Why so cute Cumberbunny?!

Watched Star Trek Into Darkness yesterday.

Enjoyed it, was immensely entertained, and didn’t bother with the what could have been (not a Star Trek follower). But more importantly, Cumberbatch Cumberbunny played villain Kahn! And pretty much stole the entire show for me, and for everyone I believe. I don’t wanna take away deserving credits from the rest of the actors, I do like Chris, Quinto and Pegg, and they did a great job with the material given. But you know, it’s just hard when you have sexyhot BC onboard firing his intensity at you every other second. It’s just impossible.

If a 30 second interview clip (which could have gone down as one of the most embarrassing interview cuts ever but didn’t because it’s BC!) could make me giggle squee go swoony and laugh like a mad woman, you know you have a Cumberbabe at heart <3333


Sherlock oh Sherlock when are you back coming to me?!!

I never knew waiting could be this insufferable.

credits: ThatFilmFreak


3 thoughts on “Why so cute Cumberbunny?!”

  1. I think god decided to create Benedict’s voice when He wanted a perfect model of what a man should sound like.

    I’m a huge fan of him from Cabin Pressure – It showcases his talent for comedy, especially when he does his french and Irish accents!

    1. His voice omg perfection like you said!! I’m such a latecomer but Sherlock totally killed me, why do I have to wait so long, and why only2/3 eps?!!

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