Immortal Song 2: Jang Mi Hwa & Im Hee Sook Special


I’m a happy girl today. I’m uber thankful gratified and just overwhelmed with ecstatic feels. This post marks one of the many milestones I’ve reached with this blog of mine. It’s been 4.5 years and it’s still alive ongoing! I myself am surprised I lasted this long. But yeah, thanks to the wonderful and crazy TMS fans <33, my blog (specifically my TMS posts) hit the highest reading blog count in YEARS, 4000 hits contrary to usual 400-500 hits I get per day! I literally went o_____0 jaw dropped to the floor I couldn’t believe my eyes! What did I do to deserve such attention and love? What did I do to deserve such flow of readers? I know it’s just one single post, but it still tickles and excites me. And I don’t think I can ever reach such heights, ever again! Thank you sooooooo very much ppls and tweeples whoever and wherever you are. TMS and Joo Gun x Tae Yang for the wiinnnnnn! <333

I also got back to watching IS2 today, after weeeeeeeeeks of hiatus. Today’s KBS World IS2 episode was a feature on 2 legendary singers Jang Mi Hwa and Im Hee Sook. And as usual, I don’t have to reiterate. IS2 continues to rawk, and I continue to unearth and discover singers that I’ve never come seen or heard of. This special was absolutely da bomb, made me clap like a loon from beginning to end. No, there weren’t any particularly mindblowing like WOAH performances, the kind that you get from singers like ALi or Bada. But what I loved, all of the singers held their own, and rawked the stage as if it were theirs and theirs alone. Everyone showed what they were good and gave their best. I was a happy fangirl!

Hong Jin Young and Outsider (one of the most mindblowing speed rapper I’ve seen!) as pictured above won the trophy in the end, but as usual, if a performance touches and moves me, and gets me all high, singer is already a victor in my heart.

Check out all 6 performances below:

Gil-Me’s 내인생 바람에 실어

Her voice I would equate to the likes of ALi, but with more energy and edginess. It’s a simple song but heck I had so much feels listening to it.


Youme’s 사랑의 굴레

Queen of high notes. Nuff said.


Cho Jang Hyuck’s 어떻게 말할까?

The reason why I love IS2, because I just found myself another uhhhhhmazing singer.


EXO Baek Hyun and Chen’s 진정난 몰랐네

The rookies were the biggest surprise of the night, I was quite taken aback. Their harmony was lovely, though not the most solid out of the bunch, they held their own very well. So well I think it’s my favourite performance of all.


JK Kim Dong Wook’s 내 하나의 사람은 가고

The only reaction I could garner from his performance —> o_______0 jaw drop!


Hong Jin Young and Outsider’s 안녕하세요

I didn’t think Hong Jin Young was as good as the rest vocally, but the performance, especially DJ Outsider’s rap, was spectacular and awesommmmmmeeeee! His rap alone deserved that win.

credits: 재민 이 @ youtube


3 thoughts on “Immortal Song 2: Jang Mi Hwa & Im Hee Sook Special”

  1. Did you watch it? Did you watch it? IS2 on KBSWorld today where Dong Ha bettered his previous record by ONE point?! Best performance ever when he sang WITH his idol Kim Hyun Sik.. Oooh, I’m so excited and still spazzing about it 🙂

    1. I did, no doubt a very powerful singer, am always amazed by his vocal range. But still liked MMJ’s emotional performance a tad more, he always gets to me.

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