Secret Secret Secret

Best Eppie 11, best scene, best acting by Hwang Jung Eum in drama so far (in fact in ages!).

Min Hyuk’s heading towards unknown territory with YJ invading his mind 24/7, and I JUST LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

That is ALL.  I want to say more but I can’t find words.


credits: DramaKBS @ Youtube


9 thoughts on “Secret Secret Secret”

  1. i too adore this show and i am so happy that you are talking about this. there is so little available on this show outside of soompi. i never thought i would get over the the glorious “golden empire” from earlier this year but i am seriously addicted to “secret.” i would love to hear your views on episode 11. also, i could not watch your clip since it was not available in my country.

    1. I loved Ep 11, it was the best so far, with great acting by the cast (esp HJE) coupled with the required intensity for all the characters to break loose and come to terms with reality for once. The clip I’d embedded above was MH and YJ’s first scene together at the beginning of the episode. My ultimate most favouritest moment of the duo in the show overall, even more than the almost kiss at the end. Loved how MH was there to witness YJ’s torment, and loved how he reacted to “protect” her from further hurting herself. The notion of 2 impossible people coming together to form a bond, premised on love or empathy or even sympathy, no matter how you see it, it’s beautiful, though treacherous and despised upon.

  2. totally agree with you! I just began watching secret 2 days ago and finished the whole 12 eps in next 15 hours.

    I watched HJE before in Can you hear my heart, and began to like her in full house 2, like her too in golden time but it’s secret which I am totally amazed by her acting and wish that she get a deserve recognize this time, perhaps top excellent actress in KBS Drama Award!

    I actually love the two second leads in beginning, their acting are good but well, I cant help but hate them now… which somehow I think I would love to see more of their complicated character (evil vs kind, maybe like Kimura Shunji in Bridal mask, I cant hate him fully even until the end, he stole the show for me..) minhyuk and seyeon are totally feel evil now or is it just my feeling?

    at least, I adore the writing and mostly the excellent acting. Best kdrama right now.

      1. HJE deserves credit, I mean on improvement itself she deserves all of the awards. I still think she has plenty for improvement don’t get me wrong, but sometimes all I need to see in a performances, sincerity and effort, and it is evidence she’s giving it her ALL in here. I’m a bit on the fence about awards and stuff, but I’ll be happy if she gets one for Secret, at least.

        I knew writer would write DH and SY evil sooner or later, it’s the key in makjang – focus your hate on someone i.e. z culprit lol as much as I want to hate both DH and SY, I can’t help but pity how they’ve come to become monsters of their own because of circumstances they cannot control. If MH hadn’t been so tactless and thoughtless in handling his relationship with DH and SY earlier, maybe things wouldn’t have come this far, this bad. Not condoning their actions or anything, but more of an understanding of why they’ve become who they are now.

  3. All I gotta say is, is it fucking Wednesday yet?!?! Interested to see the aftermath of the actual kiss. The almost kiss was so much hotter though!

  4. LOVE this drama. So glad that I watched on your recommendation.
    I marathoned all 10 episodes in one day! This might the best from HJE that I have seen too. And for some oddly reason, I don’t get distracted from her PS face. So that’s a first. And JS also delivers his usual acting skills, so another plus.
    BSB, I have never liked or dislike, and thank goodness his performance here is so much better than in 49 days, where he played a villain too.
    I would have to say LDH is the weak link out of the four, but she is improving, from when I watched her in that golf drama with UEE.
    Hopefully there will be a happy ending for our OTP.

    1. Awww thanks! ^^

      I dunno how it can end well for our OTP tbh, things and circumstances are not in their favor AT ALL. But screw the biz politics and probs, forget about the Secret, I don’t think I’d mind if writer suddenly goes kamikaze and make our OTP elope somewhere together and never come back. Let DH and SY solve their shit and give our OTP some peace. haha XD

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