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  1. Yay, first question! ^_____^

    I usually am not very biased about stuff that I’ve not seen, regardless of the heaping praises/ravings or rants that I read or hear about. If I hear good things, good for the drama, I’ll watch it but not expect too much from it. If I hear bad things, I give it a try to see if it’s all that bad. I do get excited, but not so much biased.

    There are exceptions however when my biasness does actually come into play (lil bit of it). If the drama has an actor/writer/PD that I love, I tend to waver. If it has all combined in one package, I’m gone. I don’t even need to hear anything from anyone, my immediate thought would be, “There’s no way that this drama would fail.”

    Of course, we all know that the magic of an ideal ensemble doesn’t always work in the end. 🙂

    What do I do from there? Just move on!

    1. Ah, I still lurk around Soompi. Posting? Bygone ever since I joined twitterville ^^

      My twitter name is ripgal86, sure you can find me there 😀

      1. I thought you don’t go on Soompi because your avatar is still Miho, not that I mind. Did you see that Shin Mina is participating with rag & bone? We are so proud of her, though it is still taking her a while to get the level of popularity as the other Korean actresses. And it does not help that she has not had a movie or drama since 2009.

        Thanks for the your twitter account, I’ll be happy to follow your thoughts and comments ^^

  2. Hi there RG,

    Would you happen to know anyone (male/female) kawan kawan interested in watching some Korean dramas/movies in San Francisco, CA, USA? I was hoping to catch some live showing of Kpop and movies but no takers yet…
    I do not mind some company to chat and laugh with… kinda lonely here by meself other than my hubby – he is not into Korean other than food.
    Any suggestions are welcome n appreciated.

    1. Hei there kawan,

      Sorry to say I don’t have any friends in US (well save for the online K-drama spazzing chinggus on Twitter), can’t be of much help even if I really want to. Did you just migrate there or something, if you don’t mind me asking?

      1. hmmm,,, about 8 years ago due to kahwinlah…
        Surprisingly there are not too many Malaysians here in Silicon Valley ;(
        I do not mind you asking me anything… 🙂
        We can also take this email thread offline if you like. My email is attached.

        Did you watch Moonsun epi 5 n 6? so sad… This is my new crack of da year so far!

      2. I’m fine with anything, you have a twitter account? 😛

        Haven’t seen MoonSun 5/6 yet, I have a bundle of dramas to watch that’s why. Are you watching History of The Salaryman or Wild Romance? They’re both my crack right now.

  3. Hi ripgal, xin nien kuai le! What a new year! I came back from balik kampung and discover this fierce water dragon has killed all my downloads… I am left hanging with my crack OG, can’t get ep22 and still have 2 more…boohoo hoo… Anything you can help me with, please email me ya.

    1. Hi hi my fellow chinggu, Happy CNY to you too! Hope you’ve had a great time ^^ And you’re absolutely spot on, the water dragon has unleashed its immense powers this year…>.< I was there in time when the news was announced. One min I was DL-ing off FJ, the next second, everything came crashing down on me T_T

      I've since then moved on to other sources, mostly Chinese websites. Sorry I totally forgot can you read Chinese?

      1. hi, and yes thanks, had a good reunion. You poor thing, must be such a shock since it happen to you live!
        No worries, I can’t read Chinese but I can understand Mandarin (especially OG) to get by so would really appreciate if you could give the the OG links for ep22, 23 and the final ep24. Thanks heaps ya. 🙂

  4. hey kawan,

    Sorry for not writing sooner… Work has been eventful ‘)
    Have you started watching Padam, Padam? Is it any better? I am waiting for it to end and see if it is a tearjerker sucky ending…
    Ever watched She Glowing? I like it so far… the lead actress looks so much like Choi Ji Woo and she is funny!
    Queen Insoo is quite interesting as well. Unfortunately not many episodes are sub yet. Do you know where i could get those sub epi?
    How about Strawberry Night and Renai Neet (J-drama)?

    Hugs from da land of USA!

    1. I dropped RTP at 7, just didn’t feel the funny or cute anymore. And the evil sister plot grated on my nerves so bad I juz cudn’t bear it no more. K2H on the other hand tugged at my heart and moved me at moments. The writing had plenty loopholes no doubt, but ultimately a drama does it for me if I’m sold on and invested in the chars. It’s a lot like Prosecutor Princess, which I adored, but will never stand a chance in my topfav dramas list. RTP hasn’t affected me much, or in any way. And TBH, didn’t feel any chemistry btwn the OTP (and this coming frm someone who likes both actors).

      1. Haha, I can see that. lol. I want to put Sena in her place too but the Joseon Rangers are so funny and it’s my cup of tea so I can’t even think about giving up on the drama! ❤ I didn't watch the King yet, but have to get to it soon! 🙂

  5. You should watch TMTETS,for me TMTETS is the best drama I ever watch in these few years but many bloggers gave very bad reviews. Different strokes for different folks, I enjoy this drama tremendously from the beginning to the end.

    1. I watched 8 eps of MoonSun, but really couldn’t get into it at all. Kim Soo Hyun did nothing for me altho everyone kept raving about how wonderful he was blah blah blah, and the rest were even worse. But of course, that’s just my honest opinion, I understand why people love it, but like you said, each to his/her own. When I can’t connect with a drama emotionally or story-wise, that’s when time’s up for drama.

  6. Hi ripgal, you are not watching Miss Rose? Can’t thank you enough for the link. Things are getting hot now. Can ask you one more favor? Any chance of getting the 2 OST songs? So Rare – Della Ding, Sneeze – Yan Jue Thanks 🙂

    1. Oh no unfortunately I stopped watching. Glad you’re enjoying it because I just couldn’t bring myself to sit thru non-stop crying Si Yi ever since she met Cheng Kuan and lost her spunk (Ep 7 or 8?).

      I don’t have the OST links ;( you might want to check Koala’s blog instead? I think she might have far more resources considering that she’s recapping the show.

  7. Hi. I am from Korea. And i found your blog by searching SHG(Shin ha gyun) in google. I really wonder where are u from and why are u gaga over korean culture. I hope contact some email with u. Bye.

    1. Hi there Yun Jeong, nice to meet you 😉 surprised to have someone from Korea drop by! ^^ You love Shin Ha Kyun too?

      I am just a few hours flight away from you and I love Korean culture for the reason that I’ve just been in it for almost 15 years (just check my About Me page). But I’d love to make friends and share in any way possible, I’ll email you ^^

      Thanks for the drop by and message 😉

  8. Can I ask where you are watching I Live in Cheongdamdong? I can read Chinese so that’s not a problem for me, but what is problematic is that both tudou and youku don’t work in my country. I was wondering if you have a good solution! Thanks!!

  9. hi! I recently saw your post about the movie girlfriend boyfriend. I have been trying so hard to find this movie….where did you find it?? btw, I LOVE your posts!!

    1. Thanks! I used a Chinese website to download (so far no Eng subs out yet I think). If you understand and can read, I can help a bit. Let me know I’ll email you.

      1. yes!! I can read and understand Chinese (Chinese school does have its positive sides I guess lol thanks mom) if you could, could you please email me?

  10. Hi ripgal!
    Your blog is so much fun to read and I totally have the same sentiments regarding Do-hyun and Hye-jin.

    I’ve never commented here before, and I’m sorry my first comment has to be a request, but I’ve been reading such rave reviews about ILICDD and I really want to start on it. You’ve mentioned before that you watch it with Chinese subtitles, so I was wondering if you could share how you watch it with me? Thank you so much in advance!

    1. Thanks! I think I ramble a bit too much, repeat the same stuff over and over LOL but thanks for the compliment, I’m touched 🙂

      Will email you the links! 😀

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