I thought OPPA had my heart firm, I thought I would not and never waver one bit. Even with sweeeeetiepie Chilbong in the picture, my heart remained with OPPA. I didn’t think things could change…


I’m now hopelessly and endlessly in LUB with dorky Samcheonpo aka SCP. Everything about him makes me go giggly squealy, every single reaction, gesture, expression of his, I laugh like a loon, I roll in fits. He is such a lovely relief in the show, the dork who unknowingly annoys but also unconsciously endears with his occasional thoughtfulness. And AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FINDS HIM INCREDIBLY HAWTTTTTTTT?!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

And of course, his every single interaction with Yoon Jin awwwwwwww, seriously CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THEM! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Definitely one of my fav OTPs this year!

Just in case you didn’t know, uri Kim Sung Gyun is one of the hottest Chungmuro commodities at the moment apart from Jo Jung Seok. Last year alone he nailed 6 Best New Actor awards for compelling and breakthrough performances in My Neighbour and Nameless Gangster. You don’t want to know what he did in both films with SCP cracklove so hot atm, you can’t see no single trace the dorky him in both films, no freaking trace AT ALL. Now I look back and recollect, I am in enormous awe. What a fcking versatile actor he is. So happens he’s also worked with my eternal love Ha Jung Woo thrice in the past (Nameless Gangster, 577 Project & Fasten Your Seatbelt aka Rollercoaster), you know how excited I get when my lubsss collide, I get to see him in the coming Hwa Yi and Band of Thieves (again with HJW and Kang!Dong!Won!) I EXPLODE ECSTATIC! You give me Ha Jung Woo and Kang Dong Won I already find it hard to breathe, in a Yoon Jong Bin film, I’m almost dead. Add Kim Sung Gyun into the mix, I think I’m already in heaven. lalalalalalalalalalala~~

Thank you Reply 1994, thank you so much!

Apparently SCP is SOOOOO POPULAR, he’s even nailed his very own CF:


I’m so a goner now.

credits: Youtube


26 thoughts on “❤ I LUB SAMCHEONPO ❤”

    1. I’m happy for the cast :DD esp Jung Woo for finally getting the recognition he deserves. Just checked his credentials, and man he’s been in so many stuff I’ve seen o_0 and only played minor unmemorable chars. Glad he’s on a roll (hope it doesn’t stop until he gets a certified leading role).

  1. You’re not alone! I lub him, too!!! He’s so freaking awesome in his role as SCP! I saw Nameless Gangster last night and I was mind blown! Love it when actors do a 180 when doing dramas or films; shows what great awesome acting stuff they’re made off!
    What amazes me more is how in the world the writer & director saw the wonderful totally endearing chemistry the SCP-YJ OTP will bring forth when they were just casting the roles?!! When I see those two onscreen, I see the future couple and not the actor and the idol.

    1. Right, he was marvelous in Nameless Gangster (just as much as HJW and CMS). I still cannot put my head to it that they’re the exact same guy! Imagine SCP with all the cussing and violence, unfathomable LOL

      I think it works when you get actors who are able to fuse in naturally with roles they’re given. Ha Jung Woo is the perfect example, he can even make a CF look like a movie o_0 you’re kinda born with it I’d have to say. And if I’m not wrong, the director/writer had Kim Sung Gyun and ONLY him in their minds when writing SCP the character and vowed to scrap the char altogether if they couldn’t cast him LOL so go figure hehehe..

  2. It took me 5 episodes to realize where I had seen him before…In 577 Project!!… Again with Ha Jung Woo.. makes me think Ha Jung Woo has a great eye for talent….. He was so earnest when he talked about his family in 577 so I remembered him but he looks so different here so I just couldn’t put name to face…guy really is a phenomenal talent

    1. I took to Youtube for more videos and interviews of KSG but sadly there are not many 😦 I want so much to watch 577 Project, where did you DL it? Did you watch w/ English subs?

    1. Literally the most adorkable EVER, can’t wrap my mind how some viewers could see him as NOT attractive enough for YJ? I find him HOT! (Had my eyes mostly on him in current 2013 scenes, my type teeeheeee~~)

    1. Awww he is? That’s cool, cos I can’t seem to find much info on him on the net. I’ve got to watch Project 577 ASAP to find out more about him. So into him nowadays.. hehehe..

  3. Waa! Your swoon of the moment was what cemented my love for SCP. When he smiled at her for the first time!!

    I don’t find him hot but I find him sweet, adorable and so endearing. That smile scene at the dinner table, so simple, yet so affecting. It warmed and made my heart go aflutter.

    I am a bit in disbelief at YJ’s reaction after the kiss, especially knowing her temper, but who am I to complain if that gives SCP happiness?

    1. I think we will get YJ’s reaction, we must! We need to see her bang SCP on the wall and teach him to kiss HOTTER hahaha XD I just lub them so much <33

      Somehow think YJ already knew she had feels for SCP, the moment they showed her coming to the boat, I went KYAAAAA.. I knew it I knew it!

      And SCP is also sneaky, I bet he changed the coffee to cocoa knowing YJ might come (and knowing of her heart palpitation condition). So much feels huh this OTP? ;DD

  4. Re the coffee, definitely! He might be socially inept and doesn’t know how to read the mood and shut up when they’re in the group but he sure knows how to woo a girl..

  5. I absolutely ADORE SCP!! As much as I love Jung Woo and his performance, SCP is definitely my favorite character in Reply 1994. Kim Sun Kyun’s comic timing is impeccable. He is such a chameleon that morphs seamlessly and effortlessly into every role he plays. My Korean colleagues told me that KSK is the hottest item from the entire cast of Reply 1994. Allegedly, the scriptwriter and PD said that if KSK could not take the role of SCP, they would have deleted the character of SCP entirely from the story. (And they originally wanted to include Jung Woo in 1997, but Jung Woo was doing his MS then). Thank for the excellent taste of the writer as well as the PD, we’ve got to known KSK and JW. And Jung Woo is definitely what kitteh said “one of this industry’s best kept secrets.” And you know what I love about KSK and JW? They play their roles without any camera consciousness, without any of the fanfare. They are just Trash Oppa and SCP. No more and no less. For me, the best actors of 2013 are definitely JW, KSK, Bae Soo Bin as well Jung Kyung-ho!

    Although Reply 1994 is awesome, it nonetheless has some noticeable flaws, namely the puzzle of who the husband is. I feel that the writer and PD sacrifice the organic flow of the drama for the sake of rating. Soompi fans find Trash Oppa’s hesitation irritating, but it is the writer who toys too much with the “hide-and-seek” game for the character of Trash Oppa. I mean, fortunately, Jung Woo is no ordinary actor. He manages to give layers and breathes life to the character. At this point, I don’t care if Trash Oppa is the endgame–the shippers’ war is becoming too infuriating. I just want to see more of SCP and Trash Oppa. Can we have one episode devoted to these two characters only to satiate the hunger of me as a fangirl? LOL.

    Sorry for my long post. I stop going to soompi and I need a place to let out my love confessions to SCP and JW!

    1. Please rave and confess here HERE HERE! This is the place if you wanna rave about Jung Woo and Kim Sung Gyun LOL I don’t mind all the swoony squealy confessions <333

      Absolutely agree with what you said about both actors, I love that they're so in sync with their characters that you can't just find anything missing about their portrayals. I get both Oppa and SCP do tend to irritate, and may not be everyone's fav (Oppa a bit too oblivious about his feelings towards NJ, and SCP just not socially aware enough to communicate with the ppl the way we think he should), but that's the great thing about these actors, they make them so imperfect with sheer perfection. The intricacy in delivery, esp Jung Woo, without many words said, I can go on and on and on etc.

      I'm not too bothered about the hubby guessing game, I don't mind it in fact.. it doesn't affect my appreciation of the characters individually, of who they are and how they grow up together with different feelings in the mix. But I do agree the writing does give way to a lot "potential shipping wars" lol which I don't really care about them or pay much attention because all chars are awesome in their own ways, why focus on who is hubby and go all the way to prove it when only the writer knows it? haha XD

  6. To be honest although at this point I am still rooting for Chilbongie I know it will most likely end in disappointment for me and the rest of TeamChilbong. Who wouldn’t root for the cutest and sweetest underdog ever? I hope the writers won’t turn him into the angry second lead.

    That aside, I completely adore Oppa (and I also love that he’s a med student, haha, I have a thing for medics in drama when it’s not actually about medicine because I’ll just rip the shit out of the show 50% of the time). Jung Woo is really the next man to watch for me, his performance is really something special! He almost made me cry a couple of times and I actually had to pause the show when tears streamed down my face in the scene were he was coaching the dying mother in the hospital courtyard.

    I guess I will try not to be too upset at either way (or 3 ways!), and whoever is Najung’s hubs is not really that important – I’m looking forward to seeing things unravel and definitely more interested in how the actors will deliver it without the show running out of steam (like Reply1997). I’d also love more storyline on Binggrae – it seems like he’ll be getting some action time soon?!

    1. Chilbongie is sweet nice and all, I like that he respects Na Jung and makes effort to put forward his feelings to her. But my heart’s still with Oppa all the way, there’s just something about him (apart from Jung Woo’s splendid performance) that makes me root for him. People have been commenting on how indecisive and slow he’s been in stepping up his game, but do we actually know Oppa’s exact feelings for NJ? What are they? I honestly think the complex he has (he def has a family woe behind) and the years of brotherly-sisterly bond he’s shared/been sharing with NJ are factors in his consideration on whether to take that step forward. It’s easier for CB because he’s not “related” to NJ, but for Oppa, he’s had years with NJ and those years were spent not as guy and girl, but as siblings aka brother and sister. He’s always been a big real brother to NJ, in place of her deceased bro. I don’t think it’s just that simple as ABC, that he can confess and get his feelings out just like that.

      But you know what, it doesn’t really matter now. NJ ends up with whoever she likes, that’s ze endgame. I can have Oppa to myself 😉

      1. You nailed what I wanted to say.

        And may I post the longest comment ever I have ever made?

        I am a bit “baffled” by the hate generated at oppa cuz his reasons for not confessing is deemed shallow or even inadequate. I for one can accepts his reason as it is. The fact that the parents never considered him as a potential BF candidate at the breakfast table spoke volumes of his hesitation. I would like to believe that their parents would not be against them being together, but there would be still be some ramifications, some adjustments to be made over the shift in the way things are now,not to mention how awkward it would be if it does not work out later.

        All this being said, I can get behind the fact that he took his time to weight the pros and cons. This does not excuse the pain and confusion NJ had over his uncertainty, but he also had a hard time, only we weren’t shown, only told now, to which I blame the writing. If Trash lost NJ because he took quite a long time to sort out his feelings, then it would be his cross to bear, and I would be fine with it.

        Kudos to Jung woo, the way he delivered his lines and how his eyes looked at that moment made me believe that he had all these thoughts running through his mind.

        It is said that it is quite unfair on CB’s part that his confession is what made Oppa come to his senses faster, to which I say no. Rather than unfair, it’s just how life is. Sometimes, we need outside threat for us to take action faster or see things on a different light.

        My reaction might come off as Oppa biased, but I wouldn’t mind much if NJ ends up with CB, cuz he is just so sweet on her and he had the guts to confess despite knowing the odds back then. I say may the best man win.

        Lastly, that breakfast scene! The smile SCP gave YJ when the rest were ohh-ing about her transformation. So cute! I miss their bickering though. hehe

        And no matter how cute Joon is, I was cringing when he was “acting”.

      2. Actually I totally get Oppa’s reasoning and all and it broke my heart when the parents didn’t even consider him as potential marriage partner. Obviously that was the bit that sealed the deal about his whole dilemma and hesitation – and CB knows it too. I wish the writers gave a bit more depth to CB though, apart from his one side infatuation for NaJung and his usually pained look when NJ is all over Oppa)

        (but I’m still sailing CB, so cute. where are all the Oppas and Chilbongies in real life??!)

        anyway, crap, it’s only Tuesday and I (we) have to wait till Friday (or Saturday) to watch the next episode. Is there anyway to stream the show without subs on Friday night?

  7. (and sorry to spazz – i think they used his real Hanja name on the ID picture that YJ got (when he forgot his wallet for the bike trip) hahahah!!!!!

  8. Love this post and all the Samcheonpo love!! He is so adorkable in 1994 and in the 2013 scenes.
    Oh, and I totally find Kim Sung-kyun hot, too!

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