Kim Nam Gil, why so cute?

Still watching the drama, though not as gripping or intense as I’d hoped for. Narrative structure still isn’t very compelling, execution is all barely scratching the surface And acting, I’m getting only solid vibes from Lee Jung Gil. Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin aren’t doing much, and not to mention, a waste of what could have been of Ha Suk Jin and Honey Lee, even Lee Shi Un and Lee Soo Hyuk. Maybe Kim Ji Woo‘s glory days are of the past now, I must come to accept? I compare this, to Resurrection and Mawang. This is just utter disappointment….severely underwhelming.

But then I come across this:

And all is good again?

NO way drama wise, but I am allowed to swoon spazz over RL cuteness and aegyo! Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin are perfection together off the camera!

Check out all the individual BTS clips of Shark here:

I am still reeling in insane amount of squeeswooness from all the adorableness of this grown up kid!

credits: WindsOfSeptember / Yozohhh YT channel


12 thoughts on “Kim Nam Gil, why so cute?”

  1. Not the vein or direction I believed drama would veer, given the past projects but I actually appreciate the difference.
    Adorable vids. Had seen most but who can’t rewatch the cute?

    1. You’d think Shark was a rom-com lol but I guess they needed something lively and fun to deviate from the gloom and doom. It’s just that the difference between KNG and his char – jarring! Not that I don’t appreciate and love, he gives me constant giggles and smiles ;DDD

      1. Yea. It’s too cute. Makes you appreciate what he brings to screen. His RL character seems light and fun, so it seems he releases all that tension through his craft. Great he has that type of outlet.

  2. I’m catching up with Shark now and I can’t follow the story much because I kept getting distracted by Nam-Gil. He’s beyond perfection! I love him to death! I’ve been following all his dramas and I’m so glad he’s in this one. Swooooooon!

    1. I’m so behind drama but very up to date with the BTS! Have you seen all of them yet? Cos if you haven’t you’ve got to! He’s such an adorable manchild, a rom com please!!!

  3. I actually love this drama so much… this drama grew on me each episode… It warms my heart.
    It’s not as gripping as previous work… this drama felt different compare to their previous work… It has cute scene, heartwarming feels, and all character felt real to me… Rather than revenge thriller, It’s more melodrama vibes.. It still has some mystery… But not playing a bigger part. but I love it so much…
    I know Heartless city is more awsome, complex, more gripping, more unpredictable, and have many trajectory … But I more invest in this show more than I thought.. Maybe due to it has family themes that can makes me relate?
    I think the drama start to pick up around epi 10 …
    IMo it’s still structurally solid drama…

    1. I also think it’s gotten a lot better after Ep 10, but too bad I just couldn’t unsee how it failed to deliver in the first half. Maybe it’s me having had too high an expectation of writer nim. Should have adjusted things a bit after her also underwhelming Fermentation Family.

    2. Haha…
      I have a soft spot for a justice drama theme (not all of them satisfied me, though)… And Kim Ji Woo is one of those writers
      who can do justice about it…
      Actually what I love is starting from epi 10 onwards… there would be more suspense and the plot keep moving..

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