Gonna miss the bod…err.. the Hood!


Sighs, I’m so gonna miss the slurpilicious yummilicious hunky fine specimen that is of Stephen Amell while the PD team works something out for Oliver Queen and his team in Season 2 of Arrow. Seriously, this man’s got the most unbelievable FINEST bod (and most dumstruck mindblowing exercise routine EVER!) I get all perv and itchy watching him err…take..cough..off..cough…his..clothes..and just start throwing charming electrifying gazes away. Why do all heroes have to be soooo efffin HOTSEXYCHARMING?!! Gah, I really do have to get a life.

But more than anyone and anything, it’s Oli I’m gonna miss big time. Current time Oli and island isolated Oli. ;(

Arrow‘s finale was freaking fantastic WHOA., one that I did not expect or see coming. TBVH this series isn’t the most quality or substantial I’ve seen, in fact quite predicable, somewhat cheesy, has cringeworthy lines and dialogues, the logic debatable (but a given since it’s based off a comic) etc. If I were to rate all the stuff dramas/series I’ve seen, Arrow in terms of overall production would be way down the list. But I got into it, continued watching, and somehow got hooked along the way. Despite the many banal cliches and superficiality, this series did have heart. The main character, Oliver, he had a heart that carried and made the series more watchable than expected. I loved watching him deal with issues and people around him (although I resented pretty much every single scene of his with Laurel), the way he balanced both his identities, and how he dealt with them when they stumbled and became  hindrance to the people who cared for him. His conflicting emotions when dealing with his family, the undertaking, his buddy Tommy..etc, it’s impossible for a human to realistically have the endurance and perseverance to hang on for so long, but yet his thought and concern for everyone and everything outweight that.

The ending to Season 1, it was powerful, emotional and gratifying despite the emptiness and dreariness  of what’s left of Starling City and its people. That final scene, I still get all goosebumps and teary all over thinking about it, the flow of a gamut of emotions, between the 2 characters, whatever that had transpired between them, the good bad and complicated. No doubt one of the best scenes of Season 1.


Now it’s all about the wait. AHHHHH, agonizing! ;(

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8 thoughts on “Gonna miss the bod…err.. the Hood!”

  1. I’ll admit to watching this too, and frankly I’m disappointed when an episode doesn’t open with him training topless. Sometimes they throw in a random topless scene in the middle and all is forgiven. But sometimes I’m just left hanging till the next one. 😦

    Laurel reminds me of Lana from Smallville (what is it with these comic book female leads and the overuse of Ls in their names?!) and I hope she’d be more tolerable next season.

    1. Haha, that’s how it works babe *swoons perv salivate together*! Have you finished the first Season yet?

      The premise of Laurel’s character is actually not too bad, righteous and opinionated, helpful and kickass. The big BUT is that the character or the actress overplays every single trait of hers, there’s no balance or moderation. It ticks me whenever she tries to assert her opinion on others because no matter how sound or legit her reasoning, she comes across annoying assertive and not persuasive. Or maybe deep down, I know she’ll get the guy and that…kinda bugs me LOL

  2. Yes I’ve finished Season 1. I’m a bit upset of the death of one bromance, but at least there’s still Diggle.

    I’m not that familiar with the comic storyline so I don’t know if her character has deviated from the comic. My problem with Laurel is consistency – she seems to flip flop between her emotions so quickly. One minute she’s angry with Oli, another she seems to be trying to mend fences, another she’s decided to date Tommy, and so on and so forth. It might be a bit easier for me to hate on Laurel than Oli, let’s face it.

    1. Truly upsetting, that’s why the ending was particularly strong and memorable, they are the OTP. Still get all teary when I think about it.

      I think for Laurel it’s a character writing problem lol writers needed to bring Laurel into the picture whenever they could because she didn’t really have much importance other than her being an old flame of Oli’s. And you’re spot on about my feelings too, Oli is pretty much in fault for Laurel’s swaying feelings.. but I just cannot hate him! The difference is prob because Oli comes across as more sincere while Laurel’s pretty much just “I did this that etc and I’ve been suffering etc” you get what I mean? It’s always others in the wrong for her.

  3. I dropped Arrow; Cult and also Beauty and the Beast after a few episodes. Now that you mentioned its finale is freaking fantastic, I wonder whether I should give Arrow another chance… hmmm

    1. Better not take my word for it, cos as my post suggested, it’s not a very well written nor executed series, prob more of my own acceptance of the mediocrity thanks to eye-candy Oli hehe..<33

      It was fantastic more on the sense of… how I didn't expect much from it and in the end it made me appreciate some lil things about it (mostly Oli's relationship with the ppl he loves). If you want good quality cases and stuff, nah.

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