Music Monstar


Awwww, I wonder if this is from drama itself? Do Nam and Sun Woo playing music together?!

Or it could just be a BTS pic of the duo making music during breaks, which can only be a good thing because these kids are actually putting effort!

Monstar is just like Cyrano Agency, something light and fluff, no brainer predictable, with typical tropes that run K-drama land. Characters are one-dimensional, acting is just so-so (nothing stinking yet) and story, sometimes yawn inducing boring, sometimes okay, I’m hooked. But what pulls me in every week, more than anything (okay, I admit I do tune in to watch clueless Seol Chan embarrass himself lol), the MUSIC! The only thing that makes me sit tight until the end of every episode.

One interesting thing about this drama, the singers/actors actually make effort to sing their songs live! And the songs chosen are great! Though not all of the renditions came out perfectly pitched and beautiful, I loved most if not all of them. There was a kind of charm and intrigue in their presentations. The characters felt more interesting and lively, and I felt like was in another drama altogether. 😉

I don’t really care if Seol Chan and Se Yi ends up together, cos I frankly don’t see or feel chemistry. And Sun Woo is boring.  But I do shamelessly profess my knees feel weak when Seol Chan goes all cool-ish and TOP-staring on ppl and Se Yi, did you all not repeatedly watch that almost KISS?!! (that’s about all he does right for me). All I care right now, is for them to make real music together. Color Band music.

Bring on the Music Monstar and I am all good.

Check out the original version of Nana’s heart-breaking song while thinking about Sun Woo – Swamp by Jo Kwan Woo.

Manager Jo also sang this in ILICDD <333333

credits: Silene1007 @ youtube / picture as tagged


3 thoughts on “Music Monstar”

  1. I have watched ep 3…
    My impression, the music is awsome… the directing is good…
    But unfortunately, the story is decent for me… My main problem about the show, shockingly, is the acting… I swear it put me to sleep. I really really can’t stand underacting…

    1. I think the eps after 3 were better, plot and acting, but yeah nothing to call home about. I’m surprisingly okay and not too bugged by the underacting, probably cos they’re all rookies, none of them have acted before? But the music arrangements after Ep 3 were great, some solos some surprising breakouts. You’ll know when you see ’em.

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