Yeon Woo’s Summer 연우의꿈


One thing about Drama Specials, they’re always good hearty stuff, if not, qualitatively better than what we have on TV right now – most definetely. More humanistic, real and heartfelt.  With more exquisite and focused direction, and most importantly, GOOD MUSIC. That’s the good thing yeah. The bad thing – it’s so short, too short that I end up crying craving wanting for more T___T. And I can’t freaking do anything about it! It was better with Like A Fairytale and Medley of Youth because they were 4-parters and I had time to part ways, but here Yeon Woo’s Summer, arrghhhhh, it was one heck of a fine piece, I loved it just as much as LaF and would rate it just about the same, but too short and I craved. ;/ I craved hard for so much more.

Don’t get me wrong, the ending was perfection in its own lil unique way, and made me smile so wide I couldn’t keep my mouth shut for hours until I slept. The beauty in it was that it didn’t attempt to show us what happened, but merely gave us what and how Yeon Woo felt. And I felt was very apt, given how the story is crafted for and titled after her character. 1 hour and I felt I’ve been with Yeon Woo, by her side, and have known her since forever.

I don’t and am not kidding here, this drama is so sweeeeeeeet your teeth will decay of cavities, trust me. Of course it’s not without tears and angst, you know K-drama haha. But yeshhh, you’ve got to watch this to believe how unbelievably endearing and warm this it is, a look into Yeon Woo’s summer, and her experience with the people she meets along the way. The premise isn’t very original, you’d have probably have seen this a few several times on TV. But the execution is so smooth and grounded you forget you’re actually watching something, but experiencing it.

Yeon Woo’s Summer is also a story about knowing who you are, where you are in your life, experiencing love, and about being yourself when in love. So many things are highlighted in 1 hour, from Yeon Woo’s realisation about how inferior she feels about herself, and to her wavering self-esteem when faced with the stark realisation that life is not always that simple. It is an introspective and articulate piece about exploring life ups and downs through experiences and people you meet, making you ponder about what really makes you happy. It’s that meaningful.


And the acting by Han Ye Ri as Yeon Woo is freaking fantastic, with such overwhelming charm and groundedness in her delivery. She nails cuteness without going over, and can cry like a champ. And her voice is so sweet and pure even I get cavities listening to her talk! I love how sweet and untainted she sounds, and how she doesn’t try overdo anything with it. She’s not conventional pretty or good looking in my eyes and to the Korean drama standards but I love how she works with her facial expressions, fitting them into the natural charm of hers. She’s soooo good, that she has now become a girl crush of mine. I’m gonna watch whatever I can get of her.

She also has really cute chemistry with rookie actor Han Joo Wan (whom you can probably recognize from King’s Family as player Sangnam), who isn’t all that bad an actor himself. It’s not the most intense or swoony romance ever, but just right, sweet and affecting enough to get me all swooooony shipping them puppy rainbows, despite reality. Both actors sync in perfect harmony and you the feels just overwhelm you when you see them interact. How I wish they had more time together, right, I wanted MOREEEE!

The best thing about this show apart from both Hans, the gorgeous score and direction. The combination is lovely, never overdone, over emphasised nor intrusive. Especially the part where Yeon Woo hums a tune playing her guitar, genuinely one of the purest and loveliest humming I’ve ever heard in a drama. Simple but soothing, and just about the type of music that you need in K-drama world! Not overplayed and hammed up K-pop music uhhhh.

Trust me, WATCH and you will LOVE THIS.  I cannot think of a reason why anyone would NOT.

And just so you already didn’t know, this was written by Yoo Bo Ra, one of Secret‘s co-writers (thanks to heads-up by cynkdf). ;P

My Rating: 8/10

credits: KBS World Youtube / pictures as tagged



10 thoughts on “Yeon Woo’s Summer 연우의꿈”

  1. Aw, thanks for the mention, ripgal. I’ve posted the link to your review in the Soompi Secret Love thread because based on what you wrote (and the comments section in that Youtube video), this sounds like a really good drama , and I hope at least one or two Soompi Secret addicts can tear themselves away from their investigation and watch the KBS Special instead.

    More later . zzzzzz time

    PS Thanks again for the cracktastic article about the MAN!

    1. No probs, you’re too sweet. 😉 I’ve been hearing good things about this short for quite some time, but your mention spurred me to get to it right away!

      Have you seen it yet?

      1. Dear ripgal – watching it now – but had to stop and post something 🙂 Without Googling .. I think I recognise the actor who played the seer in Dong Yi (had a scene or two with the Man 🙂 and then … you wanted this to be a surprise, right … the ex-cellmate of Yoo Jung, the gangster who became her friend (I like that character a lot) so had to post here. Now back to enjoying Yeon Woo’s Summer …

      2. Awesome drama – I want more! Acting, storyline, music – LOVE it. Thanks for the recommendation. Would love to see more of Han Ye Ri – really likable, and she’s a natural at acting (not that I am expert at judging, quite the reverse).

      3. Isn’t she? Such a surprising breath of fresh air, with such likeable charisma. 😉 She’s gearing towards more mainstream nowadays, her latest project – TOP’s new movie Alumni. Everyone’s going gaga over TOP and Kim Yoo Jung, but I’m gonna watch it for her ^^

  2. Thank you for the recommendation; I just watched it and loved it! Everything about it was great – acting, music, cinematography and of course the story. Wonderful way to spend an hour 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, and thanks a lot for giving it a try. I want more than anything now for this short to be seen because of its understated loveliness. And I also want people to know what they’re missing out – Han Ye Ri! She reminds so much of Gong Hyo Jin, the quirkiness and natural charm, and her voice, TO DIE FOR! <33

    1. I can understand why LaF may not appeal to some, the bitterness and reality of city/marriage life do ring close to heart and can make ppl very uneasy. But it’s exactly why I think the short is better and more realistic than a lot of stuff we see on TV, it takes a simple concept of love/family and weaves it into something more, a story with a message to ponder over, reality check. Not for everyone, but definitely one of my favs this year.

      Yeon Woo’s Summer is slightly fluffier and easy to digest I think, you may want to give this a try?

  3. Loved this charming little short. The dreamy scenes… The lead actress, lead guy and her together and the veteran actresses. Hwang Jungmin, Kim Hye-ok and Kim Young-ok. <33333333

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