Oppa YAH!


Oppa is the trend this year, it sure is.

Just when I thought nobody could beat or give Im Joo Hwan’s saintly brotherly character Jun Soo in Ugly Alert a run of his money this year, in comes a new contender for Best Oppa of The Year. Everyone’s been raving cookies and milk the past 2 weeks, TELL ME, who doesn’t want cookies and milk?!

Pretty tight competition Jun Soo, Oppa is pretty much awesomesauce here. No saint, but pure divine awesome.

Year 1994 is a toughie. Contrary to year 1997 which cemented the Backstreet Boys and Internet (a whole lot of influence there yeah), 1994 was pretty much vague bits and pieces of memories to me. I don’t really remember much about it other than that I was 8 and I’d moved to the house I’m living in, still. Prob that’s the reason why it wasn’t an immediate hook to me when I started Reply 1994, I yawned, nearly dozed off, I was bored. In short, it was a matter of – I couldn’t relate and connect to anything and anyone. 1997 worked because there were plenty of things that I knew and could recognize right off the bat, things that made our lives the way we are today. Not that I’m blaming writer1994 for the disconnect, it’s me problem.


Then magic happened, must be Oppa, it MUST BE! HE IS DIVINE! By the end of Ep 2, I was already a hopeless shipper of Oppa and everyone. Not just Na Jung. He is of course the most awesome with his ditzy crazy and brash sister, their rapport and wonderful chemistry filling every single space nook and corner, but he’s also a hoot with everyone else! Our loveliest parents played by the awesome parent duo, the boys and even his trash! His presence alone fills any void, with such lovable character and personality, making me smile glee squee from head to ear to toe, it’s hard to not adore him. I am so madly in love with Oppa. I don’t care about the fauxcest, I LOVE OPPA!

Enough with my cray cray over Oppa, the other characters are just as lovable and endearing enough for me to overlook nitpicky details. There are scenes tailored for me to understand and buy into the period but I can’t feel or connect with, but the characters sell their own personal stories decent enough for me to overlook. I loved the gang in R1997, part of the reason the drama scored so well with me, but I think I’m gonna love the R1994 gang even more, with personalities even more distinct and unique than the former, with rapport and dynamics far more interesting. I also love that our boys have nicknames (for obvious reason) that sound so effin stupid lol, half the time I was thinking maybe I’d never get to know their names until the very end, and honestly I don’t think I’d mind. Trash Oppa, Garbage Oppa, Samcheonpo, Hae Tae, Binggeure, Chil Bong…etc, whoever made up these names, way to go!


You know I wish I had a bro or boy-friend whom I could just go OPPPPPA-YAH. The way Na Jung calls her Oppa Oppa Yah and how he responds so obediently, I love it, I love IT! Everything about this relationship and this dynamic tickle and flutter me heart, not in the romantic way, but in the awwwww sweeeet sugary way. Like when someone does something nice for you out of nowhere, without obligation, purely genuine out of heart, isn’t that lovely?The endearment in their interaction, moves and touches me, and reminds me of my younger days with sista when we’d go all crazy and fun, when we’d just dwell in our own lil world with no caution and gauge of the RL world outside. Of course Oppa is a guy and things might be different, but it’s the family closeness that matters, and just like R1997, R1994 lives up just as much.

The boys and Yun Jin OTOH, make for spicier and interesting watch. I get some ppl might zone out easily from scenes not necessarily related to Na Jung and her possible OTPs, which are more focused on the trend and nuances of that period, somehow I feel the same way. There are some which I honestly skipped playing with my phone (mostly Na Jung’s fangirling Sang Min and the Seo Tae Ji scenes), but did sit through most of those focused on the boys and their teasings and banters. What is a family drama without the bromance eh? Love LOVE LOVE Hae Tae and Samcheonpo, this even more than R1997, because they are just so HILARIOUS together. LIke SO HILARIOUS I pee my pants. Their relationship I could connect with the most because of the similarities and differences they share, and can goof about like lil kids. Their awkward but cute interactions, gahhh, I cannot NOT picture them together, they’re meant for each other LOL And of there is Chil Bong who is like the sweetest nicest kindest character in the show, whom I think show’s pitting for as NJ’s future hubby (he’s seriously got the package inside out’) and Yoon Jin who isn’t as fleshed out yet.

Still nobody beats Oppa, because Oppa is fine, Oppa is awesome.


Writing and directing are both spot on (at least for me nothing bugs), and I sense the same amount of effort put into this package as much as that was poured into 1997. Though some references aren’t as significantly emphasised, I’m not very worried or affected. My expectations from 1997 have lowered significantly and TBH after 6 eps, I don’t even think much about the predecessor. The actors are more refined in here that has to be said. Though Go Ara did bug me in the beginning, with her over-zealousness, she’s settling in quite fine as Na Jung and is becoming even more a revelation of quirk and charm than I’d expected. I am very impressed and I like where she’s going. And she has plenty and overwhelming rapport with Jung Woo (icing on the cake!) who is such a natural himself. He eases SO WELL into Trash Oppa, and the best thing is that we don’t know this guy from anywhere (at least we knew Seo In Guk as a singer before) and all of a sudden he pops up and surprises us. He IS Oppa, and I cannot see anyone exert the same amount of Oppa-ish vibe and charm in this character as much as him. He is effortless. Then of course we have Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa the who make such an awesome pair of parents (finally I can get Ugly Alert Joo Young’s mom out of my head for a while u_@#@+#(+@)#)), Kim Sung Gyun as Samcheonpo who is as versatile as expected (he played a vile gangster in Nameless Gangster take that!), Yoo Yeon Seok, Son Ho Joon, Baro, Min Do Hee and the rest, they all blend in decently, and that’s as good as it can get for drama with a rookie cast. Can’t ask for more.

I don’t ask for more, I just want Oppa to win (though I don’t mind if Chil Bong cuts in the line for a bit hehe).

Oppa YAH!

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13 thoughts on “Oppa YAH!”

  1. OPPA-YAAA!!

    I can hear Na-jung’s voice screaming out calling for her oppa. Hehehe. I think I’m loving AM94 a little bit more than AM97 so far because of the characters. Well, the episodes are long compared to its predecessor, but I’m glad that the longer airing time gives me the opportunities to get to know more about the characters. Their inner conflicts are fun to watch, especially with the narration by the characters themselves (I guess that’s the reason I adore Samchunpo to bits :P). I’d love to stay to see how they grow out of their 20s to become those suited up gentlemen and fine ladies reaching their 40s. The hubby game is more like a side plot to me, but I still enjoy the thrill of decoding who’s the lucky hubby. My vote is still on Oppa-ya, though Chil-bong is so adorable! For me, nothing beats a kind man like our Trash Oppa-ya!

    *omg the comment turns out to be a little long. AM94 is my happy pill nowadays ;)*

    1. Don’t you love how they both call each other? Oppa-YAHHH and Jung-ah, so freaking awesomesauce! Esp the way Jung Woo says it, sooo brotherly and sweet. I also love how he’s so obedient whenever NJ asks him of anything. He may be a hoot and goofball, but he’s really the best Oppa and person around
      when ya need him.

      I also like the inner conflicts portrayed in the drama, it’s quite similar to R1997 but here they are more fleshed out and developed. It’s the period which I’m not very familiar with which draws me out for a bit (certain scenes), but overall I’m good.

      Samcheonpo in his 40s is so different, I wanna see how who and what changed him LOL

      1. How can I forget about ‘Jung-ah’ part? Yep, that’s the most adorable nickname for Na-jung that is exclusively for Oppa-ya’s use. Heee. And I can’t imagine him living without her, it’ll be hard without all her reminders and her wishes that need to be granted by him!

        Even if I’m not familiar with that era, I can relate to their personal stories, for instance Haitai’s worry when he can’t reach his mom 🙂 Simple but oh, the feelings hit home!

        Ahaha Samchunpo…he grows up to be more composed and calm, compared to his 20 y/o self. Hehe. Everyone is more matured and they only use their saturi once in a while..oh, they’re becoming true Seoulites!

  2. I want to hope Oppa will end up with Na Jeong… but I’m open to the fact that maybe it won’t be so similar to AM97 and as a twist, Chil Bong gets the girl… but I don’t really care… either of the two will do. 🙂

    1. I tried not to make a choice, I tried so hard. >.< I guess I'm also okay if Chil Bong or any other guy in the house gets the girl, they're all adorable in their own ways and more than anything, they're really sweet people. But I put my shoes in NJ's, I'd go for Oppa first. hehe..

      Unless they make Chil Bong the super sweet sacrificial guy, maybe..err… no, I'm still Oppa ship.

  3. Ever since the first episode, I’ve been calling my hub oppa-yaaaaa! It is just so fun!!! And I guess I’m gonna call my son the same too…. Just to build the mood before the weekend gets here ^^

    I think I’m gonna call my bro oppa-yaa too! Hah!

    And OMG I don’t know about you but I think AM94 is wayyyyyy jjang than AM97! They are a little more mature in their facial expressions but wayyyy high schooler behavior wise! And as much as I am shipping Trash oppa with Na Jung, somehow…. I get the feeling that Sam Cheon Po (fishing boy heir) may come back from behind and wins it all! The writers are trying to deceive us with Trash oppa since the beginning…. I know it is too soon but game on, sista! Game on!

    1. Samcheonpo the hubby?!! HAHAHA, that’s one twist I’d like to see. I’d be fun!

      Both R1997 and R1994 are charming and endearing in their own ways. The similarities are there, but I try not to compare, tendency to do so wanes once I see the characters in R1994 as one, their own. The indisputable is that the acting is much better and more refined here compared to 1997.

  4. Who doesn’t love Oppa-ya? I adore him and I want him to get the girl and I want to find someone like Oppa-ya in real life..
    Also really love all the characters and their interactions. They are funny and warm. The atmosphere that they have created is amazing.
    And what I love most about the drama so far is (apart from Oppa-ya!) all these little things that I can relate to, even though it is set almost 20 years ago. 🙂

    1. The cultural and trend part I couldn’t buy much, but the familial parts (esp Hae Tae calling his mom part) got to me pretty quick. It’s like a part and parcel of our own lives projected on screen, hearty and relatable.

      Jung Woo is on a roll, he has created an Oppa sensation never seen before!

      1. Exactly exactly.. I was talking about all the little things that happen in their lives, like Hae Tae calling his mom, going to study in a big city, etc that I can relate too not the cultural things, although they are fun to watch also..
        Such a heart warming story so far.. 🙂
        And Jung Woo does an amazing job.. Especially in episode 4, when (spoiler if you haven’t seen it) Na Jung tells him that she likes him (end of spoiler) his face is priceless!!

  5. I’ve never watched any of Jung Woo’s dramas/movies before but I took notice of him when he appeared on ‘Happy Together 3’ alongside other Lee Soon Shin’s cast. He was totally ADORBS there and I immediately, totally fell for his shy-laugh. And I knew I had to watch R94 eventhough I gave R97 a miss (wasn’t quite attracted to the cast) since this one not only has Jung Woo, but also Yoo Yeon Seok and Go Ara (slighttt girlcrush on her). While I tend to zone out in some parts during each episode (honestly think the >1hour length tad too long), but the fact that I’ve teared up couple of times when I’m only at Ep. 6 says something about the series I guess. LAVV IT 😀

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