About Me


I’m a girl, trapped in a woman’s body.

Nope, that’s not me in the picture, I do cute but I’m not that cute.

A 101% certified true-to-the-core K-everything addict.

Started watching K-dramas at the age of 12.

K-pop at the age of 20.

K-movies, ever since My Sassy Girl came out.

I have a day job.

A night job too.

But I have no life.

Parents are fed up with me.

I have a dream.

Oh no, plenty of dreams.

But none of them have come true.

Or look to materialize anytime soon.

I can understand simple Korean words.

Utter a few to brag about with my non-Korean loving friends.

But truth, I cannot string a simple sentence to save my life (if I end up in Korea).


One of my yearly resolutions: Go To SEOUL.

I know I’ll get lost, in places and in translation, but I don’t care, Go To SEOUL.

My love for the crazy fandom is still ongoing.

And looks to stay the same until I find my prince charming and get hitched.

A real prince charming with the looks of Kang Dong Won or Lee Dong Wook.

My parents gave up long ago.

My insanity continues.

It’s  incurable.


34 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi there.

    Ripgal dearis, never though you HAVE a blog!! Why didn’t you put a link to ur blog whenevr who leave a comment on dramabeans and thundie’s blog. I always wonder did Ripgal have a blog since I love to read your thoughts and opinions.:)

    I have come across ur blog when I search about City Hall’s reviews. Lucky me. Hehe.

    Well, let me begin. Are you Malaysian? Dang! Then we are on the same bout if its true. I’m Malaysian too. Rakyat malaysia juga.:)

    I will lurking this site often now. So beware and please do keep continue writing, key? cause I love to read ur thoughts! ^^

  2. Apa khabar fellow Malaysians!! ^__^
    Nice to meet you guys…

    Mind my ignorance on all the techie stuff..I’m still trying to get a hang of how WP works. Have changed my WP appearance 3 times and I still can’t make a decision, the current one will stay for the mean time..

    jennwpc, I’m glad you share my views on life working in a law firm. It’s not an easy job to tackle eh? With all the pressure and competition…sighz… that’s why I need my daily dose of Korean drama or ranting to keep myself sane…

    anastassia, yeap yeap, true blue Malaysian I am. ^_^ Never thought I’d come across a Malaysian in my blog, but really, I’m glad I found you! We can share our thoughts on Malaysian stuff some time, well, if you don’t mind! haha..

    About the linking stuff, I’m working on it. Part of my hesitation also stems from the fact that I’m a horrible blogger, and writer. Wouldn’t want to disappoint regular readers (if I have any)eh?

    Do you have a blog btw? Haha.. maybe I can crash your site some time…

  3. i just want to say that i enjoyed reading your blog eventhough it is my first time to visit. i am not malaysian but i am from southeast asia. I have read your comments in soompi BL thread and looked forward to it everytime. Thanks for your insights on partner, now i am totally convinced….. keep on blogging!

  4. Thanx a lot Elise for dropping by. Nice meeting you ^_^

    Hope you will like Partner too. It’s not as polished as BL, but it definitely improves episode by episode. If you Wookie/Lee Dong Wook does not turn you on here, you might as well have to check out another drama..hahaha… XD

    1. Yeah, you noticed? Haha, I was the one who posted the spoilers.
      I have been a member for as long as I can remember, but I rarely post as much as I used to. Forums scare me nowadays, I can’t keep up lol

  5. ripgal, dunno if you remember me we used to talk in soompi lots before. just found your blog ehehhe ^^ *waves* glad to see you still love your kdramas.

  6. Oh gosh, is that you babymarzy?!!!! WAAAHHH, long time no see chinggu!
    Yes yes, I remember we used to rant and ramble so much together in Soompi. I’m in Twitter-ville now so I dun spend that much time in Soompi anymore heheh.. do you have one?

    Are you still watching dramas my friend? Please update!

    1. yes this is me! hehe i started following you on twitter. same username purplegongju. 🙂
      of course i still watch dramas! hehehe i couldnt not. hehe. im probably watching the same as you. but maybe more? hehehe ^^ miss talking to you ^^ i dont go on soompi much either.. except for spoilers. hahaha. im bad. but yeash. talk to you on twitverse

  7. Hi ripgal! I think your username is so memorable, and your postings insightful because I still remember you from DongHae forums for uri Wookie and Dahae. It’s remarkable since I has a bit of a memory problem. Anyway good to see you around again on dramabeans, here on your site and still watvhing dramas. I guess this obsession of ours can’t be cured.

    1. OMO OMO! All my former Soomp peers are de-lurking now? Of course I remember you! Where have you been?! What have you been doing? Are you still watching dramas? Do you have twitter? hehehe.. gah, I’m getting all excited kekeke… Update pls! 😀

  8. I enjoy your blog. I d love if you can update more often but I can understand that there is not much time in our days.
    And the time left is for watching dramas. Lol.!
    Have a great day!

  9. ah, another blogger from malaysia! suddenly I’m so proud to be a malaysian kdrama addict^^
    browsing your site makes me lost my sleepiness! hehehe
    we’re sharing the same sentiments, after all: watching dramas from a very early age makes you have no life! it’s worse for me, I started when I was 6, now I’m a loner all the time 😀
    keep up the good work!

    1. Hi hi ^^ fellow Malaysian! 😀

      You started real young! Ima thinking now, what did I do or watch when I was 6? hmmm..
      Thanks for reading btw ^^ I clicked on your blog too, and it seems like we do share the same interests! Esp in one particular Wookie! <333

      1. He made me crazy about him during My Girl days and now he’s doing the same, just with a cooler face and body 😉 He’s such a cutie back then and now, he’s so handsome! LOL I suddenly become so proud to see him growing up so well^^

  10. Well hello there fellow Malaysian gurl!!! Me 2 from Malaysialah (PJ area).
    I so happen to surf n found your url linked to Doozy’s Porch…Fancy meeting a fellow blogger.
    Terima kasih in spreading the lurve of Kdramas/movies. Keep up da great work!

    If you are planning on visiting up here in San Francisco, CA, USA please do give me a shout – any Malaysian is always welcome at my rumah anytime…


    1. Hello there fellow Malaysian! ^^

      Ahh, PJ. I used to live around that area during my Uni days. Only remember frequenting between UM and SS2 (for food!) the most hehe. I’m from the eastern side of Malaysia (KK) btw 😀

      Are you living permanently in the US now?

      1. SS2 is very near my house… Yup SS2 used 2 be famous for food junkies and galore…
        Aha KK is one of my future destination to visit. Heard the people and place are really friendly and nice.
        Yeah, living here in the USA for good since hubs is based here 🙂

        Have you visited Korea? Any plans to in the future???
        Lurve Jess Li’s voice… Thanks for recommending her. SO proud of her and her talented voice. Though i do not understand Mandarin 😉

      2. If you do drop by KK, yes please do let me know! ^^
        I’ve been to Korea about 6 years ago, but then I followed a tour and wasn’t so into the K-drama craze. Plan to visit there sometime this year or next year.. but have no exact plans yet. Need to find someone who’s as into the drama fandom as I am, so we can stalk some celebs and all..haha..

  11. Hi Ripgal. I’m just found out your blog while madly searching for cut version of Shin Ha Kyun sing Sad Letter. Yes reading other comments up here, now i remember read u somewhere in Soompi. i guess we are all have same K-circle like Soompi, Dramabeans n so on. I’m not kind of leaving reply/comment as reading enuff consume so much time. Thanks for sharing your favorites.Currently i’m obsessed with SHK too. His smile and single lid eye is killing me!!! Notice him through Brain due to his fiery cold hearted character but I can sense his charming despite his antagonis role. That’s make me stick to watch ‘Brain’ to the end besides a great story line. His impressive, creative, versatile acting skill really make me put him as my top favorite all the time actor leaving Cha Seung Won, Park Si Hoo and kim Nam Gil behind.

    1. Thanks Wen for the drop-by. The power of SHK is immeasurable. Thanks to Brain, thanks to SSH and Lee Sang Yoon for having dropped the drama earlier on, the time has come for SHK to conquer the world LOL

  12. Hi, Ripgal,

    Thank you for your SHK writing. I am pretty new to K-Drama but SHK is killing me softy with his smile.

    Wonder what they did with Brain VDO. We all seem like zombi now.
    I can’t help you. I am falling too.

  13. Hello! I’m also from Kota Kinabalu,Sabah. YAY 🙂 I’ve visited Korea 2 years ago back when I wasn’t that into K-Dramas and fallen in love with the culture and country itself eversince. I’m an avid reader of your blog heheheh keep up the good work! 😀

    1. Hola, a chinggu from KK! Awesome!
      And you’re a regular reader too? Even more awesome, THANKS!

      KK has its share of Korean fanatics, I know a few who are totally crazy! HAHAXD But it just surprises me to know that some do read and might have come across my stuff here. I’m such a shybaby, I don’t even reveal anything about my blog to my friends or family. For the fear that they might start judging me LOL

      But thanks, maybe one day we’ll meet each other in some KK Korean club or something. hehe..

  14. Oh yesss I visit your blog daily! :)))
    It’s the first time I’ve come across a blogger blogging about k-dramas from KK ,so I was really excited to see that I’m not alone in this HEH. It feels pretty amazing,you know,to know that there are people out there spazzing about Korean related stuffs and to realise that we actually live in such close proximity. DAEBAK 😀 I sorta always knew that there’s quite a fair amount of Korean fanatics in KK,but I’ve never actually thought that there are actually bloggers out there writing about K-related stuffs with such passion! I am in hyper mode now kekeke~
    I know what you mean,I am also pretty shy about my Korean obsession. It’s not something that many would understand, I spend most of my time squealing in front of my laptop whenever I see an oh-so-adorable K-drama male lead (most recently,Yoon Shi Yoon). I try to find as much K-drama related sites as much as possible everyday. This–>
    http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-mfW55SDdaKA/UCfYS8t1UKI/AAAAAAAAAhU/KzWrSRllNqg/s1600/tumblr_m64pbcSwwV1qj7wgmo1_r1_500.jpg is the best description of me.
    I can’t read any Hangul,nor can I speak any to save a life,which is just plain sad. But I do gawk awkwardly at Koreans trying ever so subtly to listen in on their conversations picking up words and feeling a sense of pleasure when I know a few. I try to eat Korean food at every chance I get,since I feel that it’s the closest I can get to experiencing the culture besides actually travelling to Korea.
    Oh,I hear there’s a pretty decent Korean BBQ place in Lintas but I never really got a chance to try it out. Have you perhaps by any chance tried out the food there? I personally feel that the Korean BBQ outlets in KL are slightly better in terms of flavour.
    May I know what are the languages that you’re fluent in? I’m a Chinese but my first language is actually English while my second language is Mandarin.

    1. Woah, this is some major discovery! *dances happily in an ecstatic mood* you know what, we should meet up and rave ramble and rant! It makes a difference if you can actually talk about stuff that makes sense to ppl that know and understand – my Korean loving friends can only do so much, they love Korean but they seldom rave about it as much as I do (or else I wouldn’t have started this blog)!

      I read a bit of your twitter and I find that our wavelength/frequency’s whatever you call it, is pretty much the same. Yoon Shi Yoon, boy’s adorable and I love it when he goes all angsty on me – (boy can cry beautifully!). And Lee Seung Gi, can someone tell me he’s not AWESOME? Because he freaking is! loooll, you see that’s how excited I am now lOL

      The Lintas Bintulu BBQ is quite OK, the BBQ and pancake are worth a try, but a lil bit pricy. I personally prefer Hi Seoul in Likas Square, good food and quite affordable. I’ve heard that the quality has declined (haven’t been there in months) but not judging until I revisit. Have you tried Wisma Merdeka’s korean cafe? Not much variety but the pork is yummmmmmy delicious! KL oh KL, it’s been ages since I’d eaten Korean in KL, granted thatI only travel there once or twice a year (sad sad).

      I’m Chinese, I speak both Mandarin and English, and oh bit of Canto and Hakka too. 😉

      1. I can totally imagine the scenario already:Two fangirls spazzing incessantly about K-dramas and ranting about which OTP to root for. *pumps fist in air* AHAHAHAH keep raving and ranting all you like because you can definitely count on us readers to keep listening to you. It’s always refreshing to gain a new insight from various sources and also,I think it’s nice to have a spazzing community to fall back on. There’s no doubt that dramas,for one,provides an escape from real life,one that I quite welcome in times of depression. 🙂
        Ahh… I love me some male actors,especially those who can act well and sing well. :3 My personal favourite is definitely Lee Seunggi,ooh them dimples,oh-so-attractive. :p I find that twitter is a pretty good place to spaz and express my fangirl emotions when I watch really good dramas albeit the tweet limit.
        What are the dramas that you’re looking forward to? For me,it has got to be The Best Lee Soon Shin. I mean,just look at the casting! Ahhh,I hope Jo Jung Seok gets to sing in it. I am also very excited for Gu Family Book because let’s be serious,how can I not be? LEE SEUNGGI IS IN IT. I’m still not very excited about the pairing with Suzy though. I’m feeling rather neutral about Iris 2 though since I wasn’t really taken by its predecessor but I look forward to see what the show has in store for us.
        One genre of K-dramas that I really don’t like is melodramas. Melodramas aren’t exactly my thing,cause I feel that the storyline more than often tends to get quite makjang-ish. How about you? Is there a movie/drama genre that you don’t like? I don’t usually dig angst,but when it’s done right beautifully damnnn,I’ll take anything on the plate. I usually DIG BROMANCE more than the actual ROMANCE between the OTP,which can be weird I know,given that I never had brothers of any sort but somehow,me likes. I wonder how they describe a close friendship between girls oh. Do they call it SIS-MANCE? AHAHAHA I can be weird like that.
        Ooh thank you for the heads up,I’ll be sure to try out the branch in Lintas soon. I recently tried Hi Seoul and you’re absolutely right,most of the food is actually pretty good! I love eavesdropping on random Korean conversations while eating kekeke~ The samgyeopsal is not as nice but overall still quite okay. There’s also another Korean restaurant in Warisan Square upstairs,the food is also pretty decent,but a bit pricey.
        Do you watch variety shows? (I have a strong feeling that you do.HA.) If yes,what are they? I love watching Running Man and Family Outing. And I love watching the second season of Kpop Star. Have you watched Werewolf Boy yet? I’ve been trying to find a Chinese subbed one for ages but alas,with no success.
        Oooh,our language proficiency is almost the same! I don’t really speak Cantonese but I do know enough to get by while travelling (thanks to the HK dramas I grew up watching). This is totally random but I feel that TVB dramas aren’t as good as they used to be,how sad. I used to love Taiwanese dramas too but over years I find them deteriorating in quality,so I gave up on them. Lucky for me,I’ve found solace in K-dramas and never looked back ever since. My dad’s Hakka Chinese,which makes me one by blood but sadly I am really bad in speaking the language,apart from understand a couple of simple phrases and swear words.HA. And as you can very well see,I tend to get carried away when I’m hyper,hence the super long post. Mianhe >.<

  15. Hi Ripgal! Nice to know u. Nice to read your blog.
    I’m a Korea fans too. And I looove Jung Kyung Ho. And Lee Seung Gi. And Park Si Hoo. And many more.. By the way, do you watch Running Man? It’s a Korea variety show that’s HILARIOUS. I guarantee you will love it..

  16. “I was searching information on him – Moon Myung Jin and found your site. ” well, same for me. I guess I’ll spend the night watching IS2 shows. 😉 I just discovered the show thx to my sub to KBS World. Watching way too many stuff from them. 😉 I hope he will be back on track in the music industry. My 2cts : he was buried because in KOR, sadly, looks are so important and he’s not the prettiest around… But DAMN, that voice… oO

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