Namgoong Min and Lee Young Ah’s Unemployed Romance


ADORABLE, absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! <33333

Remember how much we hated, loathed and detested but still lovedddddd to death Maru oppa in CYHMH? Remember the man’s exceptional performance in the drama, that drained our tears ripped our hearts, and made us root for his character to undying end? Remember how we wanted him to get the girl in Cheongdamdong Alice? Yes, Namgoong Min has finally landed himself a long overdue leading role, alongside the ever bubbly Lee Young Ah in upcoming rom-com Unemployed Romance.

And you won’t believe how adorable he is, being all cute and funny!

Drama is gonna be a straight up rom-com, involving 2 ex-high school lovers who bump into each other years later today – at an employment benefits office. DB has written about it here, which I believe is more than enough to get you into the story.  But yes yippeeeee yes, I’m so happy and delirious that NGM has finally got himself a leading role, albeit in a drama which is to be aired in an entirely new and unknown cable channel – E Channel.  Cable or not, it doesn’t really bother me, and I care shit about ratings, so I’m back to being all jumpy and excited!

The cast had a script reading session a few weeks ago, and while everything was pretty much under the radar with all other so called mega hits in the making like (eg. Heritors) hogging the limelight, I still managed to grab some really adorable stuff BTS. The synopsis pretty much spells everything out and we know how things will end up for the OTP, for sure. But apparently LYA had too much fun doing her script reading that she did this: –

No joke!

It was even in the news, that she surprised everyone with her spontaneous “enactment” of that certain scene in the script during rehearsal… which got NGM all shyyyy smiley! lol I always love it when drama casts get along well and can flaunt chemistry whereever and whenever they want. And judging from that one alone, I can already sense sparks flying all over! <333

Some cute BTS from the script reading session and the poster shoot to quench your thirst a bit hehehe.









Unemployed Romance premiers in October.

credits: E-Channel / dramacube / krdrama / LYA baidu bar/ photos and video as tagged


15 thoughts on “Namgoong Min and Lee Young Ah’s Unemployed Romance”

    1. I’m all for competition, I think it won’t be too hard given LYA’s bubbly nature. And Maru oppa going all aegyo, cannot wait! I’m looking forward to this more than the Heirs.

      1. Definitely looking forward to this more than Heirs. I guess with Heirs I’ll be more interested in the snarking part heh

  1. i cant wait for this!!!!!!!! ahh october come faster! i already put this down into my phone’s calender haha im super super excited XD hope it gets picked up and subbed by a team *fingerscrossed* i have a feeling im going to be shipping these two so hard haha thanks for the info. cant wait for more updates 😉

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