The Pursuit of Happiness 愛的生存之道


So much in so little, the simpleness painting so much, why can’t K-drama posters be this gorgeous and understated? Love love love it!

The Pursuit of Happiness  愛的生存之道 is giving me lots and lots, endless good feels. It’s not WOWOW stellar amazing in any way, I wasn’t blown off the bat or anything. A bit rough around the edges (some silliness exaggerated) but not without merits, it taps on very normal simple things though the dramatics and cliches cannot be spared. I just like it the way it is, simple without overstating, relatable without being over-glossy or sugary. I also cannot shake off the eye-candiness invading my screen (seriously, Sonia Sui and Tony Yang make a delicious yummy gorgeous pair, they’re so beautiful I just can’t!), love how awesomely normal and down to earth their characters are. Finally we have a hero and heroine who are individually awesome, and independent of each other. It’s a very slice of life drama, with the mood and tone down the the lines resembling that of In Time With You, breezy and comfy.

I don’t have much to say really TBH, the drama tells its story in a very matter of fact way, and nothing is too hard to grasp. The main and supporting characters are likeable (thus far) and nobody and nothing is grating enough to make me stop.  I especially love Lei Lei’s family, and the mode of support  they have for each other, her mother is also so much fun that it tickles to the bone (in fact the actress is always daebak in playing such motherly roles I LUB HER!). There is a lil bit of everything, from heart to warmth that you don’t really get to feel from dramas nowadays, maybe it’s the directing or the writing, you feel comfortable watching, nothing too drastic or dramatic, am not made to pull any hair or head-bang on the wall yet. The acting is also good, not truly outstanding, but it’s easy to relate and feel for our characters, even the secondary ones. Of course I do think TW dramas could do better with better trained or skilled supporting actors, but it’s all decent so far.


Falling in love through mutual understanding and caring for each other, one of my fav drama themes though pretty much the most conventional and commonplace. The drama already places both Yi Kang and Lei Lei at parallels and it resonates easily because of their similarities. Watching them find consolation with each others’ help, you already love it don’t you? I just hope it continues to maintain the normalness and not go down with unnecessary histrionics and manufactured angst. I can do melo anytime, K-drama has trained me well enough, but if it goes crazy with stupid cliches and stereotypes later, we can say bye bye. Crosses fingers!

The drama also benefits from an awesome opening song 在你身邊 By Your Side, sung by the talented singer songwriter Wei Li An 韋禮安, one of the best drama OSTs I have heard as of recent:-

credits: pictures as tagged / youtube


6 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness 愛的生存之道”

  1. I really liked the first episode (just saw yesterday) i am so looking forward to what will come next, I hope it keeps getting better.
    And i so agree about the mother and Ost 🙂

    1. Yay you’re watching too! Don’t you love how understated and normal our main characters are? I hope they stay the way they are until the very end. 😉

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