the clouding mystery surrounding YJH, by how he tries to reconciles himself with his team, no matter how awkward and difficult it is to him.This season seems to focus a bit more on the characters and their relationship with Yeo Ji Hoon, and that is always welcome. He needs a chinggu, you know someone whom he can really talk to for reals? And what better than his team of TEN2? 12 eps didn’t help last season, what about this time neh drama? I don’t need him to be all warm and chit-chatty, but I kinda want him to be more than just the icy cool and introverted Yeo Ji Hoon. I want him to talk to someone without the guise of the cool monster image and the gauge of someone potentially opening up his heart.

So far show’s as good as I want it to be, but can be better with more solid writing and execution. The cases (2nd and 3rd) are resolved quite blandly so (or rather, without much originality or creativity, that I was hoping from Season 2), but the mystery of YJH’s mind and heart still intrigues me and makes the show a better watch. If anything, I like it more than Season 1. A lot more.

4. Monstar


Done before.

Think You’re Beautiful, BOF, Heartstrings and To The Beautiful You. Monstar is formed!

Cool guy, quirky righteous girl, bullies and boy bands. But difference is that the actors really sing in the drama? Not all that original either, but at least nothing’s fine-tuned to look real. Direction’s pretty good and breezy, reminds me a tad of Answer Me 1997 tone and vibe.

And what else? Hmmmm… main guy Jun Hyeong has sexay eyes (can do cool but NOT awkward cute out of nowhere), main girl sings with decent effort but cannot act to get point across yet, the rest, nothing to even make an impression.

Now let’s see how long can “the cool guy hates girl but then falls in love out of nowhere or the other way round” last me. The last I remember, I lasted about 7 eps for TTBY.

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2 thoughts on “Variety Plate”

  1. I luv Daddy, Where are you going? as well. I think a big key to its success is that the kids and the dads mesh together so well. In the latest episode where the siblings came along, one sibling tells Yoon Hoo not to eat and pointed at his fat stomach.

    It made me realize how special the cast were, their personalities are such that they can get along. And they’re all so different from each other. The dads as well seem to like each other, the actor dudes are always chatting it up, but they all show some level of camaraderie (as well as competition).

    1. I’m only on wee eps and I already feel the loads of love from the appas to their kids, and vice versa. What better when the kids sometimes act like adults and protectors of their dads too… so sweet!

      I think the dads are all very cool people, and are OK when others take unintentional and hilarious jabs at them LOL the funniest for me right now is Joon and Min Guk’s dads, they’re like the silliest rivals ever, always poking fun and belitting each other LOL

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