Am currently on a long hiatus, and I have no idea how long it will last. Have even broken away from K-dramas for 3 weeks (take that I can’t even believe myself!). But rest assured no fret (just in case anyone’s curious or asking), all is well all is good, am at a very lovely and contented place right now and cannot be happier. Times like these get me on the roll thinking I should have gone out to live life a lil bit more in the past than use em up on K-dramas. But I have no regrets and have no plans on stopping… just that it’ll take me quite a bit to get back on track. Wait for me.

Been indulging in some earworms as of late and thought of sharing the awesomeness: –





And before I forget, to those who are celebrating the HORSEY YEAR ~~


credits: creator and youtube owners


4 thoughts on “Earworms”

    1. Thanks so much chinggu, still enjoying all the happy I’m experiencing right now I don’t even have time to do a comeback LOL

  1. Chinggu, I think it’s time WE make a comeback. Have you seen these news:



    Please tell me this is legit. I am freaking out! YOU HAVE NO IDEA. It’s about past midnight in my part of the world and I am squealing at the top of my fangirl voice. If this turns out to be untrue Imma start flipping tables.

    P.S. I don’t know where else to reach you. I forgot my twitter account name and/or pass HAHAHA.

    P.P.S. We have to summon our girl Amber!

    P.P.P.S. On drama watching related news. You have to watch Emergency Couple. It’s soooooo addicting. I am super hooked. I don’t know how/when/why but it got me real bad. I am watching it without subs addiction level.


      I’m still kinda out of the loop right now, haven’t watched a single thing in almost 2 months o__0 but DongHae is something I am never gonna miss. I don’t care if the drama sux I don’t even care about anything else about plot. AHHHH.

      Wookie and uri Mukgu from behind…ahhhhhh <333

      cr to image owner/ soompi

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