Empire of Gold, CANNOT WAIT!

That teaser alone, SOLD!

Go Soo doing intense, SOLD. Son Hyun Joo, SOLD. The Chaser team back for another round, S-O-L-D!

I cannot wait for the JOJ madness to be over.

credits: SBSNOW1 @ youtube


5 thoughts on “Empire of Gold, CANNOT WAIT!”

  1. Lmao…
    Joj is just getting worse and full of makjang….it’s as if they switch the writers in the halfway or thre writers just want to play a prank haha….
    Can’t wait to watch this drama… Too..
    But it means this show will be head to head against shark. I hope shark keep getting better so my mon-tues will be full of crack drama.

    1. JOJ, Live for Crazy I call it now lol all the good stuff in drama and KTH/YAI all gone and flushed down the drain because of writer’s insane liberties with the chars and plots. I’m still watching though, for the madness.

      Most of my dramas are Mon-Tues dramas, and now with Empire of Gold to come, my week nights are gone for good. But seriously, this is to good to miss. Son Hyun Joo alone makes the whole thing watchable.

      1. I haven’ finished the chaser but man It’s sooo gripping I love it. And yess I’m blown away by son hyun jo’s performances…. I have to finished it soon.
        I hope it will live up the expectation. I’m abit dissapoint with shark so far. The pace in shark is so slowww…. The shark symbol is just confuse me what’s the point behind it everytime it shows up on screen. Lol
        But son ye jin!! I start to feel her acting

    1. I think you’ll like it, story’s full of twists and turns, characters are intriguing, and the overall construct is really solid and compelling. But you’ve gotta be prepared for the verbosity and lengthy jargon (sometimes I get confused because I don’t understand). Otherwise, it’s quite an enjoyable and edge-on-your-seat watch.

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