Immortal Song 2: J2M’s Splash

Imagine how hard and tough it must be for celebs and artists to make it big, to venture into the massive limelight and to stay there long enough to reap its benefits. There are plenty of lucky ones, who get there in a blink, but there are more, even more who struggle and strive hard but never get to see the light at the end of the tunnel, who are shoved under the masses of bling and flashy appearances. I always think art and music, it’s all about passion and love for what you do best. But ultimately, it’s also about the recognition and acknowledgement you get from people who appreciate, and who know how good you are.

Last week’s IS2 Special on veteran singer legend Choi Jin Hee featured one of the most emotional IS2 performances I have EVER EVER seen in IS2 history, by an unknown singing group J2M (formerly known as MTOM). It’s always lovely to see unknown and underrated stars make their way into the scene through IS2, one of the best platforms to launch or re-launch one’s music career, what better than to have an already solid bunch of music fan-lovers to judge you and to give you all the boost of confidence you need? A lot of unknown and underrated singers made significant marks through this show, my favs including ALi and Moon Myung Jin.

And in this episode, J2M.

Watch and be prepared to be WOWED!

It’s not all about their soulful and powerful vocals, their wonderful harmony and their outpour of emotions. This was a performance that came with a story, a story that I believe many upcoming and struggling performers can relate to from the deepest of their hearts. This was a story about struggle and perseverance that led to hope and light at the end. I cried watching them perform, moved by the sincerity and passion, the unleashing of their yearning to be known just for once. I sobbed even more when they took to the stage with their story, holding in tears culminated from years of struggle and determination.

I have no idea if they will break out even further after this IS2 (I hope they continue performing on IS1 of course!), but this is one performance that will linger for long. Definitely.

Thank you so much IS2!

credits:  video @ Youtube


8 thoughts on “Immortal Song 2: J2M’s Splash”

  1. Hi. I don’t usually comment, but I wanted to say BIG thanks for introducing these awesome songs from IS2 to us that don’t watch the show. I love every song you linked :).
    i don’t know who these two are but a really impressive performance indeed. I love their vocals:).

    1. Awww thanks for de-lurking and posting! They are indeed very good, just as good as previous IS2 victors. I’m really happy they got their deserved recognition in this show, it’s been too long – 9 years!

  2. J2M , wow, what an impressive performance. I am surprised that they are not popular yet as they are obviously fantastic singers and are good looking. Thanks so much for sharing. 😘

    1. They’ve been struggling for quite some time, apparently they started off as an experimental group with SG Wannabe’s Jin Ho abt 8 yrs ago but only Jin Ho made it through. And 9 years down they’d encountered roadblocks and all, which impeded their making way thru into the limelight T__T that’s why you noticed they were crying when everyone gave them the recognition they deserved. I was so moved I even cried with them. They won the trophy in the end, and I cannot imagine how better it could have been for them. Not a major award or something, but they did BEAT other great singers and that’s some feat. 😉 so happy for them!

  3. Thanks for it, I love it… I’m still looking for the articles about them, so curious… Thanks a lot…. 😍 please let me know the title of their song… I want to have their mp3

    1. There are literally NONE on the interenet T___T I think it’s because they’d just reformed? They were originally part of a group called MTOM, and had released only a albums/singles but didn’t hit it big. You can find videos of them on Youtube for sure but not many.

      I hope IS2 will allow them to stay or come back once in a while, their voices are more than deserving of our recognition.

  4. omo.. there’s nothing on J2M on the internet. I have a friend who’s trying to debut as a singer in Korea and it’s really really difficult – more so now that talent and singing abilities probably contribute much less to the whole success factor~

    i hope that J2M will break out and finally get the recognition that they deserve!

  5. Sad right? You could try MTOM (J2M were formerly from this group, I’m not sure if J2M is a sub-unit or they’d split from it), youtube still has some vids of them.

    Competition in Korea is just bloody hell tough man, there are just SO MANY talented crops everywhere – EVERYWHERE. I hope your friend makes it somehow, perseverance and determination HWAITING!

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