One Warm Word before Christmas


Ahhhhh how so sweet of this lil boy son of a chinggu of mine <33333 my first Christmas pressieeeee filled with love and fuzzzzzes. It’s been ages since I’d received flowers RL flowers (right, my life is dried up till the bone!) and this hand-made piece literally melted me heart on my very own knees, I’m all warm fluffy fuzzzzzz now ;))) thank you thank you for reminding me that I still have “market” teeeheeee~~

Christmas season this year has been unusually quiet and un-happening, less and without the usual booze-fest and BBQ parties, nada and zero invites AT ALL I start to wonder if it’s my problem. I see friends and peepz prepp-ing busy for the seaosn, I do feel green in envy but have no urge to join. Prolly due to work cramming up at 11th hour (usually near yuletide I’m all freed of workload) with an out of the blue first in years overseas work trip to start just 2 weeks ago, I literally had the lest of time and mood to actually prepare Christmassy stuff for my family and friends (still have time for Kdrama thou LOL).  I should feel bad, right, I actually do.

OneWWThe ugly side of me yeahh, I want to stay home this season and watch dramas all day and night, until I say bye bye to the somewhat drought-ful year of dramas.  Haven’t been missing out much really, and TBH nothing earlier or mid this year apart from The End of The World, Heartless City,  Nine and The Queen’s Classroom really made the high mark in my list. TMS and Secret were addictive and superbly enjoyable lest their notable flaws. I wouldn’t consider 2013 fruitful, especially if compared to 2012. But good luck charm prolly came late this year, with Reply 1004 and TPOH coming to round up and close the year. Oppa is to stay until the year ends, and I have Yi Kang to dream my life away with. <3333  What more can I ask for?

And oh yes, One Warm Word.

Which isn’t exactly your cup of tea drama if you don’t want dramatic histrionics make your life miserable.  But this is Ha Myung Hee, who’d penned the wonderful Can We Get Married last year (one of my top 10s). You want drama, you get it in great doses, and in the most unique way.

Do not be fooled by the endearing and warm picture up there I don’t even know where that came from (and HOW?!), probably a dream, or a recollection of their past, because they are not like that in here. They gag in each others’ throats, they love and hate each other to the core, they are messed up, they cannot see the light of the day without picking on each others’ faults. They are so meant for each other and yet acceptance is a barrier they cannot cross.

I like this drama, a lot. Despite the heavy and taboo topic, about extra-marital affair and cheating. It’s somewhat makjang-nified if you ask me, the coincidences and whatnot (how the 2 pairs of OTP are inter-connected and related), but I really like the unique perspectives and logic Ha Myung Hee tries to show thru these characters and their interactions. They are seen before characters, not so much caricatures but somewhat stereotyped cliched, but they aren’t crafted and written just and merely to pander to the taste of conventional audience. They actually are interesting and have character, if you get what I mean. More often than not, it’s histrionics and drama we get, but from this writer, we get a somewhat justifiable explanation (depending on the stance and side you take) as to why the characters do the things they do, say the things they say. And it doesn’t attempt to get us to agree or to condone their actions, we are just bystanders, who are we to judge?

I am not a fan of any of the leads in this drama, they are not poor or bad actors per se, but they just lack a unique persona and never really appealed to me. So safe to say now I am kind of eating my words, I now start to and want to believe that an actor no matter how bad or unappealing unattractive will ultimately find the right role for him/her. This is the first time I find all 4 leads completely convincing and compelling in their characters, not just acting per se, but the amount of ease and comfort they have in playing chars that they’re not used to playing (esp Lee Sang Woo). I don’t think I have seen Lee Sang Woo this interesting and lively (not boring nicey sweet for once), Han Hye Jin this comfortable and genuinely endearing in a not so morally justified role, Ji Jin Hee this HOTHOTHOT, and Kim Ji Soo this polarised. The heaviness in dialogue, tension in exchange, there is something that Ha Myung Hee manages to do so seamlessly within, the actors mold and blend in well, and find the perfect and right balance, without going over the top or overboard. I find all these characters understandable and relatable though these are experiences I would never want to have.

The best thing about this show is the edging on the seat anticipation of what is to come for the characters and whether the OTPs will stick thru thick and thin till the very end. Although it is very unlikely things will end “well” for all of the OTPs (save maybe for Han Groo and Park Seo Joon‘s chars which happen to have great chemistry all the same and which I believe will end up together FOR SURE), it is quite difficult to see how things will pan out for the 2 couples. IMO the current OTPs are perfect for each other and I would love to see them hang on till the very end,  though I wouldn’t mind an open ending or the affair to materialise (they all have chemistry with each other the way I see it). I still see hope for things to end up the way I want but things get greyer and bleaker by episodes. Hmmmmm..

OneWW3What I meant by Ha Myung Hee’s unique approach, is that she doesn’t attempt to portray the characters in a definite shade, of black or white, of good or bad. These characters are just as human as we can expect, who are vulnerable and insecure, eager to break free for the sake of personal happiness. Which in who are we to judge or to condemn? Take Eun Jin and Jae Hak for instance, they are characters who are obviously not themselves when with each others’ spouses, who have been living in and under the shade and guise of wanting to be perfect and normal in front of others. They love their families and they want nothing but happiness for them, but at the expense and sacrifice of their own happiness. What gives? Who should they consider? Their families? Or themselves?  It’s quite an interesting topical point to consider and ponder over because I don’t think there can ever be a right answer. Rarely does a drama take such aspects seriously and make it a point to elaborate on why happiness is such an intricate and tricky issue. Should it be for others of for oneself?

Sung Soo and Mi Kyung are equally intriguing, in their own respective ways. In that they’re not the perfect person their spouses expect or have always considered them to be, a depiction of no matter how harmonious and lovely the relationship, humans are humans and can be pushed to the limit when certain circumstances arise. I like that that none of these characters are meant to be likeable and are just who they are, just as realistic as they are. They react to feelings and they just be honest about what they feel. It’s easy to hate because of what these characters have done/are doing and how their personalities are put to us. It’s  also unbelievable that I can somewhat “accept” and root for the cheating OTP (not so much the romantic way) Not that I am in their ship, but just because they can be themselves when together and they are able to find the comfort and solace they aren’t able to get from family, their own happiness.

OWWI dunno about others, but I actually think the title of the drama does say a lot about the characters and their dysfunctional relationships.  One Warm Word, don’t you think it’s an indirect jab on the characters, their reluctance and resistance to say ONE WARM WORD to each other? Mi Kyung once said so about Jae Hak and his uncaring and impassive ways, and how it was hard to reach out to him because of his inability to express warmth and understanding. The same for Sung Soo and Eun Jin, they obviously care for each other but do not express their affections to each other enough. I think it’s so true, in relationships, not just romance, not just for couples, even in family, between siblings friends and all. Conveyance of words and thought care, the delivery, it is important. Sometimes the tone of speech, it matters a lot, the genuineness of thought, it can be felt right away.

6 episodes in I am already pretty invested, I liked it and now I love it. The swift and witty dialogues are understandable the least (so much easier to get than Kim Soo Hyun’s The Woman Who Married Thrice) and I like that it taps into serious issues just as much. No reservations on Ha Myung Hee’s part as she digs pretty deep and goes beyond the surface, the characters say things which makes sense though we might not agree, they do things which irritate and annoy but we know it does happen in RL. In short, this is not a sweet fairytale candy drama sugarcoated for our fancies. This is the real deal, an adult drama with shitty issues.

Not exactly the best kind of drama to watch this season, but who cares.

One Warm Word, before Christmas.



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6 thoughts on “One Warm Word before Christmas”

  1. aaaack so happy to have found a fellow “one warm word” lover!!!! loveloveloove your insights into the show. it’s a pretty special one, isn’t it? i love that you mentioned the comparison with writer kim soo-hyun — i thought of her a lot as well while watching the show. there are similarities, in terms of rapid, witty dialogue, but i was never very happy or felt ‘good’ while watching her shows. this one, though, is a gem *crosses fingers and hopes for continued goodness* ^^
    a belated meeerrry Christmas, ripgal!!

    1. Yes thank you thank you, there aren’t a lot of discussions about One Warm Word on the net, think the topic is a lil bit too heavy and solemn to take in. I thought I was the only one, who feels Kim Soo Hyun lacks severely in connecting with the viewers, I’m still having a hard time relating to some of the characters in TWWM3 and her lines still make me go o___0 like what is she trying to tell?!

      Merry Belated Xmas to you too, and Happy New Year 2014!

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