Forget about Oppa and Chilbong for a sec…




I don’t know if Samcheonpo and Yun Jin will be OTP, or will they ever stand a chance of becoming one (writer seems to be pushing for a Haetai-Yun Jin pair in Ep 7 preview), but I musn’t be the only one, ONLY ONE, who went all GAGALOONY over the interactions in Ep 6 right? The boy-girl hate cuteness, the awkward misunderstandings, the silly arguments, SO FREAKING HILARIOUS TOGETHER! I musn’t be the only one shipping them,  I know please tell me I’m not the only one.

Drama continues to top each episode by another. Apart from it being such an awesemesauce episode filled with warmth and realistic undertones, this ep sealed the deal for me. That these characters make the drama, the parents, the kids, their interactions, I am not even gonna kid myself, this may end up even more of a fav than R1997. Serious.

It gets to the cockles of your heart, just like how R1997 did it good for me, but this one managed to make me CRY real good tears for once. Real ugly human tears, filled with remorse and regret. I really really loved Ep 6, everything that transpired between the characters, the realism of it all, the ups and downs, all part and parcel of life. I didn’t even mind the length, I couldn’t make myself to bother in fact, everything was just SO TRUE SO REAL. The emotional crybaby me was in tears most of time watching Mommy go through daily life thinking about how some things are habitually taken for granted, how magnanimous, sacrificial and conditional familial love can be. It rings very close to heart because I’d experience the exact same thing with my mom few years back, and even now occasionally. These are small trivial things to us, all habitually matter of fact, we don’t question because we think and know Mom will do it, out of love, for no condition. Those scenes totally killed me, I really did feel a pang of guilt and regret for not having seen through these lil things that Mom’s been doing for us all her life, or rather, seen but have never made an effort to relieve or appreciate. Na Jung’s narration about the kids and their treatment of Mom, total spot on, perfect reflection of how some things go under the rug, unseen, unfelt and under-appreciated because of our habitual cognisance to Mom’s responsibility and duty in our lives. Writer is a genius, because whatever shown in that mere 20 minutes, exact depiction of reality that I’d been through. I have been there. T_T


The family continues to be awesome, I don’t even mind the cultural disconnect from earlier episodes. There are still things that feel out of place, but nothing overly buggy that I can specifically pin-point on. I start to focus on the characters and their individual stories, the minute and gradual changes in their interactions with people around them, the parents especially. Some things and scenes may feel unnecessary to the supposed plot (involving NJ and her hubby) but IMO it isn’t as significant compared to the growing up and realistic development of the characters in here. I love that all characters are unique and distinctive, but blend and mesh in perfectly well together, with such heartwarming lovely chemistry. A few episodes ago we had Samcheonpo and Haetai bickering like enemies to no end, now they’re like the BROMANCE of the show. Na Jung and her forever awesome Oppa, Chilbong and his forever sweet and considerate gestures, Bingurae and his awkward quietness, the BROS and awkward Yun Jin, the family feels even closer and more connected than what we had in R1997 – familial bond and friendship combined.

The good thing this time around I am not really or truly bothered who NJ will end up with, though I’m Oppa ship forever and ever. This drama benefits from writing that zeroes on more substantial and relatable issues that make you ponder and think about. There is definitely something for everyone in here, be it life lessons, perspectives that differ from points of views and realistic problems that are never really discussed on the face. Although they do come across pretty disjointed and all over the place, I still appreciate writer’s effort to depict and decipher these issues from different angles. R1997 did it before, and I feel R1994 is throttling ahead with MORE. You feel and connect with these issues on a deeper and more emotional level, you really do.


Some people seem to have jumped ship after Ep 6, some people wavered, and I get and understand why. Who wouldn’t adore the sweetest and kindest thing on earth – Chilbong? Possibly the sweetest, most thoughtful and considerate OTHER GUY ever. EVER.

But my heart is firm, never swung, I’d take fluffy cotton candy over CHANEL perfume anytime. LOL (yeah right!)

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17 thoughts on “Forget about Oppa and Chilbong for a sec…”

  1. Yoon-jin and Samchunpo…those two are awesome. I kinda ship them but I’m afraid that their bickerings will be toned down if they end up as a couple, so I’m willing to see Yoon-jin with Haitai and continue to spew cusses together with Samchunpo (Okay, I know..that sounds weird LOL)

    While people are more focused on the romance, I’m more attracted to the aspects of growing up for all the characters. I can easily cry and laugh in a split second thanks to this drama and for that, I really appreciate the goodness of the story that is able capture our hearts and make me love the characters and the drama itself more than AM1997.

    Still going strong on Oppa-ya’s ship, though I’m slightly swayed by Chil-bong…Anyway, I have to get ready to accept the ending but for now, I’m just going to enjoy the emotional ride down the memory lane caused by this drama!

    1. Samcheonpo is slowly becoming one of my favs of the show, of course Oppa still reigns, but he is HILARIOUS TO THE MAX! Kim Sung Gyun is totally killing the char like a pro (imagine he played a ruthless Gangster before I’m like WOAH).I like that the before socially awkward him is starting to get used to everyone and talks a lot more… crap (his scenes with Haetai are awesome!). I think Yun Jin also really ticks him off (in a good way he talks more tht way) and whenever they argue I just DIE OF LAUGHTER. Even if they don’t end up OTP I’ll be good, as long they keep up with their hilarious antics.

      R97 had its merits, for it actually started the whole cultural storytelling phenomena in trendy drama without downplaying the theme of growing up. I guess since writer’s already had a hand in it before, he/she’s able to do it with a lot more ease in here. R94 also benefits from WAY better actors who are able to convey the essence of their chars effortlessly. Just Jung Woo alone, him alone, performance wise it’s one of the best BEST I’ve seen this year.

      1. Ripgal: I cannot agree with you more. Jung Woo’s performance simply BLOWS ME AWAY. I mean, when I was watching Secrets, I was impressed with Hwang Jung Eum and Baek Soo Bin, especially with the latter. But then I started watching reply 1994, Jung Woo stole my heart in a minute. I haven’t watched such an awesome performance FOR YEARS….Jung Woo and Kim Sung Kyun are pure spectacles to behold. The impeccable timing, the sincerity and the understated charms in their acting restores my faith in Korean dramas. Now, my friends and I were talking about how much “garbage” we have watched in the past…and yet, “garbage” becomes such an endearing word because of Jung Woo.

        I like Chilbong, but I am rooting for Trash Oppa. The reason is simple. If it were not Jung Woo, I would easily jump ship. But Jung Woo made it impossible NOT to love Trash Oppa. He is definitely hands down best actor (together with Km Sung Kyun) this year! (or for the past several years maybe?)

      2. Thank you thank you so much, Jung Woo and Kim Sung Gyun really deserve all the credits and accolades. The way they emote, so natural and effortless you don’t even feel and see the actor in them i.e. they are who they are in the drama. The one scene that left me dumbfounded, Jung Woo’s teary performance at the end of Ep 5 (when he had to reveal to the kids their mom’s condition), he’d singlehandedly pawned all performances in this drama (though everyone’s doing a good job the same). I still have it in my mind, and I cannot bear to rewatch because of how raw and powerful it was. T_T

        I’m so totally with you on Trash oppa being endgame because of how brilliant Jung Woo is in playing this character hehehe..

  2. I think what I like more about this drama compared to RP97 is that the story is not as centered about Na Jung-Future Husband as it was with EunJi-SIG’s story. Na Jung is sometimes in the background, which is nice because we are given more time to delve into the other characters. Also, one more thing is that they are shown in bits and pieces, not unlike some ensemble dramas where one entire episode is devoted to one character, then the next ep features another and so on.

    As for the shipping, I am still wavering between the Oppa and Chilbongie, however, I wish I could have an Oppa for my own, and not the biological one.. 🙂

    1. R97 had its moments too, I remember raving about how a lot of things resonated (the fangirly cultural parts), but I agree that most of us were pretty much focused on YJ-SW’s relationship more than any other character in it. I hope R94 keeps the storytelling the way it is now (though I think meshing/editing does need some polishing), that every character gets his or her time to shine. As much as I love my Oppa to death, Chilbong should be given a chance too. hehhee.. and Bingurae!

  3. Oh totally! I was watching Yoon Jin and Samcheonpo together thinking “but doesn’t she get with Haitai?” Because it really looked like they were going to turn into the couple that is constantly bickering but that’s their way of showing affection. Like YoonJae and SiWon in R1997.

    I’m totally torn between the two guys, I’m not on any ship. I’m floating on a life raft in between the two ships, lol. I love love love Oppa, but Chilbongie is just such a sweetheart that you can’t help but love him too!

    1. Okay will give Haetai a benefit of doubt too. I was shipping him with Samcheonpo before so it should be fine, whoever YJ ends up with, or not. lol

      Yoo Yeon Seok (Chilbongie) played sorta evil guy in GFB, here he’s super awesomely SWEET and NICE I just can’t. Sometimes I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that they’re the same guy lol just like actor Samcheonpo and his previous movie roles o_0

  4. love your post so much. It’s true, I love 94 much more than 97. Cultural connections never connected to me, even in 97 , but in 94, I feel connected with these characters , this family, their love story, friendship , etc…After all , not love but human connections are the most important. Garbage is my fav character and so is Jung Woo but I can’t help shipping Chilbong- Na Jung from ep 0 . I prefer Garbage is Jung’s brother. I also hope real life relationship doesn’t affect much Jung Woo .He has been away from the spotlight for 12 years!

    1. Poor Jung Woo, price you have to pay for fame. I read in Soompi that he’s quite affected by the news, hopefully he’ll stay strong and keep it up. Because if he does, he may end up one of the biggest surprises of 2013, and I mean like seriously, Best Actor in my list.

  5. I’ll give you a hint that might make your ship have more hope:

    In future both SP and YJ have wedding rings on, and the other guys don’t, HT doesn’t.

    Imo SP and YJ are married. lol

    1. You CSI-ers, I don’t ‘t even dig for details when I watch LOL I hope it’s true that they are, though I don’t mind any other actually.

    1. I have a friend who loves “Jang Gook Yong” and it took me quite some time to figure out it was Leslie Cheung (one of my favs!)

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