Immortal Song 2: LED Apple’s “Invisible Love”

I don’t need to repeat, but I can’t help it!


I didn’t even know who LED Apple were before this show, and I will be honest to say I that I judged them way before they performed. Their visual idol-ish look made me think they were going for something more visual and blingy, and MEH yeah they will just go all dancy and rock-ish to cover up for their not so good singing skills. I knew it. But I was so wrong.

So so so wrong.

Bad bad me for pre-judging. And I thought I’d learned well from Sandeul’s case. Was absolutely completely jawdrop stunned and blown away by LED Apple’s  rendition of ballad legend Shin Seung Hun”s “Invisible Love“, esp vocalist Han Byul‘s rock solid delivery of such a melancholic song. You could feel the surge of emotions in his singing alone, the emptiness and devastation. You look at them and you cannot see or sense how much power these young idols have. They may be young, but the way they sing they sing from experience, as if they have been like this since forever. And although they did not win (beaten by the equally amazing V.O.S), theirs definitely left the biggest and most lasting impression.


I think at this rate I’m going to have an IS2 feature on my blog every single week, DARN!

credits: P Kingsford @ Youtube


12 thoughts on “Immortal Song 2: LED Apple’s “Invisible Love””

  1. So glad that more people got to know LED Apple through IS2. They’re talented but as many say but I personally hate this word “underrated”. Check their own songs as well or covers that they make (every week for charity project “Save the children” on their official account

    1. Thank you thank you! I’ve already checked out some of the covers, all so awesome! 😉 Han Byul has a lovely voice, has great range, and can sing all types of songs o_0 contrast the cover of Wrecking Ball and Blurred Lines, I was like WOAH. This boy is really good.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I don’t watch Immortal Song 2 and had no idea Led Apple performed. Han Byul has one of the most beautiful voices in the industry, I could listen to him all day. As Ager above says, their Music Note series on YouTube is fantastic, i definitely recommend checking it out. It’s mostly Hanbyul singing by himself but they have the whole group there sometimes. Kyumin is also really good, although i prefer Hanbyul’s voice in general.

    1. I love Han Byul’s expressions when singing. Such a cutiepie <33 You have any idea if there are any DL-able MP3 versions of their covers? I'd like to keep em. hehe.

      1. I haven’t found any, but I keep thinking I should google it to see if anyone has ripped the audio from them and uploaded it, but then I never get around to it. I just plan on going through every single video and downloading them, lol

    1. omo!! I was thinking for the longest time why the song sounded so familiar!!!! how can I forget?

      Thanks ripgal for posting this up – Hanbyul is really good ~~ you now have me interested in LED Apple!!

    2. I googled hehe, it’s actually the same song, composed by Shin Seung Hun in 1991. Edmund Leung sang the song (lyrics re-written by Lam Jik) in 1994.

      1. is the intro in Edmund Leung’s version in Korean as well?! sounds like it….

        i kinda prefer the Korean version though… *sigh*

  3. Thank you for posting this! I’ve just watched them perform and i am blown away. Great performance, full of emotion without being overdone.

  4. LED Apple are really cool. I remember their first perf on IS2 some months, they were overshadowed by Ailee and EXO but this perf def upped the ante. Cest magnifique..

  5. Hi there, is there anywhere (link) that i can find the lyrics of Love That Can’t Be Seen in Hangul as well as Romanized Hangul? I’m not a Korean but fell in love with the song. Thank you.

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