First Impressions: Cyrano Agency


I’m starting to like this drama. It’s not full blown infatuation crush love or anything, I still zone out or yawn over certain parts, some parts are meh over others and not pushing any buttons for me.  I don’t like everything, particularly execution of the sub-plots/cases, the silly hijinks and ridiculous logic of the whole plan-dating mechanism. I wish such things work in real life and because I know it doesn’t, it doesn’t get to me as much as I want it to. Perhaps that’s why the movie didn’t appeal to me, even with UhmForce and Daniel in it, nothing made sense.

But then again, I suppose I shouldn’t have to take anything in it seriously? It’s all fake for fluff and laughs anyway, should just go with the flow.

And surprisingly, it serves an enjoyable and lighthearted watch when you have absolutely nothing to do i.e. no other dramas to watch when the rest on your list are all finished, in short, when you just want to kill time. Some details and lil things start to get to me, found myself going all swoony over some moments (could be due to adorable and pretty Tae Min playing Ray :P), laughing over some, and wanting more.

The mechanism still doesn’t appeal to me, but the characters and their motivations/reasons do, at least for now. They’re such plain caricatures, stereotypes which have been pervading our screens for as long as I can remember, BUT they have personalities that we can relate to, and have had experiences that used to be part of us as well. I’m particularly interested in Lee Chun Hee’s character Master (what kind of name is that anyway?!! LOL). Very mysterious , sorta creepy and seems to have something against Il Rok? I sorta like that drama’s revealing his back-story to us bits by bits though, at least I have something to look forward to when the dating parts don’t give me the thrill.


The first case was kind of a bore, the whole thing was so incredulous and ridiculous from the beginning, till the very end. I only had eyes for Lee Jong HOT and Lee Chun Hee, I felt nothing much for the rest, even the usually lovely Lee Yoon Ji. Then the second episode came, things started to settle in, character motivations were more defined and understood. I particularly liked this case because it dealt with untold feelings by Il Rok and his client Ray really nicely, in a very direct yet endearing way. All of the characters came into the picture, and were part of it in, in different ways. And more importantly, some characters wake up realising that life is all about going for it with no regrets, regardless of the outcome.

I’m also such a sucker for pretty cutiepies, allow me to squeeeeeeee over cutiepie Tae Min errr Ray! I adore magnae Arang alright, he’s such a considerate and lovely guy with so much heart and genuineness. But what to do, I cannot unsee the insane volume of cuteness (mixed with sadness) displayed by Shinee’s Taemin. No, I don’t think he’s got all it takes to act, but he has this strange ability to keep me glued onto the screen, charisma, attraction, whatever you call it, the camera loves him.

Tell me, how can you not wanna hug the puppy?


Overall, so far so good. Acting is decent across the board, and Soo Young doesn’t stink as I half-expected her to (we do all have our prejudices I think she’s proving a lot of people wrong). I should be able to coast with the 2 hotties I lub, and IF the new cases are interesting enough.

We’ll see.

Last but not least, Soo Young! You’re pretty alright, but girl, EAT at a sammiccchhhh!

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6 thoughts on “First Impressions: Cyrano Agency”

    1. It wasn’t obvious in wee eps, but when she put on the school uniform, I was like, even wind could break them. I am not envious at all. Yaiks.

  1. She needs to polish off a bucket of fried chicken (I’m sure SNSD endorses a brand of it). She is all skin and bones!! And the school uniform makes it look worse.

  2. i watch the first 2 episode…. there is a good interaction and dialogue between the char that pique my interest…. But the rest is forgetable…. Maybe I’m not in the mood for something light and fluff?

    The case is forgetable… the character, too…
    I wonder should I continue watching it?

    1. The 1st 2 eps were boring but the 3rd-5th ep got me all swoony and going awww (eye-candy Tae Min makes me weak hehe).The case was more interesting IMO, and the message was relatable. I prob will enjoy drama on a case by case basis? Give the 2nd case a try?

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