How can you be so cruel?

*Ep 8 spoilers*

Heartless and cruel, this drama is really out to rip and shred me to pieces.

I love Heartless City/Cruel City. I love the characters, their motivations, their shades of black white and grey. There is no definitive protagonist or antagonist in here, we are all human the way we are, molded from situations and environments.  It is the perfect wakening piece of reality, that things in the world is not as simple and rosy as we may think, and that the good and bad are not always good and bad.

Light and darkness, drama does this very well. The contrast and conflict is there, and yet both are to co-exist. None of the characters are anywhere near the end of each spectrum, each of them show sides of their extremes in different situations. It’s scary and yet so true, I believe we do not even know the extent or how far we can go. Writer is doing a pretty darn good job meshing all these details together, direction/execution is so my cup of tea (noir) (did you notice all those quiet stylish shots, o__0 with no music or dialogue?) and music, exquisite! But nothing impresses me more than the acting of Jung Kyung Ho and Choi Mu Seong, who are hitting everything out of the park with their gritty and emotionally rendering performances. I am still reeling in teary sobs thinking about the scene above, all perfection of bitter, but soooooo gratifying!

I have my little nitpicky points on drama, but nothing too significant to warrant a ranty post.

I just want to scream my heart out again, why Safari and Shi-hyun, my OTP!!! T____T

How can you be so cruel to me, drama?

credits: jtbcdrama @ youtube


5 thoughts on “How can you be so cruel?”

  1. Ahhhh I love this drama so much…..! I love their relationship and I love the directing…. Especially the music background…. Gahhhh it soooo fit with the mood! I hope they will release all the ost and score because… Gahhh they are all awsome…. I have a thing with bgm music btw…

    1. The music is absolutely LOVE, the songs and the BGM they all fit the scenes to a tee. One of my fav music moments of this ep came from the scene of Soo-min leaving her house – everything there was perfection!

  2. End of ep. 8. T__T
    I can envision Sapari evolving into a bigger monster over time.
    Great script structuring if that’s the case, the conflict between Baksa and Sapari can actually substain the entire series alone. Sapari is brilliant — not just because there is residual goodwill from the actors’ resident plastic surgeon role in ILiCDD.
    The character of Sapari is just perfection. Exactly what this show needed. Gahh… Can’t even break it down. I was hoping for our Fumiyo Kohinata counterpart and we got him! We got him and moar!

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