Shark, why so boring?

This picture pretty much explains why I’m so underwhelmed and bored by drama.


Am I the only one who thinks that Kim Nam Gil’s firing all his sleepy eyes on us every single minute in drama? He looks so disinterested and listless to the max every time he’s on screen I can’t help but match. *yawnz* The story’s already getting formulaic and disengaging enough (oh Kim Ji Woo what happened to you?), I expect my characters to give me some zest in the very least. But no, not only have the recent episodes been sorely disappointing given the PD-writer’s previous achievement in the mystery/thriller genre, the characters, acting of our very own leads and also the music have been overwhelmingly drudging!

I like Kim Nam Gil, and I adore Son Ye Jin goddess to eternity. But they are definitely not killing it as much as I want them to as Yi Soo and Hae Woo. I dunno maybe I’m hard to please, I find myself wanting more on the mystery/thriller part than yearning for more scenes with our OTP. I just cannot connect to them, and to their scenes! SYJ doesn’t look half as convincing as a prosecutor (okay maybe I’ll cut her some slack she only became one because of Yi Soo), but Kim Nam Gil, his Jun/Yi Soo, sooooooo… boring so sleepy so washed out unexciting. He doesn’t seem to attempt to dig deeper? Even his characterisation and interpretation in Bad Guy was better o_0. And don’t even mention Ha Suk Jin and Honey Lee‘s characters, so underused and wasted with no visible chemistry with their co-stars at all urh.

I don’t know if I should place the blame on PD Park and Writer Kim instead, because I really don’t want to. A huge chunk of their charm from Resurrection and Mawang is missing from this drama and it’s annoying me a heck lot. Those dramas set a high bar and threshold and gripped us from within right from the bat, but here, nada. The intrigue is still there, but the intensity and acuteness, they’re all dialed down significantly. I don’t feel for the characters, and I don’t feel the urge to do so either.

Still watching, but not holding hopes high for greatness ahead.

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9 thoughts on “Shark, why so boring?”

    1. Well maybe not boring unwatchable, but pretty underwhelming to the point of dull at times? Obviously I had expectations due to writer/PD team up, so you can say I’m bummed I’m not getting the kick that I’d expected from them.

      Maybe if you haven’t seen Mawang or Resurrection, you’ll appreciate Shark more?

  1. I’ve just finished 10… I like this story, even the writers laboured approach… But it IS lethargic, listless.
    It isn’t Kim Nam-gil, I adore his performance — well, aside from the vacantly staring into the abyss moments.
    But the rest of the cast are just as listless and washed out — it’s like what the hell?
    You know who I blame?
    PD Park!
    His cinematography is lush but that’s about it. Was trying to think what a PD like Kim Yong-soo could’ve done with this cast and premise or Lee Hyung-min or someone. Alas…

    1. Maybe cos Yi Soo/Jun stares into the abyss blank and empty half the time he makes me feel…sleepy and uninterested. KNG has done and certainly could do better. And agree with you about the rest of the cast, nobody is really sucking bad… but none are trying either. ;(

      I’m still interested in the revenge though, Kim Ji Woo isn’t killing it, but I still hope for something to hook me in.

  2. Kim Nam Gil!! UGHHHH He Makes Yi SOo become a dull and boring character.. He just seems bored when he doesn’t need to emote as a bad guy… Watching Jung Kyung Ho in cruel city, and I bet he would at least makes this character bearable and have more depth.. And Joo Ji Hoon who played the same type off character can makes his character more compelling….
    But I don’t know… imagining the conflict that would be arise later makes me can’t stop watching this show… It makes me coming back..
    I actually love episode 10 alot. There is a progression. I wonder if they are waiting the moment their competitor end, so at that time they will rise up the game?
    But KNG’s yisoo really put me to sleep. His brooding scene often show up didn’t help either.

    1. Hmmm, could it be that Yi Soo’s meant to look so deadpanned listless? I now start to wonder. KNG also played revengy in Bad Guy and I really liked his acting in there. Maybe it’s the character construct which I’m having probs with. I think Hyun Bin or Lee Chun Hee would be able to nail the character.. can’t see Jung Kyung Ho as Yi Soo lol because he’s all sexy Paksa to me right now. hehe

      Haven’t seen 9 or 10 yet, hopefully they’ll be more engaging.

      1. I don’t think so.. He makes YI SOo looks like uninterested in everything, including his revenge… LOL
        There was some scene which I felt he could add more depth to the character… but once again, he didn’t

        IMO ep 9-10 pick up abit and finally there is some progression, more mystery, more action from the character.

  3. No i think this drama is very interesting. Kim nam gil’s performance is very great! I recommend you to watch it… It gets really interesting as each episode

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