Immortal Song 2: Bada’s For 500 Years

I’ve been spazzing about IS2 performances for quite some time, but then I realised I’ve never covered performances by female singers before! Utter travesty! It’s not like IS2 doesn’t have its share of earth-shattering female vocalists, some of them are IMO even better than their male counterparts (I will not name)! Some powerhouses have managed to snuggle several wins over the men (most notable ALi, Sonya and Ailee) and had more than deservingly done so, but I’m going to dedicate this post to a singer whom I’d underestimated way before/when she just joined show.

Watched this just now and went all goosebumby!

Her rendition was absolutely deabak, from beginning to the very end. This week was about traditional folk, and the rest of them performed wonderfully just as I’d expected from them (my 2nd fav performance from my utter fav cutie Moon Myung Jin! 😛 ). But Bada’s performance gave me the longest of chills and goosebumps! Quiet but shattering, well deserving of the hoards of applause at the very end.

Bada may not have the broadest vocal range, there are a lot of better singers out there. But what I like about her, her versatility and effort to go diverse. She can go all diva and dancing queen, she can all ballad-y and rock, all with such ease and confidence. Have you seen her Girl’s Generation performance? It was absolutely mesmerizing. And her voice, the clarity and purity, just to die for.

I wish her all the best in her future endeavuors.

And of course, IS2 rawkksss!

credits: kbsworld


8 thoughts on “Immortal Song 2: Bada’s For 500 Years”

  1. I thought she deserved a second win and was disappointed the audience did not give her the more-than-408-votes-needed for her to beat Im Taekyung.

    1. Me too, but I always find the ladies to be slightly disadvantaged or unfavoured whenever it comes to scoring/voting. I think viewers have a penchant for choosing performances that are more visually WOW, with the voice combined?

      For sure my favourite was hers. 😉

    1. IKR? I loved that her performance stayed true to the spirit of traditional folk (while others had done some major tweaks to theirs). The clarity in her voice, hair-raising!

  2. I was also thinking that if Poppin Hyunjun & Ae Ri were to perform last, they could have won too. Theirs was a stunning performance.

    1. Yeah, those who perform first are the most disadvantaged, not matter how good you are. I think PH and AR are a groundbreaking pair, they combine both traditional and visionary in a very eye-grabbing way. Some performers like Ailee and Jung Dong Ha also go all the way (and they’re awesome), but most of the time it’s always the quiet and emotional ones that get to me the most. The ones that make me all teary. hehe..

  3. Sorry, I meant the KBS2 live-stream episode – one of the best I’ve enjoyed and which will probably be aired on KBSWorld two weeks from now 🙂

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