First Impressions: Ugly Alert?!


No way man, you tell me that’s UGLY? I say Park Kyu hotness alert OKAY? There’s no way I’m gonna get around to this stupid title, maybe I should just use Fool’s Watch instead (which doesn’t exactly sound any better but hey, no ugliness innit?).

I did 10 episodes of this drama of a drama, and it’s one bag of …. dramatic! You’ve got to believe me if you haven’t watched, the gathering of all possible dramatic cliches and tropes you can think of, no miss! Accidents, deaths, OTT siblings, you name em…etc.It doesn’t get any sillier or makjang-er than this. But I’m still watching, and hooked.

I must profess that this had begun merely as a shameless eye-candy venture, for the one and only Park Kyu ermm Im Joo Hwan (shame I can never shake the label off). 5 eps of incessant and overdone histrionics, drama after drama, and I thought I would drop it in a go, without any hesitation. But surprisingly I managed to squeeze a tear or 2, I really did! It must be Jun Soo, a character construct which puts all male leads of K-drama land to shame. This is an insane out of the world saintly character, too perfect and ideal to even exist…in K-drama! No trust me, it’s kinda of ridiculous.

But no, I hadn’t forgotten about my initial mission. Ain’t giving up until I see Im Joo Hwan, no way.

And truly, have I ever doubted? He does wonders.


Jun Soo oh Jun Soo, why must you be so perfect? And why must you be played by Im Joo Hwan? Everytime this man cries, when tears start to form in his eyes,  or when the people he loves go all abrasive and start chastising him, I immediately grab a tissue. I cannot watch a scene with him crying or tearing up without doing the same myself. And I say to myself? Why am I doing this to myself? Do I need to torture myself for another 100 so episodes? My eyes aren’t gonna be the same anymore by the end.

It’s the Park Kyu effect, I remember his crying scenes in Tamra, and I say, it’s the Park. Freaking. Kyu effect.

Joon Soo

I’m not gonna lie, I am kinda addicted to this show. I checked and HOLA, it’s writer nim who’d written the awesome first half of Gloria  (which faltered to oblivion in the 2nd half). I think I should be worried. Gloria had 60 eps (if I remember correctly) and I had the chance to bow out half-way thru.. but an 120 ep daily, there goes my insanity. God please I pray, give me the patience.

But yes, I do like the show after 10 eps. Main reason Im Joo Hwan, and the other part of it, I actually like all of the characters in the show despite their severe inclination for temperamental fits (yes Jin Joo and Do Hee, I’m talking about you girls). If I may be more specific, the guys! There’s Hyun Seok, who has this softie heart of a bear, a sense of righteousness and penchant for justice, but who cannot ever run away from the control of his noona Jin Joo.  Although I must hate him for treating precious Jun Soo like trash, I can’t. Ahhhh, the irony. Then there’s also my precious Hyun Woo (from ILICDD) who plays Jin Joo’s love interest. I didn’t even know he’s in this and my reaction was total WOAH when he appeared. He’s adorable and I like that he’s still able to make me all awwwww with his HyunWoo-like aura/vibe from ILICDD. Too bad Jin Joo’s a feisty girl to deal with, I can imagine some hard time for him in future.  And alas, a mysterious and cool Lee Han Seo, don’t think I’m supposed to like him, but weirdly, I find him very attractive.


Then the girls, who aren’t exactly as likeable as the guys right now, but still OK, I can live with atm. Do Hee, obviously the OTP choice for Jun Soo. I like her determination and passion in her work, but her attitude really sux and turns me off big time. I hope it won’t last too long because I know our angelic Jun Soo will come into her life and make things all good, for her,  and for me. So far Kang So Ra‘s managing, ain’t too impressive but not stinking much either. If not for the constant sucky and sour expressions of Do Hee,  things might be better and I won’t find her that irritating. Her cousin Joo Young doesn’t bug me as much, she acts like a silly bimbo but not too grating yet. And plus I find her attraction to Lee Han Seo really intriguing, in that they’re such different opposites, in thinking and ideals, and yet I sensed something, a spark perhaps, between them.

But nothing bugs me more than JIN JOO! Arrrhhhhh, what has she done to deserve Jun Soo’s magnanimous love and care? At least Hyun Seok cared, and showed it. I guess I shouldn’t be so condemning of her because of the message the drama intends to convey about family, but she’s such a block to all the happiness in the world, especially Jun Soo’s world. We know the history, yes Jun Soo caused all the tragic in your life, live with it, the man has compensated for 10 over years man. If she doesn’t care, at least just ignore him, don’t talk to him. But the words she said, I don’t care if they’re unintentional, they’re downright mean and degrading of human worth. Aiks. Hyun Woo, err.. Chul Soo, you better knock some sense into this girl!

And last but not least, a couple I so did not expect to love!


I dunno if Jung Hee really loves her hubby, she looks like she does but I dunno (knowing that Jun Soo will come back soon, and may enter the family as her son in law!). But I do know her hubby loves her LOTS, and I like seeing them acting all lovey dovey around each other. It’s not always normal for me to root for a couple with such a huge age gap (she can be his daughter!), but their cute seems so natural and effective on screen. And the actors have such effective chemistry too! I wonder how long it’ll last until the Jun Soo drama happens. I hope they last.


Last but not least, our OTP!

I dunno when is this gonna happen, but I already can’t wait! IM JOO HWAN IN A FREAKING SUIT LOOKING SODAMN FINE!

credits:  pictures as tagged / IJH korean website / Soompi Ugly Alert


8 thoughts on “First Impressions: Ugly Alert?!”

  1. OMG! My thoughts EXACTLY and to the point. I’m so addicted to this show. I actually miss it on weekends when there’s no new eps. I keep thinking what will happen to uri JS next…I’m totally hooked.
    I was going to watch this drama even if it was most ridiculous show with 1000eps. I knew that if the entire cast suck, LJH (you say tomato I say…^^) would have made me glued to the screen and he did. He always does! Shame such a talent and such hot look is receiving less recognition and appreciation than some other less talented actors.
    I look at him and can’t believe he’s back from the army now and in dramas again. So it’s all good.
    Team Park Kyo ♥♥♥

    1. I love it that everyone I know (k-drama fan) loves Park Kyu as much as I do <33 he really is one of a kind eh?

      IJH does have a very unique charm, I find it hard not to watch and want more of him on screen. He's just so good at making ppl want more of him, guess I should be happy I have 100 more eps of him to go. hehe..

      1. But can you find anyone who have watched Tamra and not be in love with Park Kyu/IJH? I really doubt they exist.
        Yeah, there is a different kind of charm with LJH. His eyes expressions within his character kills me. You can totally feel what he wants to say or how he feels in his eyes.
        Ok, ok! I am a hopeless case when it comes to him 😛

      2. Haha, I haven’t come across that ONE person yet.

        The thing about IJH, you can easily notice even with Jun Soo’s expressions (happy sad or whatever), he gives em all but doesn’t overact. He has this ability to make you care for his character, feel all sorts of emotions with him. And yes especially his eyes, I always love my actors who are able to convey volumes with their eyes alone. 😉

        But I’m gonna be abit greedy, I want more than just the kind and generous Jun Soo. It’s time he get angry, step up and defend himself for once. You still have 100 eps OK, I’ll wait for you Jun Soo.

  2. God.. I thought when he had passed his military service duty, his baby face would at least change from a boyish look into a real man…. but actually NOT!? He still like in his early 20’s God! I’m amazed.. how can he still has that baby face O.o?

    Need I check this one? Or I just need to watch tamra…? seems so many love Tamra… the first 3 episode bored me to tears despite I’m smitten by Park Kyuu .. so I never continue since then..

    1. Totally, can’t buy that the man’s well over his 30s and is actually 8 years older than Kang So Ra!

      I think it’s safe to go with Tamra first, try about 5-6 eps and if it doesn’t get to you, you can move on. I loved Tamra mostly because of Park Kyu (his evolving into more than just an aloof arrogant character was such a wonderful feat, you will love him more and MORE as you watch), but I also liked that it was different than the norm of dramas out there. Absolutely loved the Jeju setting, the journeys taken on by the characters. A truly heartwarming drama IMO (but with lots of tears and melo too).

      Ugly Alert is very dramatic, you’d probably go o__0 with the amount of histrionics and tragedies going on. But the acting is worth a watch IMO, especially IJH who plays his saintly character so well. If you are prepared for a daily and the drama that entails, I suggest you give it a try (IJH doesn’t appear until Ep 5 tho).

  3. Team Park Kyu group hug! Lol So, have you watched What’s Up? I so wanna buy the drama set (with my 2 loves in it) but its produced/subbed by PMP and they are just horrible.

    Btw, with all your long list of currently watching dramas + ‘stressful’ work, please don’t forget about me ya… 😛

  4. TEAM PARK KYU! Im Joo Hwan really shines in this role. I’m glad I have a few kdrama buddies who are watching it as well, so we can every now and then gush, rant and rave about this. Otherwise I will have a very long 6 months ahead.

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