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Seoul must have done something to me, to my head, I think I miss it too much to keep talking raving spazzing about the memories there. A week has passed and me my friends and I cannot get our experiences out of our head. We cannot stop T_____T It’s not much different a city from let’s say HK or Singapore, except it’s bigger more massive more crowded and condense, but there’s just a lil bit of me in there, not wanting to leave, somewhat rooted in the place. Perhaps it’s the K-dramas, the familiarity of what has followed me for almost 15 years, I felt at home. I felt I’d never left.

And when I said Seoul must have done something to my head, it did. I am now, actually very much out of my mind crackstatically addicted to a MAKJANG drama! Yes, I spelled it right, MAKJANG! The very combi of everything dramatic histrionic cliche and stereotype that you can ever find in a K-drama (you can name it this drama prob has it all) – SECRET.

And oh yes Secret is fascinating, it is. Caveat: Nothing about the plot is creatively new or fresh, it’s makjang, what can one expect from it? I bet a lot of people were turned off by the synopsis in the first place (when it came out), veering off right away, knowing how much of suspension of belief would be required to actually buy into something this far-fetched and unbelievable. Yes it is ridiculously impossible and unbelievable, and still very much so 6 episodes in.  With MORE to come. This is the time to stop if you’re already rolling your eyes and banging your head on the wall LOL

But what works for me in this drama? Everything. Ze makjangness.

Secret JS

I don’t know if this qualifies as a good makjang or anything, I just know it taps into MY emotions like a prickly rose, as I ache feel horrible and terrible for all the characters for what they had and have to endure in here. It’s a drama I’m watching with my heart and not my brain. Never have I felt so overwhelmingly connected to all 4 main characters in a drama (who are not all saintly or nice) at the same time, all of them are poor tormented souls who have no firm grip of their lives, who have no control over what they want. And you don’t want to be in their shoes.

The notion of 2 unlikeliest people falling in love with each other – it’s out in the open so blatantly impossible. They both know it’s impossible, and though it’s not happening yet, it will somehow, it’s gonna be very interesting and intriguing to see how it will happen. There is a certain pull and appeal – to how blatant hatred and resentment can turn into something more affectionate and emotional, dangerous but fascinating. There’s a saying that hate and love are both separated and defined by a thin line, it’s easy to muddle and mix that you have no idea what you’re feeling for the other. The feeling is strong, but what is that?

I love love love the OTP’s entanglement and their dangerous connection with each other. It thrills me even more because a lot of things are out in the open for Min Hyuk (he knows about Do Hoon) but yet he can’t help but be obsessively affected. I’ve come to a conclusion and agreement with Se Yeon’s words to him, that he is not dwelling in sadness, but merely finding a reason to evade responsibility and guilt over Ji Hee’s death. It’s a very profound statement and I think Min Hyuk is very aware of it, that it’s true but he cannot let go. That’s why I find his obsession over Yoo Jung particularly interesting. I don’t think he has developed anything affectionate for her yet, be he is very aware and conscious about her being. All those years of stalking and controlling of her life, it’s sickening and it’s wrong, but somehow it works very well for me (such a sadistic person I am). It was and has been the only way for him to keep up with life, have a resolve and do something. In a way (a good one), she was the very motivation for him to pick up and not waste his life away. He’s our anti-hero, who has no qualms about using and crushing lives of others, but deep down inside, behind the facade of his, you sense a softness and vulnerability that noone has yet to touch (probably not even his beloved Ji Hee). Ji Sung is nailing the complexity well, and his eyes and gazes show how much he’s got in him. I think he’s far better doing roles like these, because he’s able to convey a complex mix of emotions in his eyes alone and I like when I am made to guess. And his chemistry with both leading ladies are fantastic, not the over-palpable kind but the slow brewing sexy kind. Darn lucky Lee Bo Young, what a hit couple they are, killing ppl everywhere this year!

Secret 4

Yoo Jung is much more typical that we think, but I love her character’s strength and resolve to move on amidst all that she has had to endure. She may be viewed as the damsel who needs rescue all the time, but what she had to go thru, it’s devastating and brutally unimaginable her acts and reactions they are pretty reasonable and realistic to me. So very makjang yeah right. Her sacrificial ways, it’s saintly and foolish, but admirable in the context of the drama – not because she was forced or co-erced or tricked to doing all those things, but she did out of genuine love. Believe it or not, yes, we have a Saint Yoo Jung here – who will do anything and everything for the one she loves. Hwang Jung Eum is doing a good job, considering the exhaustion of tears she’s had to toil over in this drama. I’m actually surprised that she still manages to make me feel for her, despite her long-time take on such characters. People might not like how she appears a bit botoxy and stiffy, but she works wonders for me because even though she’s done it, she kills her emotions all the same. I am sold and I totally buy her pain. I don’t know whether YJ’ll really move on from Do Hoon for good, he’s been in her life for as long as she can remember, she made him who he is today (Mr. Prosecutor). But it’s her relationship with Min Hyuk which I dig so much, their dynamics make for sumptuous delicious makjang-fest but I dig it so much. It’s again the notion of falling for someone impossible, the person whom you owe your life to, the person whom you should hate for having made your life so miserable (Min Hyuk was the cause of her misery 100%). It’s dangerously alluring, somewhat sickening, and so complicated, can both of them accept what cannot be and defy all odds? I’m all for it!

Secret 3

Do Hoon is the most interesting character so far, not just because he’s all broody, but there are so many layers to him that make him a difficult character to grasp. I think he genuinely treasures Yoo Jung and truly feels sorry for what he’s made out of her. Although it’s not something I condone, it’s wrong I know, but we all know Min Hyuk had a play in it as well. The intrigue and pull of his character is that he isn’t carved out to be someone nice or entirely evil, there are greyish layers to him that make him likeable and despicable at the same time. I feel sorry for him because of his inability to do something he wants out of his own, and is always subject to control that he cannot escape from (his superior and Min Hyuk). Bae Soo Bin does a wonderful job (in fact the best) in making this character distinct from the rest. He taps into those minute details of emotions perfectly and he runs away with them. It’s hard to hate him, just look at his eyes, I just cannot.

Se Yeon on the other hand, toughie with so much to offer but cannot reach out to Min Hyuk. Funny how Lee Da Hee managed to score 2 watchable dramas (IMO) both with Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young (for IHYV). I don’t think there’s much going on with her acting in both dramas (pretty much the same), but I like how her character’s crafted here. She’s strong willed and capable and does not bow down like a weakling. She acknowledges that life cannot be the way she wants but tries to cope as much as she could. I often feel bad that she has to deal with a hard to grasp Min Hyuk, not knowing where he’s going, but still hangs on for the feelings she has harbored towards him for so long. I’m also not very sure what writer wants to do with her and Do Hoon (there’s just something in the way he looks at her, thanks to gorgeous Bae Soo Bin gazing!) that makes me wish for something to spark off between them (okay I admit I also want it to happen because I love the main OTP too much though nothing has happened yet lol).

Ji Sung

It’s all makjang alright, it makes for good raving and ranting! But the one good thing I can say, that every actor in this drama are very in sync with their characters and their dynamics with each other. It can be Ji Sung with HJE or LDH or BSB with both ladies, they all have very comfortable and easy chemistry with each other. The guys are especially killing it with their intense gazes, and the girls are doing their parts fine, responding with the right amount of intensity. This drama is predictable in its course of direction, but the alluring thing – you don’t know what to expect from its execution. It may not be a subtle drama at all means, but if the theme of mutual understanding and redemption can be tapped on right here, I ask for no more.

I hope my 6-ep rave doesn’t jinx this drama because it always goes downhill whenever I start liking one. I’m genuinely addicted and drawn to the premise of this drama and I can only hope writer nim milks whatever’s worth out of it. I am already imagining Min Hyuk and Yoo Jung making out, please control me pervy MIND! Damn!

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41 thoughts on “Secret of Makjangness”

  1. Tbh, I thought the first 2eps were not good at all but Bae So Bin’s character made me keep watching. Now you can say I’m kind of very very curious to see what happens to these four.
    At first totally didn’t like the intended OTP but at the end of ep6, I have seen the light at the end of tunnel. I admit, I can’t stand HJE’s acting and her hyper cheery characters has always irritated me but somehow her sad, tortured and emotionaly in pain character here is not bothering me at all and I have learned to accept her.
    What’s is attracting me to Secret till now are the second characters. I was sad that Bae So Bin has chosen a similar character to ’49 Days’ but after just one ep I could see how different this character is. Exactly as you said.His Character has depth and so many layers. I think it’s the most developed character of the whole drama. You totally understand his pain and sympathise with him and can’t bring yourself to hate him. And Yes! The way he looks at LDH’s character? Swoons! I think BSB is doing what Ji Sung is suppose to do in selling his character to me right now. I hope it stays strong character till the end. Be it good or be it evil.
    Let’s see where this drama take us. Loved reading your thoughts. 🙂

    1. Awww thanks!

      The first 3 eps were typical introductory, I did zone in and out a few times. But you’re right that the recent eps have notched things up a lot more, with the entanglement of our 4 main characters coming into play. The intrigue lies on the fact that we don’t know how and what the MEN are really thinking in here, and what they will do to achieve their goals. The girls are pretty easy to read because we know what they want at this point in time.

      Bae Soo Bin has always been a solid actor, but never really got to me until 49 days. There is indeed a difference to his character in there and Do Hoon because in the former he was outright despicable with malicious intentions. Here we get to see or somewhat justify why he’s acting the way he is. Unacceptable but still understandable in some ways. I am sure they will write him evil later on, but at least we kind of witnessed how and why in the beginning episodes.

  2. Very well written, chingu!! I can’t coherently express my thoughts about Secret so it’s great to be able to read your thoughts 🙂

    I would say out of the four leads I find Ji Sung rather under-performing. I wish I could see more depth in his performance, and I guess having Bae Soo Bin on his side really make a comparison visible.

    1. Aww thanks, I just had to! It’s THAT addictive.

      I would call Ji Sung’s acting the surface kind, but still manages to get points and emotions across, and I’m totally fine. I think the best I’ve seen from him was in Royal Family (that was INTENSE) in which he had to tap into his ugliest emotions? His Min Hyuk’s very yummy and captivating though, and he also banks a lot on charisma – not complaining hehehe.

      We all agree on Bae Soo Bin. I feel he’s like Jin Tae Hyun who rises above any material given to him, main or supporting. IMO he’s got a quite an even screen time, just as much as JS and HJE and Secret, can’t ask for more. 😉

      1. Hi Ripgal,
        Glad that you’re back from your wonderful trip. I need to save up to go there someday 😦
        I haven’t watched Secret yet, but I might tune in for Ji Sung. I do agree with you, that his acting was best in Royal Family. Everything in that drama was messed up, but he and Yeom Jung Ah still kept me hooked to the very end!
        I hope you do mind me going off topic a bit, I think you asked me when we discussed Youth Medley, if I had watch Like A Fairytale yet. And sadly, the answer is no, but I try to squeeze in some time and watch it, since I read some great reviews for it. And now on to my other off topic question…did you get a chance to watch Heirs yet, and what are your thoughts on it?

      2. Thanks Audrey thanks, I had a wonderful time in Seoul/Jeju, I miss it so much T__T

        Yes please I’d love to discuss Secret, it may be makjang but there are some underling themes worth pondering and thinking over. Ji Sung’s not as compelling in here compared to his feat in Royal Family but there’s something about his character that intrigues, you don’t really know what he wants from the girl.

        And yes I’ve watched Heirs, and well just, MEH apart from the eye-candies. ❤

    2. Hwang Jung Eum and Bae Soo Bin definitely nailed their roles almost perfectly IMO.

      Ji Sung perform best when he is with Hwang Jung Eum. His eyes and body language sparks, it’s like she knows how the right way to play with him and he responds. In other scenes, he’s not bad but there’s still room to improve.

      Lee Da Hee is doing what she can with what she’s been given. Nothing spectacular but nothing cringe-worthy too. She gives me similar vibe with IHYV, feels kinda deja vu. She needs to broaden her roles in next projects.

      1. You’re absolutely spot with Ji Sung, his eyes do sparkle (somewhat glimmer) whenever he’s with HJE. The reason why I’m so captivated by them in here, hook line and sinker, the pull between them is strong and intense. Sometimes all I need, a strong bond between the chars, the acting can come later.

        So happy we share the same thoughts on BSB. He deserves the spotlight for once.

  3. ripgal, many thanks for your awesome post, which I so enjoyed to the point of posting a link to it in the Secret Soompi thread without asking you first – apologies for that. BSB is absolutely tailor-made for the complex role of DH and I won’t be surprised if the writer or casting director had insisted on his being cast for it. Nonetheless I’d still prefer him to act in a rom-com – in his next drama, please please BSB! If it’s OK with you, I’d like to post the link in BSB’s thread on Soompi as well. Many thanks.

    1. No problem, thanks for the appreciation. I see that you’re an avid fan of BSB, I am also glad he’s getting to show a lot more his skills in here. He just makes dark and complicated sexy. I remember swooning over him in 49 days, even though he was outright evil.

  4. Ahhh Hwang Jung Eum and her Yoo Jung make me cry every single episodes. She’s the epitome of this drama, where we all readily follows her journey until the end no matter what pains we may also feels for her.

    Korean netizens been buzzing quite loudly lately for her to get Daesang at this year KBS Drama Awards. If Secret stays this good, ratings keep leading, and her performance keep at the top, she will be one of strongest competitor for sure.

    1. Hi Mischa89, like you HJE made me cry during a number of her scenes (and I am not the type to cry easily). This is the very first time I’ve seen a drama of hers (I started to watch Secret mainly for BSB but have been blown away by HJE’s performance in particular ). Glad to hear about the buzz by Korean netizens – HJE deserves a Daesang IMHO (admittedly I’ve watched very few K-dramas).

      Hi ripgal – I don’t know if I checked Google correctly but your blog entry did not turn up in my search when I type “bae soo bin” – 24 hours search. Fortunately I read your response in tessieroo’s excellent blog post about Secret and visited your blog to see if you had posted your thoughts about the drama.

      1. Ahhhh thanks again you are too kind. 🙂 I may have more to say if Secret continues to be this addictive. Watch out for my long-winded posts then lol

        I like HJE a lot, though some ppl may lament abt her PS. I’ve seen most of her dramas and I liked her in all of them. She exudes warmth and sincerity in her acting and it can only be a good thing. Try Can You Hear My Heart, Golden Time or even Giant, those were dramas in which she managed to shine thru. She’s not as compelling in here but still doing fine.

  5. Thanks for the drama recommendations. I am such an obsessed BSB fan I watch his dramas only except for shows which I happen to catch on KBS World from time to time ((bad fan though – haven’t watched a few of BSB’s dramas eg Emperor of the Sea because he’s an outright villain there). I read comments from some people saying they wouldn’t watch Secret because they were put off by HJE’s PS and I thought it was such a silly reason. So it’s so good to learn that Secret is doing well ratings-wise (long may it continue) and that HJE is doing such an awesome job (I read the comments on viki about Secret – most of them love what they have seen so far – and so many people have been praising her acting).

    Hopefully Secret will continue to surprise us with many more twists and turns so that you’ll write more – but please writer/PD, don’t make DH (seem) any more evil than he is already …

    1. What I appreciate most about HJE is her sincerity and bravery, if I must say. As you say, she exudes warmth, sincerity, believability in her roles. Despite the PS, ironically she’s, I dare say, one of few K actresses who really brave to looks messy on screen. In CYHMH, she put bowl cut and almost never change her clothes. In GT bec. she’s an intern in Trauma Emergency Unit, she almost always appeared bare of make up and w/ messy hair. In FH 2, well we all know how her styles there. Here in Secret again she doesn’t afraid to looks messy, dirty, and don’t hold back on her crying.

      I find that traits of her more respectable than any other actresses who probably don’t do PS but always wants to look pristine in drama/movie, never considers what their characters living condition supposed to be.

      1. Yeah I don’t think she’s ever had a proper nice hairstyle, her FH2 do was the worst ever! lol But you’re indeed spot about her ability to shine through or at least get through to viewers despite her not so attractive images in her dramas.=She always gives her all and her best. I still think she could do better in Secret, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t making me feel for her. At least she sold her pain well, and I ached for her hard alright.

  6. i honestly forgot that this drama is a makjang LMAOO. *bangs head*
    but i must agree on you. i love YJ ‘s character so much that it rocks my soul everytime she’s on my screen. her smile , her tears, her bawling like crazy when she lost her child (for the first time).. and more on the list. i seldom cry in kdramas, ok in makjangs like this but Secret caught my heart !
    Thanks for the review, i had fun reading it! MORE i must say! ^_^

  7. When I first saw the first two episodes, I wasn’t impressed at all. But I decided to move forward with it in hopes that it’ll meet my expectation. Fair enough, it did. And I’m extremely addicted after last week’s episode. I’m so antsy I right now… Is it really makjang to you coz I really can’t feel it… I really love that Min-Hyuk (aka V-neck oppa) is somewhat crazy and a little obsessed with Yoo-Jung. And I’m noticing a slight caring from him to her… The development of the story and that a little bit spark of love is emerging slowly and slowly.

    I really hope that Secret will keep up with the story, it reminds me that it’s worth putting Heirs aside just to watch it! And not forgetting, keeping Secret #1 watch drama 😀

    1. Right, thankfully I’m not the only one who’s crazily shipping Min Hyuk’s stalking! It’s so so wrong but yet I ship their crazy connection mad! So intrigued by the notion that his accustomed stalking of YJ has given him motivation to “live” and to do something about his life. So looking forward to the moment when he realises he’s stepped over the line.

  8. Thanks for a place to spazz with you, ripgal! You wrote how I feel so clearly.

    I pacman’ed all 6 episodes in a day, not stopping at all in 4, 5 and 6 to do anything else. This kind of experience is rare lately. Like you said, somehow the performances, script, music, pace have smoke and mirrors me into thinking this has not ALL been done before. But really, I am not sure there is a drama where the Avenger while torturing the Avengee made me go, “Awww. What a sweet stalker!”

    The other day, I had to step back a little in my own head while watching episode 6 and tell myself. “That woman just hugged a man’s knee, then said the words. “I will pay you back for my father’s surgery,’ and YOU DIDN’T even notice let alone turn the show off.”

    How are they doing this to us?

    I will definitely be back here to read more. I doubt this will go downhill. I get the feeling that the network will leave the creative team alone to finish what they started without much interference. As long as they can keep getting in their TGIF’s PPL, that is.

    1. Thanks jomo, crosses fingers that this will not go down the dumps *please*

      The premise isn’t new, the histrionics pretty much K-drama standards we know, but you’re somehow right there’s just something extraordinarily fascinating about this package. I didn’t roll my eyes at the coincidences and the dramatics, no facepalming or banging my head on the wall and trust me I usually do. I think it’s giving me a bit of CYHMH (one of my fav dramas) vibe meshed with an weird endearing feeling that I think I shouldn’t be feeling for some of the characters. It’s weird, but damn I’m loving this.

  9. Wow. It’s fantastic that Secret is becoming a hit drama even outside Korea! All the Korean netizens were discussing Secret last Wednesday and Thursday on DC, and specifically Hwang Jung-Eum’s acting. Honestly, I was curious why HJE got so much extraordinary praise, from BOTH the audience and the news reporters. (We all know that most of the Korean entertainment news are part of PR effort by the TV stations and production companies..) HJE is definitely not a type who wins “positive” attention from the viewers, with her PS and her background as an idol-turned-actress. I admit that I shun away from Golden Time and I couldn’t finish Can You Hear My Heart? because of her acting and her high-pitched voice. And I generally don’t like her face…

    I told myself that I would give it a try for the sake of Bae Soo Bin. Oh boy. Once I started episode 1, I couldn’t stop. Bae Soo Bin, as expected, is perfect. But I would venture to say that Secret, up until episode 6, is mostly HJE’s show. How did she manage to control and tune her voice? When did she become such a phenomenal actress from her HK2 days? I mean, for the crying alone, she presents different layers of emotions. The tears when she shreds when she is about to marry DH, and the sobbing when she mourns her son (I was completely shocked in episode 5–I haven’t seen such a visceral scene in years!) , and the hysterical moments she thought she lost her son..HJE portrays each scene with nuanced, understated emotion without losing the intensity. This is not an easy feat, especially given that YJ’s character is rather stereotypical. In short, HJE BLOWS MY MIND AWAY. I never would have imagined this would happen, since before this drama, I was completely indifferent to and even resistant to her screen performance.

    On the contrary, I am a bit disappointed at Ji Sung’s acting. For the first couple of episodes, he was quite out of the character. I guess he was (still is) very happy for his marriage? LOL I couldn’t blame him since Lee Bo-Young is an excellent actress even since her Harvest Villa days.

    Lastly, the success of this drama is greatly indebted to the directing, editing and music who transforms a “makjang” story into something watchable and even artistic at times. I am completely addicted to this drama now!

    1. Thanks ennui for your lovely comment, appreciation much! 😉

      CYHMH actually sealed my adoration for HJE, IMO she did fine there and had perfect wonderful chemistry with Kim Jae Won. But each to his/her own, I’m just glad people are now starting to give her credits for her acting ability instead of hogging on and on continuously abt her PS. While I don’t think she’s that great as people claim in Secret so far (I still think she tends to overact in certain scenes), I wholeheartedly agree on her crying scenes and the sincerity she infuses into every single one of them. The part when she cried over the loss of San, was indeed one of her best acting performances in this drama. It was a utterly heartbreaking enactment of loss and drained hope. She sold the pain very well.

      I am not surprised people are harping about her performance in recent episodes, to be honest none of the KBS dramas this year had TRULY solid female performances (even the highly anticipated Son Ye Jin in Shark and Kim Ok Bin in BAP just did okay). I think if Secret continues to do well, HJE may stand a chance at the year end awards.

    2. ripgal, thanks again for a space where I can read people’s thoughts and insights on Secret. Is it OK if I tweet the link to this post – would love for more people to read it. Thanks.

      1. Yep. I’m still in drama-dom alright. I usually just watch kdramas now. I don’t have time to go to forums anymore and soompi is just waaaaaaaay too different nowadays. (What’s up with the no posting of links rule? HAHA. Before I usually get all my resources there but now they’re not allowed. Weird.) Anyway, I am only able to watch the good ones now, law school is still sucking up all of my free time. I can only watch one drama at a time now. Can’t juggle more than that. HAHA. I’m still loving Secret after the last two episodes which just aired. Sometimes the editing could be a little bit more seamless and things can get repetitive, but yeap still hooked. Especially after the last scene in the E10. Gawd. I can’t wait.

        Heirs is all eye candy for me right now. Intriguing. That’s just about it because like you said nothing really happens. Last episode? Good? Hmmmmmmm. I don’t know. I’m kind of iffy about the last episode. I feel like it’s all about to go the BOF route. It’s starting to give me that vibe. And I’m not liking it at all. I’ve also been downloading MHIYD. But, haven’t started it yet.

        P.S. I knoooooow it’s been AGEEEEEEEEEES. I miss you and the other bat-sh!t crazy LDH fangirls. HAHA. Are you still keeping contact with Amber and the rest of the bunch?

      2. I’m starting to think the same, that it’s getting a tad bogged down by repetition of sasaeng MH stalking YJ, he really doesn’t have to work eh lol but if that’s what’s gonna make him realise his “true” feelings for YJ so be it (but you only have 6 more eps drama!). And yes, still hooked.

        Haven’t seen 5 or 6 of Heirs yet, but not being very hopeful. Will be dropping for good if these 2 eps continue to bore. Eye-candy regardless.

    3. ennui, ennui, excellent post! Especially love the part about BSB since I am somewhat obsessed about him. HJE has been amazing thus far, she IS YJ, so completely immersed in the role. Love love the two OSTs as well.

      Let’s hope Secret continues to be as compelling and watchable!

  10. I’m so glad I’m not the only one in love with this drama. I was googling it trying to find blog posts about it, but couldn’t find any! Luckily, cynkdf (up above) told me about you and Couch Kimchi’s blogs, so phew, I’ve found some!

    You’re so right about Do Hoon, I have no idea what to think about him. I’m calling him the Evil Prosecutor but that’s very much a simplification. He does truly feel guilty for what he’s done to Yoo Jung (including killing her dad), and he would have stuck by her and married her because of that guilt. I’m so glad Yoo Jung left him, because he was never going to leave her.

    I never have a clue what Minhyuk is thinking. He’s always watching her. I want to know what he thinks is his reason for always following her around. Even if you tell yourself you need to get revenge, does that really explain driving her to a morgue to find her dead dad? And I think he’s just confusing Yoo Jung, lol

    1. Awww you guys are too kind, I love rambling non-stop, you might find me too long-winded and pointless LOL

      Apart from being total eye-feasts, the men do get us all pumped up with their intentions and motivations no? It’s like you never know what they will do next, esp Do Hoon, who seems to be trapped in dilemma, between his past/guilt over YJ and his budding/growing ambition to be someone more powerful. It’s interesting to see how YJ will come back into his life (most prob thru MH) and how he will deal with her. Even better, MH knows about them, all about their past.

  11. Jo, hagrid here. OMGAHD. I can’t believe you’re watching this too. Last weekend I got a glimpse of this drama in its weekend rerun at KBSWorld. It was episode 4, I think. And boy, I got hooked. Right there and then, I downloaded it and wolfed it all down in one sitting (although I skipped episodes 1-3). I love it. It’s the typical revenge drama, but I love the gut-wrenching anticipation of the time when he’d learn the truth. I can’t wait how his guilt and regret would later on eat his heart out when he realizes the truth. UGH. I can’t wait. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m more excited for it’s next episode more than I am excited for Heirs.

      1. Heirs is so lull nothing happens! I wish I can be a lil bit more invested but MEH (the only character I care a tad more about is Young Do) – but heard latest ep is good?

        And yay hagrid, are you still in drama-dom?! It’s been ages chinggu AGESSS! So happy you’re also on the Secret wagon, more to anticipate definitely!

  12. I was so looking forward to this show because I thought it would be cracktastic over-the-top makjang shenanigans where I could check my brain at the door and just enjoy. Plus I have always liked Ji Sung and have a soft spot for HJE after her being in Giant. However, I don’t know what they were thinking with that first episode?! I literally turned it off within 20 minutes my first time watching it. The opening scene was so silly and then there was the party scene which IMHO was unnecessary. I get that they were trying to show how Min Hyuk was unhappy with his life no matter how many women he seduced or how much money he had but they just did it in such a cheesy way with him stealing the woman’s clothes etc. Him manhandling the leading lady didn’t in that first episode didn’t help either! I hate when kdramas do that. GRR.

    BUT you convinced me to give it another shot, damn you, and I am sooo addicted. it is one of those shows I’m embarrassed to admit I enjoy but just can’t help myself! i am VERY interested to see how this OTP’s romance is going to play out. Talk about twisted! His reaction when he finds out how he persecuted her when she was actually innocent is going to rock my socks off (or so I hope)! I love big dramatic reveals!! So yes I am on this train to crazy town with you. ❤

      1. I should have waited until it was completely aired and marathoned it. Barely hanging on for episode 11 and there was no preview. WAH

        Off topic but curious what your opinions on Scandal are? Guess it hasn’t got you addicted. I loved it personally. Best role Kim Jae Won has had BY FAR! Plus the veterans were so good.

      2. My fault chinggu, my fault! HAHA.

        I still have Scandal on my list, just that I have no time! >.< Been concentrating more on the recent and shorter dramas. Watched the first 3 eps and so far just okay, was impressed with the veterans, that's abt it. But ppl have been raving abt it so I'll be keeping that in until I get all the eps downloaded.

      3. Yeah I wasn’t impressed with Scandal at first either but it gets GOOD. Plus every time you think you know where they are gonna go with something and do the usual makjang cliche thang they surprise you. So definitely let me know what you think when you do get around to it. 🙂

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