The Master’s Sun KISS BTS [Eng Translated]

Just cos I flail happy watching these 2 interact!

Translations [Starting from 00:50]

Screen: TMS Set – JG and TY’s first kiss

Director: *directs SJS and GHJ on how to do the scene* It feels a bit…

Director: You have to hold her like that… and you fall on him..

GHJ: Why are you standing like that? You’re just like a tree.

GHJ: Oppa shouldn’t you be hugging me?

[GHJ is a bit shy, but Gong Shil seems to be very happy about it.]

GHJ: *taps on SJS’s shoulder* Oppa did you see that?

[Kissing scene]

SJS: Why are you laughing?

GHJ: Didn’t you laugh too Oppa?

[Next “fake kissing scene”]

SJS: *curious what’s going on [GHJ was supposed to fall on his shoulder but I think she forgot lol]* What’s going on?


Director: You’re supposed to fall on him.

GHJ: Ahhh, I was supposed to fall on him.

[GHJ made another mistake.]

[Next ” kissing scene”]

[SJS’s lips seemed to have turned red – from GHJ’s lipstick I suppose LOL]


All: Naughty hands!

SJS: Naughty hands?

SJS: Then I should have slipped them into her dress.

*SJS and GHJ break into immense laughter.*

credits: Joo Won Lala’s Youtube / Chinese translations


20 thoughts on “The Master’s Sun KISS BTS [Eng Translated]”

    1. No probs, I welcome skepticism! heee~~

      I think SBS is really going all out to milk this drama, for whatever it’s worth, they know the drama and OTP are receiving so much love, why not for them? As long as they get the ratings, the attention etc, no reason for them not to ride on the popularity.

      But I have no doubt in my mind that both leads and the cast are having a great and fun time together. It just shows, from their interactions and expressions. I can tell those fun and laughter, they’re genuine and real. And that’s all I ask for, nothing more nothing else. Not expecting things to go from reel to real, but if SJS gains a kickass fun friend like GHJ, all the more man, all the more. XD

  1. I’m enjoying your TMS spazz more and more
    GHJ and SJS is so comfortable with each other….it will be blasphemy if TMS have only one kiss or two for this otp… I demand make out scene… Lol….

  2. I think I should stop feeding because if they don’t happen for reals, people are gonna cry! lol

    Why is PD-nim/writer so stringent on kisses? So Ji Sub is one major hot kisser but they choose to make him kiss without movement in here arhhhhh… if only they’d seen this:

    1. I won’t cry if it doesn’t happen, I assure you. So you can keep feeding me :). Can’t speak for anyone else though.

      Yeah, why so tame?? Now that we have not one, but TWO face-plant/brick wall kisses, we need a hot sexy one. Damn, we are so hard to please! haha

    2. Now when I reminisce Hong Sister’s past project, their OTP kiss scene hardly a HOT one… their recent project (best love and BIG) have improve abit though, at least there is a movement…. and PD Jin Hyuk is not an allergic making a HOT kiss scene… so there is a hope… LOL

  3. I’ve been reading fan accs from shooting locations regarding the two leads, over on dc gallery etc, and it seems like these are not gimmick or stunts by SBS, they ARE really close off-camera. The words “good atmosphere between the two” popped up many times in different accounts. Reel to real or not, they definitely have a good relationship off cam,whatever it is. Not just between the two but also with the directors and crew members apparently. I’m enjoying the drama so much, I think the awesome atmosphere on set translates onto the end product we get to watch, so it’s all good. 🙂

    1. Yeap agree the interactions are real and genuine, and thru the drama we see it as well. Just that SBS’s been reallllly kind with the BTS releases that some tend to be curious they question the reason. I dun really care as long as my OTP cast crew and everyone are having one heck of a fun time together!

      1. Their strategy of releasing OST (Monday), BTS (Monday or Tuesday), Preview (Tuesday or Wednesday) is obviously working very well…XD I don’t care for the reason of releasing the BTS, just release as much as they can! Muahahah. And is it just me or is there an incredible amount of OST for this show? The instrumentals are an insane load when compared to other dramas.

        That said, please feed us! Don’t think any of us will cry, at least not yet hehhehs! I’m waiting to hear your thoughts on the baby/oppa BTS XD

      2. Me too. I would like to hear your thoughts on the latest Baby-Oppa BTS. I have gone nuts with this drama. Oh well, particularly the OTP. I don’t recall ever watching this much interaction between co-stars, at least, this kind. I do agree, their interactions look genuine. SJS seems to be having a great time.

      3. Mind is blank, no thoughts other than they’re soooo hilarious together! XDD And I never knew SJS was good with ad-libs

        The whole focus of the interview was how he’d, out of nowhere, ad-libbed the “Aegi, come with Oppa’ line. That’s the reason why everyone burst into laughter in the BTS, noone saw it coming, and I think neither did SJS lol

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