Immortal Song 2: Ha Dong Kyun’s After Love

Another round of Immortal Song 2!

I think I’ve been staying home on weekends more nowadays, because of this show, because of all the little surprises and gems that I get to discover from it. It’s a wonderful and gratifying feeling, the pure indulgence in music, the appreciation of heart and emotion shown, the immersing of your body heart and soul into a 4 minute trance. I don’t think I can ever have enough of it.

My discovery this week on KBSW’s IS2 Deulgukhwa Special: –


Ha Dong Kyun, another singer who came out of nowhere. Another Moon Myung Jin who has camera phobia, another singer who’d shied away from the stage for years. I had the biggest surprise and reaction the minute he sang, the minute his voice filled the stage, I went o____o, one almost couldn’t feel his pervading nervousness, as he’d claimed. He was so camera shy before he stepped on stage I almost thought and feared he’d falter or go off pitch, I almost wanted to go pat him in the back and calm him down. But when he sang, oh when he did, BAM WOW, now that’s singing with everything that you have, and as if you’ve only got that to rely on.  I certainly did not see THAT coming. Even victor of Part 1 Jung Dong Ha’s wonderful performance couldn’t beat the impact of an impression HDK’d left with me (in fact my fav performances of Part 1 were Ha Dong Kyun > 4Men > Jung Dong Ha > JK Kim Dong Wook/Youme > Jay Park).

It was a powerful and outreaching performance, combined with what every singer on IS2 has been giving thus far, his best effort and his everything. That’s a voice I’d remember for sure.

This show again proves how much Korea has to offer.


credits: jongman kim @ youtube


10 thoughts on “Immortal Song 2: Ha Dong Kyun’s After Love”

  1. If only he wasn’t the first to start. The audience has not warmed up yet and so was really sparing with their votes, don’t you think? It was the same when MMJ first made his appearance!

    1. Yeah, starters always lose out no matter how well they sing. To me it doesn’t matter though, at least I get to enjoy to my own satisfaction at a personal level. hehe..

      I hope they’ll bring him back just like MMJ 😉

  2. well, it is definitely true..i started searching for his name on the internet since i never know him..gosh his voice..i couldn’t agree more with the writer..good luck to him..:)

  3. May I say how much I adore your IS2 posts?? I rarely watched it after Jung Dongha left but I always checked the ones you were ravishing about. And they did not disappoint! I fall in love with this Ha Dongkyun’s performance straightaway. Tried listening to his other stuff but was not too interested. Different taste in music I guess, since I LOVE his voice. There is definitely something about IS2 live performance, isn’t it?

    Keep the posts coming please, and thank you!

  4. i have the exactly the same feeling with you…haha…i become his fan straight away after watch his performance…but it really hard to find more about him…haha

  5. i wanted him to appear more often too but then he hasnt been on tv for 6yrs for a reason. it was years ago since i hear him from OST. and it was so hard to find anything on him on YT

  6. I love Ha Dong Kyun’s voice! (I think he’s started spelling his name Ha Dong Qn recently.) I’ve been on the lookout for his songs ever since I heard the song Habit, on which he collaborated with Epik High. He’s had some newish songs out in an album From Mark (which I was able to buy from iTunes). I think he might have finished his military service fairly recently, like in the past year or two, which is another reason he’s been out of the spotlight. Oh, and he used to sing in the group Wanted, which I believe disbanded some time ago. I searched for any info on him after I fell in love with Habit 🙂

    1. Hadong kyun been spelling it that way since 04 if not sooner. It was in 04 when I first heard of him and “wanted” where 1 member died in a crash. his first solo cd stand alone is great

  7. Oh yeah, my fellow IS2 aficionado! I first heard Ha Dong Kyun when he was in the group Wanted, collaborating with Lee Jung on the song Don’t Go. I still love that song! Then my eyes (or rather, ears) got another sensor shock when I heard him performing After the Love on IS2. Gosh. I was not home for this episode and only watched it on Youtube. He was first to come up. Whao! Enough said. I didn’t bother to continue the rest of the episode (that’s rare) other than JK Kim’s as they were in the same video. Lose the drive the watch the rest because I knew Ha’s performance was the win for me that night.

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