Excuse me expletives!

%)(&U$_@*#+)@(#+@_)_#_)#+@_#)+@_#+_@#)@+_#_@_# just watch these 2 dramas dammit!


I’ll try to come up with a post for each, if I’m still able to collect my brain together, piece words up nicely and coherently. I’m still reeling in brainmush )(%&#_$*_)#(+# from all the awesomeness!

I’ma borrowing this from the Kitteh, THIS IS FUCKING GREAT!

That is all.

credits: posters as tagged


6 thoughts on “TIFG!”

  1. I hear ye!
    I heard some negative stuff about the directing in SaF being a tad too slow and deliberated – but are you kidding me?? I love this director! He’s always been lovely — with his Aridong’s Last Cowboy (drama special) being a personal fave from this dood… But but but… I never imagined his first sageuk outing being THIS INSANE! And UTW who? Choi Min-soo FTW!
    First ep was good. Will watch 2~3 together on Weds.
    EoG… OMG! Go Soo! *tremble*
    Show is Sandglass-lite and I love it. ‘Nuff sed.
    This is also a case of “be careful what you wish for… You may just get it.”
    I can’t watch all these dramas I really can’t! I just can’t find the time…

    1. Hell no! Direction is tight and exquisite, slow mo or whatever, it’s nothing seen before in drama, I have no complaints. And with HOTMinSoo and HOTUhmForce, I’m so dead. XDD

      EoG, my swoons of the moment. I cannot handle too much hot stuff at the same time, OUCCCHHHH. I was somehow reminded of Giant from the first 2 eps.

      This season is killing us!

      1. Yeah there is something very Lee Gang-mo (Lee Beom-soo’s character) about Go Soo’s Jang Tae-joo… And not just the cultivation-of-an-empire similarity. His wrath is similarly poetic to watch.

      2. The Blade and Petal is EPIC. The first episode was kinda slow for me, but boy, episodes 2-4 were a million trillion times awesome. I can’t wait for Wednesdays and Thursdays now. Plot, acting and directing are GREAT!
        Music is okay, but as long as the other 3 are super, I am in.
        I didn’t watch Empire of Gold yet, cause I cannot stand looking at Lee Yo Won’s “dead fish” face. Love the other cast members though, so I might try, since you are recommending it.
        Are you watching Goddess of Fire, or any other dramas at the moment?
        I really like Goddess of Fire, but sometimes it’s so dull, but my love for the younger cast will likely pull me through to watch MGY, LSY,and KB. I am hoping this is a “watchable” MGY project, considering the disappointment of her last drama.

  2. Sorry, just went back to your homepage, and saw your “currently watching” list of dramas. Sorry for asking that question.

    1. Not a prob dear, you can reply as much as you want! teeheee~~

      I haven’t seen any recent eps in a week, have been MIA for hols. Now I look at my list and go o___0 how am I suppose to catch up?!!!!

      Lee Yo Won’s surprisingly OK being fierce and confident. I kinda like her char’s dynamics with both me so she’s the least of problems (if there’s any in the show). Go Soo is on fire believe me, and Son Hyun Joo is always awesome.

      Blade and Petal is just a combo of visual hotness I cannot unsee. _))#+@(#@_#)+@_#)

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