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I betcha everyone’s just as crazy mad in love with uri resident Doctor aka Pak Sa just as I am at the moment. Hotness, you’ve got it. Sexayness, plenty. Post army fan service, granted! What a fantastic and incredible comeback for Jung Kyung Ho, who plays the ever so fearless and unruffled ganster in jTBC’s new gangster noir Heartless City aka Cruel City. Remember him as the cutiepie in Smile You? No traces of him at all. What we have is an icy cold character brimmed with burning fire waiting to break out from the inside – the kind of character we all love to hate and love the same <33. Drama’s slick fast paced stylish and gritty, and though not entirely original (somewhat a replicate of gangster/mafia plots we all know of), you get a whole lot of thrill and satisfaction from watching. I enjoy it so much, so much so that I actually took on a review challenge on the drama  with one of my favouritest drama buddies  unnichan from with.subtitles.please. I have never EVER done this before, and before I realised oops, that this may become a HUGGGGGEEE commitment which I might not be able to keep for long, I found it hecka fun. Thanks to unni of course for the suggestion, and hell yes thanks to Pak Sa! heee~~ So if you’re interested to ramble rant rave about drama, wanna swoon perv over our resident Doctor, please do join us in the fun! Here’s a link to our take on Ep 1 of the City: Heartless City Ep 1 .

And since we’re all in the City together, some AWESOME Jung Kyung Ho goodies to share!

He may be the fearless and icy cold Pak Sa in drama, but off the camera, such an ADORABLE & FUN GUY! I cannot stress how much cute and silly there is in this guy. One moment he’s shooting you icy gazes, the next he’s poking fun and playing around with his trademark aegyo! <333


Oldboy reference much?




And the man in love… with his own face! LOL


These shots we’ve all seen, but I’m sure you’re all up for repeat *REPEAT* swoonings~~


And these really dangerously sexay ones, to whet your appetite!


I have nothing much against Nam Gyu Ri, as I did quite like her performance in 49 days. I am not  sure if she can carry a complicated undercover role, and I truly think drama can still be just as awesome without her being the centric romantic interest between the 2 guys, or even a romantic interest TBH. But you give me something dangerous like that, you ask me to turn away? NO WAY OF COURSE!

And since we probably have some more eps to go before we reach the climatic “love scenes” hehe, have some cutesy Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Gyu Ri from their INSTYLE photoshoot earlier: –

And also, as always, I don’t leave without posting my fav scenes!

Too bad girl’s already gone, because this ONE scene she shared with Shi-hyun, downright lovely and poignant. And then I thought she had good chemistry with Lee Jae Yoon/Hyung Min, this one takes the cake.

credits: JKH baidu bar / JTBC / Heartless City FB / jTBC Channel * INSTYLE @ Youtube / pictures as tagged


16 thoughts on “Jung Kyung Ho’s Heartless City”

  1. Seriously that InStyle footage is TOO CUTE! I’ve said it before but I’d sign up for a rom-com with them any day! But I truly can’t wait for some bonkchickabonk in HC! Kekekee.

    1. Yeah fluffy cute, but obviously a lot of time wasted on the flowers and green. I need more JKH hotness cuteness! Have you seen the BTS vids? The guy is such a dork in real life, sooo adorbs! Love how he’s so playful with everyone, from emo to Scale lol

      1. I saw the one with Byung-ok sunbaenim. It was too cute him apologizing. I don’t think I’ll watch the others though cause I don’t want my Dr image skewed. JKH is doing a wonderful job though.

      2. Awww totally understand, he’s like 180 degree turn from Pak Sa. Imagine this vicious cold man doing aegyo? lol Lucky I’m pretty OK with separating actors and the characters they play, totally won’t mind the BTS cuteness <33

      3. I can separate but I also feel its best to wait until this on the show get unbearable, then I can watch BTS where he’s loln and joking to help me thru.
        I like to bask in the moment in a world as long as possible. Plus, I’m enjoying JKH hotness, aegyo with ruin that quick. Lol.

  2. UGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! JUNG KYUNG HOOO!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!
    I loved him since watching him in Time between dog and wolf… but I’ve never watching him acted in this type of character… and can I say…. he is sooo awsome as Shin Hyun? GAHHHHHH
    I love Shark…. (it’s mainly due to the directing more than anything… I’m a fan of his directing gahhh! sorry for such a sucker good directing)

    but Jung Kyung Ho make me love heartless city more…. keep imagining if Yi Soo played by Jung Kyung Ho instead.. sorry don’t blame me for keep wondering… kekekke

    1. Yes yes, I loved him in TBDAW, in fact thought he did better than LJK in it. Now let’s hope his character will continue to be THIS cool, I don’t want no romance to ruin the character.

      Shark’s okay so far, I’ve seen 3 eps and indeed the direction is the stellar amongst everything. Still waiting for the main actors to rise above the material given, cos I’m frankly not buying either KNG or SYJ…yet.

      1. @ripgal:
        in tbtaw…. I think it safe to say jkh act better… Lee jun ki in that drama is really OTT in most dramatic scene lol….and I loved jkh’s char better, too
        I’m just glad lee jun ki tone down his ott acting now.

        As for shark… you have no idea how many times I watch a certain scene in shark. That’s how much I love the directing. Ouw…I’m in loveeee. I actually invested yi soo’s char in teenages days…. Thanks to yoon jun suk.. The problem is…When adult yisoo show up on screen… I feel disconnected. this is the first time I watch kim nam gil, I didn’t saw his performance in the past, I feel kim nam gil is still limit playing yi soo. He is not quiet there yet. though I know I have to give him more time. Shi hyun definitely way more better fleshed out compare to adult .

      2. I feel the same, after 4 eps I still am unable to get into adult Yi Soo. I blame it on how pale and sleepy/zoned out KNG looks all the time. I like it more when he goes all badguy evilish on us, but then again, we haven’t much of those yet. KNG did the Bad Guy thingy pretty well last time, I dunno why this time he’s not getting to me as much as before. hmmm..

        As for Jung Kyung Ho, I have no doubts heee~~

    1. Thanks! Funny I’ve had Pak Sa in my header for quite some time, even before the show started airing, now that I’m so head over heels in love with him, better ask for more! *calling for headers here!* hehe..

      It’s a perfect comeback role, dark and meaty, doesn’t take anything away from him, instead gives him the opportunity to explore his darker more intense side. 4 eps and we’re already THIS crazy mad in love, I can’t imagine the day he actually falls in love pounces on and devours Soo Mi. *excited*

    1. Gotta share the love babe! jTBC’s youtube channel has all the cuts and vids, you can basically have a field day there itself. 😉

  3. I do not usually watch this type of dramas but JUNG KYUNG HO totally sucked me in. like you said, hotness, coldness, loyalty, and hints of warmth in his character.. totally drooling during his shower scenes.. it was so good i finished the 6 eps in 6 hours now I agonize over the wait weekly…

  4. Ah my gawd.
    This post is making me feel all excited and weak at the knees and giggling and shit.
    He’s so awesome.
    And I think it’s cos he has great physicality that makes him so hot.
    Like Park Hee Soon. 🙂
    PAK SA!!!!!
    I’m really enjoying the drama, do so even when there weren’t much romancing between Nam and Jung themselves.
    Thanks for the post!!!:)

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