Picture of the day!

Oh yes I’m still watching. BAP, despite its somewhat repetitive draggy romance-or-not parts, and its gorgeous but slooooooow-paced direction, is still a luxury eye-feast for me. Cos of CFMS! The man who steals and captures moments, the man who stops the very air I breathe, he who halts people at their tracks – yes, CHOI FCKING MIN SOOOO! CFMS!

And guess what?

You can’t hide the hotness! He just has to be cool and awesome the way he is.

BAP cute

I’m pretty allergic to Noh Min Woo’s errrrr feminine like tendencies lately, but news reports Uhmforce and CFMS are learning music and some guitar stuff from Mr. Rose himself?  And are constantly havin’ their own mini lil concert BTS? 😉

I approve 1000000000%!

credits:  innolife

4 thoughts on “Picture of the day!”

  1. Take out flower boy (is he even playing a pink guitar or is it the lighting?!) and that picture is perfection.

    I pretty much hated B&P at first. In fact I kept asking myself why am I watching this?? Oh yeah, Choi Min Soo and Uhmforce, DUH. But lately it’s grown on me. Maybe it is Uhmorce’s angry smoldering and loss of those terrible bangs (ok 99% sure that is the reason) . I manage to look past the woman disguised as a man shenanigans because apparently pulling your hair up makes you unrecognizable in dramaland… I even went back and started re-watching the earlier episodes that I barely paid attention to and/or fell asleep during and I actually dig them for the most part. I could do without princess’ gang and their revolving membership but whatchagonnado?

    1. Hahaha, we will have to live with our aversion to flower boy.

      You hated BAP at first?! I actually loved it from the get go, was probably so taken by CFMS that nothing else mattered. I love Uhmforce just as much but I’m just not feeling him in this drama, probably of his dull character or that he’s not as involved or immersed as I want him to be. I actually am more convinced and compelled by On Joo Wan’s Bojang, he carries and pulls off the layers of his conflicted character very well and am more than impressed. I almost wish he wasn’t Gongju nim’s cousin because I actually think they have more chemistry than the OTP! lol

      By now, on the contrary to your opinion, I want more Gongju nim and gang and more political stuff, I am honestly tired of Choong and Gongju going around circles now. Can’t be bothered actually. ;/

  2. I totally thought at first that there was a potential love triangle a-brewing with On Joo Wan’s character (who I really love here btw) in the first few episodes. But I was way off the mark I guess. Oh I totally see the lack of chemistry between the two leads and have actually discussed that with a pal. Their little romance is one of the main reasons I hated this drama at first. Their feelings just felt so fake and forced, and still do for the most part. I just meant I like looking at Uhmforce being pretty in his top knot or whatever it is not necessarily that I care about their on-again-off-again romance. I do like the political stuff just not her merry gang of troublemakers. They seem so ineffectual. I mean they shot their own princess! 😉

    Just give me Choi Min Soo and On Joo Wan battling it out and I’m game!

    I hope they give us a little more detail about Choong’s mom and her relationship with CMS bc it seemed like there might have been some interesting back story there. Maybe he will swoop in to rescue her now that it looks like she might have been taken by flower boy’s little minion. Worried there is not enough time though for them to explore that. SIGH

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