Heart ♥ 설레

I’m hopeless, a pathetic holetrap made for heart-beaty 설레 romance (fluttery lovey dovey sometimes achy romance). Just when I thought I’d write this drama off, just when I was ready to dispel the Hong Sis forever, again I fail. I gave in, I fell, and I fell hard.

The Master Sun started off really shaky and bad, anyone and everyone from a fan to a non-fan could testify. I’ve been a Hong Sis follower drama watcher for as long as I can remember and never have I zombie-yawned through a pilot of theirs. Oh yes I love Gong Hyo Jin, and still care a tad for So Ji Sub (who’d dropped of my list after his long stagnant career), but whatever the first 2 episodes were, I wanted more than to just erase them off my mind. The prettiness and eye-candies (Seo In Guk of course!) aside, it was all BOREDOMMMMMMMM.

But then again, I am an easy girl to please sometimes. My brain’s not always on the functioning analytical side when it comes to dramas, I do go for brainless fluff, I do fall for the jerk in dramas, I do go all awwww swoony over obviously staged romance, cry over manufactured angst, get all edgy and excited over ridiculous histrionics. Yes I do. And I proudly present to you, that I’m hopelessly in love with the drama…OTP! The master Joo Gun and his lady Tae Yang in TMS. Yes, a hopeless delirious incapable of being saved OTP fangirl shipper here. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The Hong Sis have never been a quality duo, their writing have always been devoid of substance and nuance, and they never really try hard to break out of that convention of theirs. TMS is no different, nothing here is different that what they’ve been serving us for 10 years. The vehicle may be different, but their stories, their patterns, nothing has changed. But what they’re good at, TBVH, they just have an ability to make OTPs work. It’s not about the guy and girl looking great and compatible together, it’s not about their prettiness combined, it’s about the spark. The electrifying grip that tugs at your heart. The amazingly compelling chemistry and rapport that you don’t get consistently from other writers. I’ve always credited the actors for palpable on screen chemistry, but I think in some ways, the sisters do have their magic. The ability to make us fall in love. It’s like they have an eye for actors and actresses who can come together like fire and ice, and they just know what we romance suckers love and want.


SJS and GHJ are fantastic in here, their chemistry and rapport immensely affecting, and are blowing things out of the water, quite enough to make me overlook the faults and loops in the writing. GHJ has always been a chemistry creator, she has never disappointed in my years of watching her and has again succeeded in making me root for her and the guy she’s pair with. She seriously NEVER fails. SJS is not always an easy actor to act with, let alone one to be able have palpable chemistry with an actress (the last memorable OTP was his with Im Soo Jung in MISA, still a classic till today IMO). But you meet the master and queen of all, you fall for her charm immediately. I sense a never seen or felt before ease and comfort in SJS’s performance, he’s more relaxed and is having a whole lot fun, smiles and laughs a lot, teases people around him, it’s just…unusual and not the SJS I know (not that I really know him). Thanks to GHJ, he’s caught, her charm never fails!

You can never get WOW mindblowing acting from the sisters. To be frank SJS and GHJ have merely been coasting so far, are decent at best but have yet to really WOW. Not their fault as the material doesn’t require depth, what else can they do? But since I love the OTP to death and their interactions have been so unbelievably adorable, those are lil things that don’t really bother or gripe me. In fact I’ve been able to enjoy and appreciate some of the episodic (ghost) stories with their chemistry, and with acknowledgment of what their characters mean to each other, their importance to each other. It was never obvious in the beginning, but with recent developments and their gradual understanding of each other, their bond has grown, their attachment more solidified than ever, like Joo Gun and Tae Yang, we feel the pain, the same pain they feel when they can’t express what they really feel. I really think this is a profound statement, an extremely rare but meaningful line to come from the sisters. I know it’s all but and none other than a a plot device (concerning Hee Joo), but I think that single line, it will be the or is the defining description of our OTP, in fact of all Hong Sis drama OTPs. The heart ache, the burnt in your chest, they are the things unsaid, the things that you cannot say and express.


This drama gives me all the 설레 heart flutters, non-stop and never-ending whenever the OTP meet and interact. I care less about the secondary leads, their romance or even the mystery behind Hee Joo’s death or motives. I once said I’m less inclined to bother about the ghosts but now I’m starting to change my mind.. I’d rather have them with my OTP than anything else. Because with them Joo Gun gets to find out and understand more about Tae Yang, why she is the person she is, what makes her – HER. And with them, Tae Yang gets to pry into Joo Gun’s interior, open up his once broken heart. They can be themselves when they’re together, in their most genuine and true form. The comfort and the ease, it’s not something that you always get from OTP romance. The OTP here have something else, they share a bond of need, a friendship, a mutual understanding that nobody else knows or can understand. And what better, they don’t care what the rest of the world thinks. How incredibly sweeeeeeet!

Joo Gun is far from the perfect guy, and Tae Yang, she’s not as strong as we want her to be. I’m sure there’ll still be countless jerk comes to girl’s rescue scenes in future, K-drama tropes always reign.

But I’m not complaining.

Because of the OTP perfection.

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17 thoughts on “Heart ♥ 설레”

  1. “Joo Gun is far from the perfect guy, and Tae Yang, she’s not as strong as we want her to be. I’m sure there’ll still be countless jerk comes to girl’s rescue scenes in future, K-drama tropes always reign”

    This is such a bittersweet statement, but absolutely true. Joo-goon and Tae-yang are bonded because they are like every other K-drama Rom-com OTP–meant for each other like fire and ice, like the sun and moon. How we react to that is a matter of where we are willing to draw the line between our “설레 heart flutters” and our objective mind. For TMS I may (regretfully?) succumb to the former.

    1. Sometime it’s best to leave things to the heart, the brain can come later. 😉 I’m sure the melo and angst will kick in once Hee Joo comes into the picture fully, and we’ll be forced to drag thru the same ol’ separation thingy the Hong Sis are renowned for (how I wish they will do something different for once sighs). But at least both SJS and GHJ can at least do separating angst pretty well (MISA and Thank You as evidence), crossing my fingers that I’ll at least like this till the very end (I usually tire halfway thru).

  2. They were so adorable in episode 7! Ugh I almost died from the cuteness. If the episodes give us enough OTP goodies as last week did then I am on the Master’s Sun ship until the very end silly ghost stories be damned!

    1. Their adorableness is so freaking daebak right! I love that Tae Yang doesn’t exactly bicker or argue with Joo Gun (you know how OTPs normally fight), but rather explains and gives her point of view in a matter of fact way. I think that’s why Joo Gun appreciates her (albeit secretly), because she’s honest and doesn’t hide or shy away when she’s around. She’s genuine and she goes all out.

      The ghost stories, some of them, they’re pretty silly, but the recent ones have actually managed to squeeze some tears from me. For example the one with the soldier and his dog, the swimming pool ajumma.. their scenes were brief, but I think somehow their stories did highlight how lil and unnoticed things in life are/have been taken for granted. Pretty moving and endearing actually.

      1. The dog story was soooo sad. I cannot stand to see animals hurt so I was like ‘why you do this to me hong sisters?!’ in my head the entire episode pretty much. And the abused little boy, sigh. I just don’t like when they take over an entire episode like the school girl ghost or the dead grandson. The school girl one almost made me cry too though. Such a sap!

      2. The first few ghost eppies were bit too long I agree (took away our OTP screen time?! lol) but the latest ones have been quite endearing to points that tapped into the mutual feelings and understanding JG and TY have for each other. Pretty stagey alright, but Hong Sis were never subtle or deep to begin with.

        LOL I’m so forgiving..

  3. This. You took the words right out of my mouth…. It is all about THEM, and for me at this moment, everything else around them could sail into the crapper and I wouldn’t give a toss!

    1. Aren’t they a gem together? Absolutely LOVELY!

      I’ve never really seen So Ji Sub this adorable and cute, and I can’t get enough of him! He’s always played dark and angsty (at least in the last 10 years), this refreshing side of him is making me see him a new light. Can only be a good thing. 😉

      1. I hear you. You’ve seen the BTS & interviews of them I’m sure right? He’s a giggling FOOL next to her! I’m inclined to believe its the magic of GHJ rubbing off on him in a good way. Either that, or those two need to go out on date pronto.

      2. I’ve seen their most recent, and laughed like a loon! They’re obviously having too much fun with their skinship even the director/crew/host think they’re going overboard with their sugarchummy interactions. Thanks to GHJ, who’s such a goof around everyone. She just posted a buddy pic with SIG on her me2day, shoooooo cute! I’d like to be besties with her, sure would be heck lotsa fun!

      3. I love his ‘get out/get lost’ hand motion. I wonder if he just instinctively did that and they were like ‘oh let’s keep that!’ or if it was in the script since it’s kinda become his characters shtick now in every episode. Seeing SJS play it cute just warms my little heart. I’ve always loved him shitty dramas and rap videos be damned! When I heard he was doing this I was seriously worried but I hope this makes casting people give him some new choices rather than angsty guy who dies 90% of the time. If nothing else that is at least one thing the Hong sisters might have accomplished with this show!

      4. SJS and GHJ did mention about his hand-flick gesture in their most recent interview. If I am not wrong, it was never in the script. Both of them discussed on how to incorporate something to make the expression more effective, guess SJS came up with it and decided to just keep it. I really like that gesture so much, to the point I find myself doing it unknowingly at times. LOL

        And cute SJS should forever be cast in cutesy fun stuff from now on. I just can’t get his cutish smile out of my brain. SHOOOO ADORABLE. Darn Gong Hyo Jin really gets the best of everyone.

        If I have time I’ll translate their latest interview. They’re so incredibly chummy and adorable together you can’t help but think far far away. ;P

  4. Finally, My long wait for So Ji Sub doing a romcom has been paid off sof far… LOL
    And I’m glad My dreams come true (I mean, He really doing a good rom com aka awsome OTP) ! I really need something fluff right now, and Master sun come in the right time! I love you hong sister! Hahaha..

    To be fair, I really have an allergic for horror show… Since watched Shutter movie, I have a phobia watching horror genre, buahahaahha silly me… So I get the courage to watch TMS and trying to ignore all ghost silly stuff LOL… ANd thanks god, it works…

    Best love’s OTP didn’t work for me (I didn’t felt GHJ and CSW’s chemistry together), so I’m abit skeptical about this pairing at first…. but thanks God, They prove me wrong

    1. Shutter was terrifying huh? I still remember one particularly frightening scene, the image still vivid and clear in my mind. Aiks.

      You didn’t like Best Love’s OTP? I adored them to bits, though CSW’s Dokko Jin was a tad too childish at times. I think TMS’s OTP banks a lot comfort and ease between the actors, that’s why their sparks make us go GAGA. GJH has always been known to be really good in making people feel comfy, her aegyo and funny, just so effortless and natural. If she can make SJS laugh like a mad loon, she can tackle anyone.

      1. “If she can make SJS laugh like mad loon, she can tackle anyone.” – Loved that. Gong Hyo Jin is at her best in this drama. I enjoyed her previous works (Best Love & Pasta), but with Master’s Sun, she literally shines bright like Tae Yang!

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