Im Joo Hwan for SURE

Team Park Kyu!


Every time I see Im Joo Hwan, I think Park Kyu. Every time someone mentions his name, I think Park Kyu. I get flashbacks memories of all the wonderful things that came out of Tamra, The Island. I think he’s never gonna break away from that tag/label, ever EVER. One of the most memorable and impressionable characters to ever grace TV. I don’t think I can ever forget.

He’s back for SURE, and looks as handsome and adorable as ever. Totally making me want to check out his daily Ugly Alert, but ahhhh DAILY! 😦




Now that’s a perfect combo of handsome fine and cute! <333

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11 thoughts on “Im Joo Hwan for SURE”

  1. Defintely don’t think theres anything wrog with never living down a character that was so wildly adored. And fyi, I have a special method for dailies… FF, skip, skip, FF, skip, skip, skip.

      1. Yea with most dramas I wouldn’t dare do such a thing. Especially if its something you truly want to see (cheapens the experience), you know? But dailies and some family dramas have to be done that way, to see what you want, without wanting to slap someone or yourself. It’s a way to eat the meat and spit out the bones. Keeps me humble and less critical about silly things. Very liberating.

      2. I realise that works when I’m watching weekend dramas on TV, but not stuff that I download. The way I work, since I take time to DL, might as well just sit tight and watch it thru, no matter how excruciating.

        For you IJH, for you!

  2. Im Ju-hwan will forever mean Park Kyu to me as well. That character had so many great moments, and is one of the few that has stayed so strongly in my memory. Reminds me of Colin Firth and Darcy – he will always be Darcy to me on some level.

    As for Ugly Alert – I know, it’s a daily! (And that title – ugh.) But I watched the first two episodes and I really like it so far. It’s heartwarming, uplifting though there are also sad moments, and of course we’re headed toward the tragedy that will set up the central conflict of the drama. But it has a lot of warmth and the cast is great so far – we’re still in the childhood portion though, so I only glimpsed IJH for a few seconds in ep. 1 before we flashed back to the past. I don’t really have time to watch 5 near-40-minute episodes a week… but I can give up my sleep for this lovely, lovely man. I’m on this train until and unless it crashes. (Crossing my fingers that won’t happen!)

    Thanks for sharing the gorgeousness! And I like the new theme. 🙂

    1. Arhh that title is horrible, do you know what it means in the context of the drama? I mean, it has to relate to something or somebody right? Ugly Alert, I don’t even know what it means, can’t be IJH for sure lol

      OK it’s done, my resolve now is to give this a try until it crashes. Heartwarming and uplifting always get to me, see if that’ll last me long enough. Good luck to me.

      1. Well the title is 못난이 주의보, and from what I know, 못난이 literally means “badly born” – it’s officially translated as “ugly” but it’s got multiple meanings, like useless or unsuccessful. So I think it’s referring to the main character and his dad, who is not exactly in a great place in life at the beginning of the drama and remarries a woman who is above him in status – and her kids are NOT happy with the new undesirable family members. At least that’s what I get from 2 episodes (I realize I could be off).

        And yes, let’s hope it doesn’t crash, good luck to both of us! And to IJH.

      2. Thanks for the explanation, that sounds about right now. But still can’t get over how ugly it sounds in English. :/

      3. I think the title literally means “Watch out/caution, Fools ahead”. Because 못난=fool, 주의=caution. Imagine a GPS/Navigation device giving you a warning to drive with caution about some roadblock or sharp turn ahead.

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